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  1. build will contain in the near future, r5 3600 (overclocked) 2060 super (overclocked), or 5700xt (overclocked) mobo, 16gb ram, all other pc things. First deal I saw and its the most selling on newegg for the fantastech sale, the 650w Corsair vengeance, its rated B on the PSU forum list didnt find out till later. Then theres the SeaSonic Focus Plus Gold 550w, now im not sure if those components with all the OC going on if 550 can handle that and be good for the future, and since the 650w sold out, since it was like $10 more I got the 750w corsair vengeance and ik 750 is MASSIVELY overkill but why not yanno. Well newegg wont let me cancel the order but I could just return it and say get the 550w if it better suits my needs. Sorry about all the posting but yanno better safe then sorry my friends. So the real question is, do I return and get the 550 or stick with this and be good.
  2. so keep the 750w keep the overkill, enjoy the deal, turn multi rail on with switch, and we good?
  3. sounds like you be knowing more, back to my question, should i return and then what (hasnt even delievered)
  4. so if im overclocking everything in general, i should just keep it? okay dude wonderful thank you. Since your bronze im sure you would know the psu tier list, its ranked B this technically is "budget" but ive been told to not skimp out on psu obviously, is the corsair vengeance 750w good or should i swap it out?
  5. in the title bud
  6. Jordan_C21

    i5 9600k vs r5 3600

    just saw some benchmarks and saw it beat out the 3600 in gaming and was curious since i havent educated myself much on intel cpus atm
  7. So Im pretty sure the 3600 outperforms the 2700x in most places except it has 2 more cores. I read somewhere that 8 core 16 thread cpus are most likely going to be better for longevity mainly because the new consoles will have 8 core 16 thread therefore game devs working with 8 core 16 thread more, or maybe even springing for the 3700x for the 8 cores. Basically is what I read just crap or is that really something to look into
  8. i could always save more money for a lil while or not of its worth it it just depends
  9. yes pretty much from scratch nothing is really reusable in my build lol. Today I ordered a 750w 80+ silver PSU (corsair vengeance) for $65 and $10 rebate to 55, ik 750 is overkill but the 650 sold out and it was only $10 more and still a better deal then other PSU deals so idk, plus a PSU is stable in terms of how much wattage you need its not like a gpu so i got that first on sale yanno. So yeah, Ive always kinda looked at the 3600 as the CPU im going to get although I just wondered about the 6 cores being an issue
  10. quick question, is 3 years for a 300$ cpu good? ive never been too sure when it comes to longevity so I should do research on that just for future reference. I know by then am5 will be out and I could well just save money over the 3 years for a new one yanno
  11. Well im a student BUT, my parents are contributing $500-600, once again yes a blessing. So id have the part time income saving and that amount of money to work with. Ive heard to spend about half of your entire build on the gpu, so im thinking 400-500 on a gpu? since its like a 1000$ build basically
  12. going for 1080 144hz, not 1440p
  13. im building the pc over the course of a few months so I could always get the cpu last yanno. From the responses ive kinda changed my mind, now im just wondering as a 16 year old who is about to start working , I dont have any bills really, and my amazing parents have a car lined up for me to use, but of course im saving up money in general, but with those circumstances wondering if i should invest in the 8 core over the 6 core when it comes to 1080 144hz gaming, and im taking classes for graphic design and stuff.
  14. its 150 on amazon and newegg rn
  15. Should I cancel the order on the 750w and just get the higher efficiency 550? or am i completely fine
  16. So, over the course of a few months im getting parts for a new pc, It will either contain a ryzen 7 2700 (150$) or a ryzen 5 3600($200 and sadly has 6 cores), mobo, ram , 2060 super , or rx 5700( i still need help kinda fleshing out what i need for high ish refresh gaming (mainly for competitive titles, but some other titles too). Either way, I see deals on a power supply, and since in like 3 months prices and what wattage you need isnt gonna drastically change like say gpu prices or something new coming out yanno its a power supply. I was already told 550w was plenty for a system like this and overclocking, yet, that power supply is 75$ yes it has a 25$ mail in rebate but its a rebate so yeah. I moved onto this other PSU 650w, and it sold out, ALTHOUGH its bigger brother for 750w 80+ silver is 65$, and a 10$ rebate if I wanted to do that. I am aware of the fact 750w being extremely overkill but for 65$ should i just pick it up? Ive seen multiple channels recommend the deal for the 650 but it sold out. for like 10$ more 100 more watts for future proofing? what do you guys think and if you think its not worth it what other deals or any other type of advice do you guys have? https://www.newegg.com/seasonic-focus-plus-550-gold-ssr-550fx-550w/p/N82E16817151189?Description=550w power supply&cm_re=550w_power_supply-_-17-151-189-_-Product(550w) https://www.newegg.com/corsair-vengeance-750m-cp-9020176-na-750w/p/N82E16817139244 (750w)
  17. yeah I already ordered the 750w, but im 16 , gonna get a job and whatnot and idk what ill what to do with my pc in the future it just seems better safe then sorry for the price. Although I was reading on the psu tier list and vengeance (one i ordered) was rated b and they said dont get anything under B, it is "budget" but im pretty sure its fine. I may just cancel the 750 and get the other one but mainly the reason i got it was because i dont wanna have to rely on a 25$ mail in rebate lol
  18. what would you suggest in place of it?
  19. Sorry I will just add onto the same one in the future next time. kinda new aswell
  20. https://www.newegg.com/corsair-vengeance-750m-cp-9020176-na-750w/p/N82E16817139244 gonna buy this pretty sure its not gonna catch on fire and whatnot but why not ask and get a second opinion
  21. thanks dude, thats what i thought but i just thought it would be smart to get a second opinion
  22. https://www.newegg.com/seasonic-focus-plus-550-gold-ssr-550fx-550w/p/N82E16817151189 550w 80+ gold, modular , extremely good reviews, $50 with rebate. Over the few months , building around Oct. I could get PSU since well its not like a gpu where something new comes out better etc might as well take advantage of the newegg prime day deals yanno. Anyways , ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram , 1ssd , 1hdd. For the GPU tho i havent decided it just depends on how everything develops but most likely an rx 5700, rtx 2060 super, or maybe an on sale 2070 idek. IM PRETTY sure 550 is plenty of watts for this build but would it be good for overclocking and future proofing etc?
  23. Microcenter has a ryzen 5 2600 for $119, and $30 off if you get a mobo with it, and I can possibly get an open ASRock B450 PRO. With a grand total, $207 including tax, basically is it worth it to buy this now or chop up the extra money and get a 3600? Also currently I have an rx 480 BUT , in a few months I PLAN on buying either a rx 5700, rtx 2060, 2060 super, rx 5700xt one of those havent decided but that upgrade wont be until Sep-Oct
  24. Jordan_C21

    Buying Help (CPU/MOBO)

    mainly is the 3600 worth the extra $80