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  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    3200MHz 2x16GB Vengeance RGB CMR32GX4M2C3000C15
  • GPU
    RTX 2060 Ventus OC
  • Case
    Define R4
  • Storage
    NVMe 512GB 970 EVO Plus, SATA 512GB EVO, 1TB Seagate, 1TB Samsung
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    21:9 EX3501R, 16:9 SyncMaster 2494HM
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-D15
  • Keyboard
    K95 RGB Platinum
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX518
  • Sound
    M-Audio Fast Track Pro
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. If the temperature rises rapidly, say in one second, then I'd say it's not the ambient temperature. My 3700X raised to 84C in synthetic tests with ambient temperature of 32C. Now when it's 21C, it raises to the same temp, and also decreases rapidly, adding to the thought that the NH-D15 doesn't have any problems dissipating the heat it receives. Ambient temperature would start affecting more over sustained loads when the heatsink itself starts getting warmer and warmer. My voltages were pretty high like that too, all-core synthetic load around 1.39-1.41V but you do have more cores. If the cooler is attached properly, and you have at least one fan in it, I'd start suspecting just voltages being too high. Is your BIOS up to date?
  2. I think you have to ask for it, it may be one of those hidden items. They're not going to ask you hard proofs of the use case for that kind of stuff, I'm sure. Once when I was into vaping and my liquid delivery was late I went to the a local pharmacy and asked for vegetable glycerol and some syringes and they were a bit like "Huh?" but laughed when I explained what I was doing and that I'd prefer the biggest and dullest needles
  3. Yes they do sell isopropyl alcohol in Apteekki Haven't actually used that myself because it has been faster to just grab something from my storage which suits for cleaning most of the unhealthy stuff around but those aren't exactly clean, being based on oil as far as I know. And I use dishrug towels or whatever they are called. Some types don't leave any fabrics behind and you could always use canned air to blow those away.
  4. Well that can always happen Forgot to mention, the thermal paste is not pre-applied to the cooler, but it's provided in a syringe which I really approve of.
  5. NH-D15 comes with Noctuas own thermal paste. Did you use the right spacers with the included mounting kit? If I remember correctly, the grey ones are for AM4 socket. And another thing, what kind of core voltages is your mobo pushing to cpu?
  6. As others said, reinstall is always the best way even when Win10 is indeed pretty smart. But prepare to reactivate your Windows, activation is usually tied to your motherboard but depending on your license you may be able to use it on a new system as well.
  7. Dubba

    Does ram affect GPU load

    I think your GPU is bored in that resolution. You'd need like 150fps to get it's attention and I don't think faster RAM would help that much
  8. Dubba

    Does ram affect GPU load

    Yeah, I'm guessing you're running at 1080p and 1660Ti is strong enough to not even wake up to full boost clocks in some games if you run them like capped at 60fps or so. Just as a side note I have no experience how much the performance would increase with faster memory but from what I've read, faster ram in dual channel with some OC to CPU would give you noticeable increase.
  9. Dubba

    Does ram affect GPU load

    How's your CPU usage? Your CPU might be bottlenecking, but faster dual channel memory can help it's performance.
  10. I have the same motherboard and it is indeed providing a bit more voltage than we'd like. New BIOS version hopefully arrives this month with a fix for that. Currently the BIOS in this motherboard is limiting memory clocking too. I was able to clock my RAM to 3200MHz and above that the FCLK stopped following, I wasn't able to clock FCLK up even manually without getting a no-post situation. So that's a limit atm. Waiting for the new BIOS for that too. However, that is kinda what to expect right now. What are you using to monitor temps? I guess you already know that some programs can stop the CPU from going idle. Chipset driver update helped me to get more regular idling at 0.7-0.9V with Ryzen Balanced power plan. The clocks and voltages on Zen2 change extremely fast and no monitoring software at this time will show you a graph that fast. When you move a mouse or open a program, or just run anything single-threaded, you will observe high voltages. But that voltage of 1.4-1.5V is only applied to a single core and that single core will be showing power usages up to 40W (on 3700X at least), and because that kind of power is going to a single tiny core in the corner of the CPU, we see these hefty spikes in temperatures. Changing a cooler won't help dissipate this kinds of bursts of heat output. When running multi-threaded, the cores will not be getting all that available power, instead the power budget is spread accross all the cores and we'll see a bit less volts and lower clocks. But temps will be higher just because there are more cores in that tiny corner using the power available, which in total is more than a single core can use. That being said, 95C is a lot more than what's expected. I get around 84C max in synthetic stuff, a lot less in games. Is your cooler making proper contact and does it fit over the corner where the CPU cores are?
  11. Please report how much it affects the performance too Zen2 likes memory speeds of around 3600MHz most, no idea about intel, but DDR5 certainly won't be a thing in a years time
  12. Your system looks pretty balanced to me for 1080p gaming. Changing to a faster dual channel RAM kit could help you some but I don't think you'll max out your monitor's refresh rate with 980Ti, which is still a good 1080p card imo. 980Ti had GPU Boost 2.0 which wasn't that bad in terms of throttling with temperature, I guess you have it overclocked it already. Running at 80C while gaming hard is kinda what's expected on those.
  13. Dubba

    My Intel to AMD swap

    Ahh that explains it then. I thought the other prices were a bit high too 3900X is around 585€ here which is a high price already
  14. Dubba

    My Intel to AMD swap

    500$ for a GTX 1060? Y tho
  15. Dubba

    My Intel to AMD swap

    I wish I had prices like that around here I was going for that motherboard myself but then I googled around and found out it's not really equipped with an 8+3 phase VRM but instead uses doublers and Buildzoid had noted that it is pretty much on the edge with 8-core CPU's. Though I think that statement was for Ryzen 2000 series and it should be fine with the new Ryzen 3600. But you might want to search a bit more for the RAM. Ideally a bit higher clock speeds and lower timings. 3000 or 3200MHz with CL15 or lower shouldn't be more expensive.