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  1. All right, getting started now. I will post back when I'm done, and hopefully, it will work.
  2. What do personal files mean, what does it delete ? Also thanks for all the help.
  3. No, I don't. I tried using Remote Control and disconnecting the new monitor, but I can't change any settings, and yes catalyst detected the monitor while in remote controll but the screen was black,but the light stopped blinking.
  4. I only see one monitor, and I am using a DVI-I (double link) to VGA, which worked without a problem when I put the GPU in another PC.
  5. Well, I tried to boot with only the old monitor which doesn't, work just a black screen, but with just the new monitor, it works just fine.
  6. Yes, I have. I also updated them just before I plugged in the second monitor.
  7. The first one's a T24C300, and the second one's a old SyncMaster 943NW. My graphics card is an AMD R9 270, and my OS is Win 10 Pro. Tried the old one in an another PC, and it worked perfectly. (that pc had the same graphics card) Also, the old one, is adapted from VGA to DVI-I Double Link