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  1. Hello linustechtips I do need tips and please help me. How to do I use both my headset with mic "typical gaming headsets" and open speakers "Edifier brand speakers" at the same time? The reason why I want them both so that even though I am playing games wearing a headset with mic I want my friends to hear what I am hearing with the use of my speakers. My device is a pc and I know that it is doable by plugging the speaker's 3.5mm jack to the green port on the motherboard and the headset on the pc tower's front panel green port. The problem is my pc tower's front panel audio port the green port is actually not working maybe it is damaged due to the quality issue let's just say my pc tower is close to be a generic case. I have heard that it is not advisable plugging any gaming headsets on the pc tower's front panel audio ports compared to plugging on the motherboard. Going back to my question, can you give me tips how make them work together my gaming headset and my speakers. Thank you so much.
  2. thanks, Can I upgrade my cpu to Ryzen 3. A heard this from people that Ryzen 3 works great with gtx 1050ti.
  3. Is my AMD Apu A10 6790K Bottlenecking my Gigabyte 1050ti OC? For example in Pubg, Everytime I parachute drop with 5 and more players on the same spot it stutters and it lags so bad that I can't really compete against them leaving me dead. However when dropping alone on a spot. I can loot easily no lag. It actually happens when there is a lot going on my screen. My specs are Proc: AMD APU A10 6790k Mobo: MSI A55-E33 Ram: 2x4gb Gskill 1600mhz =8gb SDD: Were OS and Steam Pubg is installed GPU: Gigabyte 1050ti OC OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit