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  1. Thanks Wizardy, I have done some tinkering on computers. Upgrading memory, adding SSD instead of optical drive. But never upgraded an M.2. I have no experience with them. I imagine the specs are standardized, it doesnt matter the brand? Plug and Play should do? I assume I would have to do a clone prior so the boot drive and OS, and everything else comes along with it prior. I have never done it, but I imagine there is some tool out there.
  2. HP pavilion x360 convertible 14m-ba1xx https://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-pavilion-x360-2-in-1-14-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-128gb-solid-state-drive-silk-gold-with-natural-silver/6082002.p?skuId=6082002
  3. Hey All, I just bought a new computer for grad school that I needed projects for a class. Didn't want to spend a fortune so got a decent HP with a 128 M.2 SSD figuring I would store everything important on OneDrive or some other cloud file management system. My school is offering for free every Microsoft Office application out there. So I was able to get the standard Office programs. Word, Excel, more important Projects. However, I came across the ability for visual studio,etc. Problem is, the entire suite chews up about 50 gigs of storage. After that download, I would be at about 90% on that SSD. Does anyone have any options to make that work. Options I came up with: -Return the laptop, get one that's larger. Would have to wipe back to factory. -Upgrade the M.2 SSD with a larger one. Not entirely sure I can do that without killing warranty. -External SSD, but not sure Microsoft applications can run off a external. -Store Microsoft apps in the cloud and utilize them from there. Not sure if I can do that either. Any help would be great. Thank you.
  4. Hey All, New to building a NAS, bought an off the shelf one for movie storage years ago so now want to build and expand it and properly store it. I was hoping to buy a NAS server rack with lets say 5 bays. I was hoping to use three of them in RAID configuration for the movies and the others for file storage and/or Surveillance footage in another raid configuration. To fit this example, is it possible to partition three drives in a raid together and partition the other 2 for a different task, all within the same box. It probably is, but do not know where to begin. I am trying to not have to buy one rack for the movies and another rack for the files and surveillance footage. Thank you.