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  1. mpt50


    Can someone please give me the SKU and exact 100gb m-disk or BDR that they have used together. As well as what software was used?
  2. how do I make it so the CPU wont be used? I would love to just use GPU
  3. Is there a way to allow FOH to utilize my GPU without being at medium settings? FOH wont use the GPU unless it is running at medium, and if I run medium the CPU runs at 100% all the time.
  4. mpt50

    Pcie slots

    Because the sound is *fine* but I really enjoy crystal clear audio Ty
  5. So my z370 takchi’s audio is fine, but I want to add a sound card. I can’t find out if my CPU handles those 1x lanes or if the chipset manages them. Does anyone know how to find out? Yes I did RTFM, but I’m still confused lol.
  6. mpt50


    Perfect Thank you!
  7. mpt50


    Last night my laptop shutdown suddenly, when I rebooted the drive was not recognized at all. I pulled the drive out and put it into my desktop and ran minitool, which found the partations as "lost" and wanted to charge me 69$ to have it recovered... is there a better way to recover this data, or should I just use a windows media creation tool, and write the data off as a loss? The drive itself is fine and windows media tool cant even repair the OS.
  8. mpt50

    Powersupply confusion

    I think it is 115V
  9. mpt50

    Powersupply confusion

    I probably will let it hash in the time that I am not using it, since I am not paying for the energy to run it.
  10. mpt50

    Powersupply confusion

    I was going to do the corsair HX1000W, but the concern still exists about tripping the circuit breaker in a dorm room
  11. mpt50

    Powersupply confusion

    So do you think a 1000W supply would be fine then? They are going for the price of a 750W right now with all the sales going on?
  12. So I am moving to the dorms in the fall and I am buying a new PSU now to prepare for the new 1180 card coming out later in the year. My problem is that I want the highest watt PSU I can use for adding more cards or so forth later down the road. I wanted to buy a 1300W PSU, but I am concerned if the PSU + the other items in the room will trip the circuit breaker. Has anyone used a high output PSU in a dorm that could give advice?
  13. mpt50

    SFF vs Mid-tower vs Full Tower PC Cases

    Not just looking for negative things here, but you did forget the biggest point in the corsair one roundup near then end: Customization. The reason I will never buy one like that is because it is so hard to change out parts, it voids the warranty most of the time, and not all parts can be changed out, if at all.
  14. Could also check if some extra RAM would help as well, 6gb to run windows + chrome has to kill productivity.
  15. mpt50

    1080 gtx EVGA

    This is a longer series of questions so sorry about that. First off if I take the the fans etc. will it void my warranty? Second what thermal grease is best for a GPU, I have seen many people say thermal grizzly? Third, what thermal pads for the VRM would you suggest? Currently my card runs at a toasty 73C @ 2100MHz with the fan running at ~70% fan speed. Thanks for any reply's! Mpt