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  1. I should just say that it was indeed the Corsair AIO causing the issue. The NH-D15S is installed and doing a bangup job. Prime95 ran with no thermal issues on the undervolt, staying in the 40s and low 50s. If I've learned anything it is that I can't rely on a pump to not clog/go out. I think I'll be sticking with air cooling unless I ever decide to go full CLC.
  2. Picked up an NH D15S and will see if it fixes it. If not I'll just return it to Microcenter.
  3. Wondering if it could be caused from the pump being clogged. I don't have another cooler to test with though so this is kinda ehhh. Don't wanna' buy another CPU cooler just to end back up where I started and be down $90.
  4. I should note when playing games at 144hz 2k res I typically see temps like 70-75 in Apex Legends and Wolcen. In WoW I'm in the 60s.
  5. I just got a 9700k this weekend and went to try a stress test today. I wanted to undervolt so I turned off multicore enhancement, set vcore to 1.19, lowered avx by 2, disable adaptive voltage, and set llc to low. Mobo is a Gigabyte Z390 elite. My cooler is an h115i. I ran prime95 and within a minute hit 100c and started thermal throttling. I've recently reseated the cooler because I had a 9600k and it performed rather horribly as well. I dont feel this should be happening. Wondering what the issue could be. I hear the pump spinning, but it sounds like there may be bubbles. It is set to extreme which is around 3000rpm pump speed. Coolant temp in ice was showing around 40-43c at max.
  6. I've remounted this thing countless times now and applied new TP lots, it's not that.
  7. Recently upgraded my monitor to a 144hz 1440p display and ever since then my CPU has had to do a lot of extra work. I have a 9600k with a Corsair H115i. With auto settings on the mobo I was seeing spikes into 80c at the start of games like Apex Legends, hell it hit 82c during the game launch. This is with the pump speed set to max (actually has a significant impact on temps) and a rather generous fan curve using Noctua fans (static pressure ones I don't remember which). I don't really think that is very reasonable to me. I have a Corsair Air540 case with every fan slot populated including an extra one under the GPU as an exhaust (it's an aio GPU as well so that's not putting out hot air into the case). When I set a V-core to 1.27 and LLC to low my temps drop significantly, at only 65c. Is Gigabyte's stock settings on their Z390 board just overly ambitious, or is my cooling solution just meh? I feel like my chip runs very hot, seeing as it also overclocks like garbage so I know I have a complete lemon, but damn...
  8. Shrepto

    1660 SLI

    I know it's not a good idea financially, but given you had two cards does it even work?
  9. No, but it is more to do with the actual height of the keys than anything. The board has an aluminum faceplate which helps add to the rigidity. I would imagine it would be good enough for normal use. I'm more concerned with something shorting out.
  10. Not sure what you mean by plated. The PCB will have nothing underneath it between it and the desk besides a couple inches of clearance provided by some standoffs.
  11. I have a Roccat Vulcan AIMO that is just too tall for me to comfortable use. I've removed the back plastic cover and it sits perfect. I want to thread in some standoffs where the screws go to support the board and get the PCB off desk surface. Is having an exposed PCB going to be an issue?
  12. I believe I was able to find a direct replacement for this, which is apparently referred to as a 'hinge'. Either way, glad I found it. Crossing my fingers it works for the MX Keys, it looks like the exact same hinge. http://www.machinaelectronics.com/store/keyboardkeys/5389 Cost me $7.50 for a single hinge, key cap, and rubber boot. Only needed the hinge but can't find their number and didn't care to wait to order it last night.
  13. Logitech's customer service said that they don't have replacement key caps after I clarified with 'Gerald' it was the scissor switch and not the key cap. So apparently, if this isn't warrantied you're basically fucked. Which is going to really piss me off after hearing these raving reviews about Logitech's customer service being top notch.
  14. It's still a scissor switch, not just a membrane. On a side note, I'm done debating this with you.