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  1. Seems like you can cancel after 1 year and not pay any more for the subscription?
  2. Managed to stack this in the UK until March 2022 when Ultimate GP came out by purchasing Xbox Live for 12 months at a cheap rate that was then converted at a ratio of 2:1. Quite glad I did but it's gonna be sad when it comes to an end. I often see some deals for 3 months at like £16 which is not too bad for UGP, but by far the best ones tend to be around Black Friday time on Amazon which I'll keep an eye on to keep on stacking
  3. Holy sh*t dude, can't believe I spent 2 days fixing this, changing cables, ordering external sata to usb etc etc. when it turns out it was indeed the limitation of port 5 and 6, thanks a lot for your help, can see all 3 drives now, either way might still do a fresh install of windows because certain apps are behaving in a really weird way, I imagine there's lots of driver compatibility issues as I had RX580 in the past (and now have GTX 1070).
  4. Hi there, Sorry for the confusion, yes, correct, I now have 2x Nvmes (960 250gb, 970 1TB) and 1x SSD (860 Evo 500GB). I am pretty sure that even removing the 960 (when it was booting into it) still didn't show me the SSD in BIOS :X I will give it a try though! Didn't realise there was a limitation.
  5. Long story short my motherboard somehow died during RAM replacement (no power whatsoever) could have been static related for all I know. After replacing my motherboard (MSI B350 Tomahawk) to the new one (ASUS B550 TUF GAMING PLUS) I decided to utilise both of my m.2 ports using nvme drives because I had used 250gb evo 960 temporarily in the past but upgraded to 1TB Evo 970 after sometime, figured I could now use both since there are 2 slots on the MB compared to just one on the previous B350. Unfortunately, I can no longer see my Evo 860 SSD, neither in BIOS nor in the drive manager using Windows. What have I tried so far: 1x Tried the SSD via SATA to USB cable externally and it works perfectly fine 1x Tried to replace the SATA cable - no difference I am also thinking it could perhaps be driver related (maybe?) seen as though I used various utilities and drivers that were compatible with B350 Tomahawk and now I am running a completely different board from a different manufacturer (Asus B550), another weird thing is that my Evo 970 is cloned from the evo 960 and at first it tried to boot into 960 as that has Windows Partition Manager on it whereas 970 does not. This was solved by enabling CSM to Legacy, but still cannot see the SSD connected via SATA. I am thinking about a completely fresh install of Windows at this point but not sure whether this would solve the fact SSD does not show up at all. Any ideas?
  6. Just an update: It was indeed a dead motherboard, found a good deal on a new B550 board and replaced it today, the PC finally boots up. However, I now have another problem, my secondary SSD drive which is connected via SATA interface does not show up in Windows nor BIOS. At first I realised that it was actually not plugged into the power supply (easy fix I thought) unfortunately, plugging it into the power supply nothing happens still. I haven't tried different cables yet as it was otherwise a fully working drive that I used for only around a year and haven't actually done many writes/reads. Any suggestions?
  7. Cheers, will see whether I could RMA it with MSI, although not sure how long their warranty is, I had the system for just over 2 years at this point
  8. Fair enough, yeah I have absolutely no power, think the board is dead. Probably gonna buy a new one and hope it works and nothing else is damaged. It’s mental how a simple ram upgrade on a perfectly working machine turns into this...
  9. Dumb question, you don’t have to have peripherals plugged in for the PC to power on? Assuming all the components are connected, just the power cable should be sufficient?
  10. Think the MB is dead, can’t think of any other possible troubleshooting steps at this point. PSU is working fine when tested.
  11. Tried all of the above a number of times. Left the battery out for well over 30 mins. Finally, nothing was working so I took everything apart, tested PSU with just MB connector and paperclip and the fan spins up. Reassembled the entire PC and still no power whatsoever when I hit the switch. Coming to the conclusion that I somehow killed MB by taking battery out initially which would be rather crazy
  12. Okay will try that, if I short the two pins does it do the same thing as battery? And for that I assume the power cord has to be unplugged from the back?
  13. When I first put the RAM in, the LEDs came on but it would not post, so I thought I’ll clear CMOS as it’s a new component technically so BIOS must have been confused. I will try the old kit but when I press power button there is physically nothing happening whatsoever, fans, nothing comes on. Will try original kit but it doesn’t boot physical whatsoever not just post (it did boot initially but didn’t post with new RAM) specs: MB: B350 Tomahawk CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: EVGA GTX1070 RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 2x8GB PSU: EVGA SuperNova G3 650W 80+ Gold Certified Storage: 1x Samsung Evo 970 nvme 1x Samsung Evo 860 SSD