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  1. Shrepto

    Picking out a security camera

    I'd prefer to not leave a computer on at all times, just seems like at that point the cost of keeping it on, even at idle would come in around the same cost of a subscription.
  2. I need some help finding a security camera for my apartment. Long story short, my neighbor creeps me the F out and while I don't worry about my possessions I do worry about the safety of my dog. I'm looking for a camera I can point at the front door. My biggest needs are: Notifications of motion (nobody should be entering my apartment when I'm gone, and the dog will be caged so it shouldn't trip it) Video feed to mobile when it detects motion If possible it would be crazy awesome to be able to hook it up to speakers and be able to speak to whatever would be idiot breaks in to let them know I've called the police. I don't want it to have a swivel function because I know how easily people can hack in to these things. I'd prefer it to also not pick up sound, but not a deal breaker. Resolution needs to be solid and needs to capture a decent amount of frames. Storage could be to a cloud or an HDD or a micro SD, doesn't really matter. Price range would be $150 or less. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Shrepto

    PC-011 Dynamic Radiator Question

    Not a fan, harhar, puns...
  4. Shrepto

    PC-011 Dynamic Radiator Question

    After pondering on this idea I didn't stop to think that I couldn't route the hoses to the back side while populating all three slots to begin with, and I have no desire to take apart an aio. Actually, I think if I ran a vertical GPU bracket I would have enough hose to run to the top side intake which has more of a cut out up top which the hoses could fit it in.
  5. I've been eager to buy a PC-011 Dynamic however my current setup is 280mm AIO cpu cooler and a 120mm aio GPU cooler. I was going to put the 280mm radiator on the top side, and I want to mount the GPU aio on the side intake, and this would work except I want all the side intake fans to be on the same level. Would it be possible to mount the radiator on the back side of the bracket with a push pull config, with the pull being on the front side?
  6. Shrepto

    Corsair 680x owners I need you!

    I think the Lian-Li 0-11 Dynamic is nicer. The 680x has pretty bad thermals too, Gamers Nexus review them both.
  7. I wouldn't listen to the person saying the Gigabyte boards are bad. Gamer's Nexus recommends their boards AT EVERY PRICE RANGE because of the VRMs being the best at each price range.
  8. Shrepto

    Briefcase PC Project

    Haha, man I have my old PC sitting around and have gone back and forth on what I want to do with it. I think I'm gonna' go the briefcase route too.
  9. Shrepto

    what do you think I could improve?

    There are no advantages to running your CPU cooler in that orientation.
  10. Shrepto

    My First build !

    Looks good. If you were to rotate your fans 180 degrees you wouldn't have to run your cables like that. Could also rotate the rear fan 90 degrees clockwise and run it behind the top fan. A little cable management would clean this up nicely.
  11. Shrepto

    Optiplex Travel PC

    It's a Lenovo Thinkcentre. I took some photos on my phone but will have to wait to lunch. The board in it is different than an ATX board though. The IO is on the bottom of the board. If I went this route I would mount the monitor to the side and lay down the computer on it's wide section to act as a stand for the monitor. I have to figure out how to get all the stuff out of it though because it clearly won't work with what it has inside it.
  12. Shrepto

    Optiplex Travel PC

    Then I lose the sex appeal though. There is a PC case downstairs at work that is getting thrown out that's similar to an optiplex but the side opens on a hinge system and raises up. I think I may take it home tonight and start me a project. How do I remove rivets?
  13. Shrepto

    Optiplex Travel PC

    I'm considering getting a hard shell briefcase for it and mounting the screen inside it. Maybe something like this and mounting the monitor to the lid of the case and having two cut outs for the power cords. I could create cutouts in hard foam to make airflow channels for the fan on the sides and just have a cutout in the top.
  14. I have a lot of leftover parts from my old PC... well... my old PC now is a 2nd PC after all my upgrades. It's in a big Rosewill Challenger case, and I wasn't sure what to do with it, but I think I may have an idea. I want to take a Dell Optiplex and mount a monitor onto it's side. I'm hoping the combination will be small enough to fit into a briefcase of some sort. Might need to be a thick brief case. Anyone done this? I think I'll need a riser card for the GPU as it won't fit. I'll probably just cute a hole in the side panel for direct airflow.
  15. Shrepto

    Can't find a cable

    RGB Fusion 2.0 as far as I can tell does not allow for individual lighting control