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  1. Seem like Finalmouse has quality control issue as well ( scrollwheel, fading colors at button click after 2,3 months)
  2. When it comes to online shooter games, all of these factors affects ur perfomance - FPS: Yes, definitely,higher fps allows faster reflect Couple with high refresh rate is the way to go if you are competitive type of gamer - Latency: Yes, it prevents unregistered hit, delay, rubberbanding. - Input lag: most of gaming monitor, mouse,keyboard have low input. It's probably not as important as the above. \ - High refresh rate: allows you see things clearer, less blurry so it helps your vision in fast paced shooter. A simple method to test how high refresh rate and low input lag: https://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime Try 10 times, click as fast as possbile in 2 diff setup: 60Hz, normal mouse vs 100/144/240Hz gaming monitor, gaming mouse In my case, my result is clearly faster when i do this test. One from my office computer , one from my gaming PC. Lol, I reacted 50ms faster with the gaming PC.
  3. - Disable full screen optimization , override display scaling on Application - Run ISLC - Optional : use Razer Cortex, it's good - Advanced: use LatencyMon to check for bad services/drivers that cause cpu spike - Monitor the frametime, not framerte for stuttering
  4. Been playing Dota 1 and 2 for almost 20 years lolz. Dota 2 has complex gameplay with unique game mechanic. Obviously, it's not possible to understand it fully just by playing 2 games. Even though the meta change time to time, you actually will understand most basic things in 2,3 months. I suggest you take a look at https://www.dotabuff.com It covers most of basic things you need ( current itemization, meta, builts, strength and weakness of each hero and their counters
  5. Of course there's nothing to worry about it. It's just annoying to have many apps Currently I have Battlenet, Origin, Steam. I will uninstall Battlenet soon since I dun play CoD BO4 anymore.
  6. They deserved the credit. Steam platform itself has much more features than others, including Epic, Origin, Uplay. I'm ok if the game is available on all platforms so we have the freedom to choose where to buy it from.
  7. Lol 3D technology. Remind me of those mobile phone with 3D screen years ago.
  8. Been playing FPS games with mouse and keyboard for 25 years. I only use controller to play such games like Fifa, street fighters or GTA.
  9. Consider Steelseries Dex if you dun need a large mouse pad. Easily one of the fastest mousepads thanks to the honeycomb surface.
  10. It's light. It matters the most to me but the RGB is so fugly.
  11. It's hard to fit all of your requirements. But you need to try PUBG because: A) Modern setting B) Because of its unique gameplay, infinite running is needed C) Everyone play on the same server. PUBG learning curve is quite steep so it's sth you need to be prepared D) It's slow paced and allows alot of room for tactical thinking. Another the game you can try is Escape from Tarkov. Both games are the best for its genre ( in my opinion).
  12. hey I saw your comment on a person having issues with choppiness despite high fps think u can help me? im so frusterated


  13. Short answer: it's bad for muscle memory. Anything that is not constant and stable is bad for muscle memory. Long answer: If it works for you, you can keep it. But if you want to improve in higher level, first thing you can do is to turn it off. The learning curve can be quite painful at first, but it's worth the effort.
  14. G502 is good for general use. If your dpi is 400-800, probably you should look for sth else that is lighter.