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    Southampton, UK
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    Programming, Hardware, IRC, Simulators!, Power metal, Flying,
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    Computer Science Student
  1. First found the channel when looking to build my first gaming rig, been subscribed ever since. Used to be an all software guy, now I've got some hardware interest in me.
  2. MartyniP

    best games on steam

    To start with, I play sims and shooters, which is reflected in my play time! Arma series Euro truck sim 2 Spec Ops: The line (Epic game, still havn't gotten round to finishing it! DAMN YOU EXAMS!!) I waste endless amounts of time in ets2 and arma 2 and 3, I love being able to do whatever I want! Do I want to fly a blackhawk? or do I want to have an epic ground battle, at night, on modded maps (I love Celle 2) And ets2 just hooks you in and you cant stop, and time just disappears
  3. MartyniP

    What's your hobby/pass-time (Besides computers)

    Electronics, photography (when I have the time), and some nice relaxing competitive shooting :)
  4. I just use a multitool as a substitute for that! Much easier to carry, and I'm sure people would look at you strangely if you walked around with a hammer!
  5. MartyniP

    same ips & location but diffrent ping

    If changing the router still doesn't help, it could be that there is added noise on your line, more so if its going over copper wiring.
  6. Maybe now is a good time for more developers to finally start with pc gaming, then port down to consoles. The technology field changes too much for consoles to be able to keep up, especially at a resonable price! Maybe being that consoles are x86 based now, the devs will find it somewhat easier to make pc versions, and less of these terrible ports we keep seeing over and over again. I was speaking recently with a friend, and we realised that crysis 1 and cod 4 came out at the same time, and the difference in graphics is just amazing, Crysis 1 still looks good today! We need more developers to push the bar of what theses graphics cards can do, and then give console players a cut down version they can actually run.
  7. For myself, A tool kit! Screw drives, including torx and other weird bits, pliers, soldering iron, knife. A lot of that stuff is more tech enthusiast and electronic related than specifically pc, but its still useful to have!
  8. MartyniP

    AMD Stepping up their game!

    I seems the days of NVIDIAs "The Way It's Meant to be Played" being on practically every game title has come to an end. I did use to enjoy the intro to UT2004 with the NVIDIA logo, but things like that don't happen anymore! But it is good, even as an NVIDIA user, to see the red side doing well once again! Competition is key!
  9. I'm not sure how to react to this, my brain is confused from watching the video! I would love to win!
  10. Finally some giveaways which are international! I would really love to win!
  11. Coca Cola, I could quite easily drink buckets of the stuff if I was given the chance!
  12. The BBC has published a video of the test firing and an interview: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22421185 I personally (as someone who enjoys competative shooting) would not trust plastic to with stand the pressures created even from just .22 calilbre
  13. Just coming to the end of my A2 in Computing, COMP1 exam in a few weeks time. I do enjoy programming a lot and I end up finishing most tasks set by the teacher quite quickly, mainly from experience (been programming in various language for about 5 years now) I am hoping to either get a job in programming or take Computer Science at uni after I finish my A level.
  14. MartyniP

    Anyone going to uni this year?

    Whats your coursework project about?