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    War never changes. . . But neither does friendship

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    The Matrix
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    Games, Tech, Ponies, (Fo:E)
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    Toaster repair pony


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    Intel i5 4670K
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    MSI Z97M-G43
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    8GB kingston hyper X 1600Mhz RAM
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    EVGA ACX 750TI
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    cooler master TC-102
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250gb SSD + some 1TB I pulled from an external drive
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    SIlverstone Strider+ 500 watt
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    dell ultrasharp u2211h
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    cheap fans and stock coolers
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    logitech membrane wireless combo set
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    logitech membrane wireless combo set
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    logitech z130 + CHC Silverados
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  1. remember when ltt was produced out of a house with server equipment in the bathroom


    those were fun days

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    2. manikyath


      i guess that's because he's legitimately excited about the idea, and he actually managed to find a semi-decent implementation for it with the video editing workstation.


      on that note, it's not practical at all, but i feel like once the concept matures enough it may become a thing lan centers use, just to have less seperate boxes to manage.


      for example, if dreamhack would replace the computers they bring to LAN events by 6-seat machines, they could just put one in the middle of a table, hook up 6 sets of peripherals, and one network uplink. that's basicly saving them 5/6th of the networking setup.

    3. Yummychickenblue


      i mean its practical at scale, this is what cloud computing is. When you rent an AWS server your not renting a physical box, just a virtual one on top of a physical that's running multiple virtual machines. That concept doestn really work at this scale though, not when every user is utilizing all the hardware allotted to them and there's no resource surplus. Really this is just cloud gaming, something both Nvidia and Google are providing solutions for. The only difference is it's on a small cloud and as i previously elaborated earlier cloud computing is only an attractive option with a large userbase. As for dreamhack, i can't imagine attendees ever jumping at that option, you'd lose the part of lan parties where you flex your build which is a big part imo.

    4. manikyath


      at this scale it's mostly a matter of "how many network cables" and "how many kensington locks"