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  1. sapphire pulse and msi gaming x are from what i know the best in the price range, they have a few promos. if it was me id save up a lil bit more money and get a red devil and overclock the snot out of it. i happened to just have extra money so i got a 2070 super and then the strix was on sale, i paid strix tax it was $550 but im pretty sure i can get stock 2080s performance, if not that will just be my L. but i completely agree with your ladder opinion
  2. I think there is an evga 2070 super for 470 with rebate
  3. thanks man. ive never had to have this done so i wouldnt know, but i do now
  4. after backing out i realized i put this in the WRONG section. if a mod could delete this or move it to "build logs" thanks, i apologize in advance.
  5. I'm not gonna lie to you guys, it may be kinda dumb, ill add photos soon. Before i get purged for it all lemme explain. it was an elaborate plan being that im so young and dont have all the money at once, so i bought the thing that wouldnt fluctuate the most first.. my power supply in july. it was a vengeance silver 750, it was dead on arrival and corsair had none in stock so they sent me a txm gold 750, 80+ gold certified 750w psu for $60 lolol. Then in September I bought my memory, it was on sale for $70 and was 3600mz CL16 and it was impossible to pass on. Then in October, I got my r5 3600, mobo for $130, case, cooler (i didnt stick with stock because this cooler for 39$ has amazing performance and matches my case) , and for a video card i kept using my rx 480 4g from my previous build. in november i bought a founders edition 2070 super, the overkill 5 rgb fans that i found from BitWit that have pretty good CFM and acoustics, some custom psu cables, and a lighting node pro on sale for $35. ( no matter how expensive my build was i was going to put some cash into aesthetics so whatever) i bought an rog strix 2070 super for 550 last night, i was gonna go with an evga card but wanted to avoid coil whine and such that was reported a lot. so while i did pay a lil bit of strix tax its kinda whatever. i bought a 2070 super over a 5700xt because i wanna use nvenc and overclock higher, it does better in 4k too, better 1% lows. if i was on a more restrictive budget that card would be a lifesaver though. its kinda a weird setup to me but i bought everything in 3 different time periods and i think i did the best i could for what i wanted. (aside from the strix tax).. i havent bought the ssd or the hdd since i already have a cheap ssd and hdd but will upgrade sometime in the future. also a few months after using my pc i just read on pcpartpicker, that my psu doesnt have that extra 4 pin for the cpu, when building i also noticed, but i read somewhere that extra 4 pin doesnt matter unless its extreme oc and well i dont have LN2 so oh well. overall i think this is gonna handle, all of my schooling, possible video and photo production, and gaming, all the while looking pretty. if i had the luxury of buying all at once id probably swap the 2070 for a 5700xt and get a 3700x but when i bought my cpu i did not have the money for it, and when i was getting around to buying a gpu i honestly just had cash to spare for the 2070, 5700xt/3600 would be a better value i agree. Not gonna say for a second this was a good value pc but im happy with it. First build by my self at 16, parents said they would go half on it, if i didnt have that luxury i wouldve just waited a lil longer and maybe swapped some stuff. The setup theme is black and white and then rgb. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Jordanrock99/saved/vrKf99
  6. psu prices in general are busted. the white variant really isnt that far off, they have been becoming inflated for a while.. really surprised its not talked about more. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/v6gzK8/cooler-master-mwe-gold-750-w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-mpy-7501-afaag-us https://pcpartpicker.com/product/6Y66Mp/corsair-rm-2019-750-w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-cp-9020195-na https://pcpartpicker.com/product/927p99/evga-g5-850-w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-220-g5-0850-x1 these are like the only ones id buy at 750 80+gold anything above is too expensive and anything under is garbage.id pay $15 or so for the color white but thats just me lolol..
  7. Hey dm me dude whenever you think your about to buy I wanna see how everything turns out. Also continue asking questions on the forum , even ones you think are stupid and little. I do it. Better to ask then to assume , we are all here to help
  8. i would go along with the other suggestion given about gigabyte boards, although if you insist on sticking to Asus for whatever reason unless you want to spend $300 for a mobo the strix is your best option. I would suggest the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite its $172 so cheaper then your board and has superior vrms for overclocking. so if you want to OC in the future go with that, if you plan on never overclocking vrms dont matter too much, but its cheaper and its better to have it and not need it vs needing it and not having it yanno. If you are doing things besides gaming like you listed i would still go with a 3800x but you seem to not be comfortable with AMD and want to stick with team blue, on that note the 9700k will suit you just fine. in the 4-5th year of use it may not still hit 144hz like it does now but thats with anything, it sounds like you know what you want and just want assurance everything will be okay, im here to tell you, your system is just fine. the only real suggestions we have you arent interested in or comfortable with anyways, and the current config you have will suit everything you need, just go for it and im certain you will be happy with your build for the years to come
  9. i have a b450 gaming pro carbon ac. light bios has same functionality so its kinda oh well, not as pretty but how often are you in the bios
  10. yeah amd would be cheaper. the components you have selected will absolutely obliterate the listed games and pretty much any game for quite a while. the real question i propose, what are your future plans? do you have any workstation needs? school? video/photo production? streaming? how long do you plan on this system lasting? what is the purpose of this build.? this helps us answer your question of "is it worth it" essentially Overall it looks very very solid, for a strictly gaming build the 9700k beats everything except the 9900k but thats a lil overkill. you could always get a 3800x and get relatively close gaming performance and have double threads which would be a beast in streaming an editing. On the other hand you have an nvidia gpu with NVENC that can handle streaming insanely well and most editing applications have cuda acceleration so if your comfortable spending this much, go for it. If you put everything in pcpartpicker everything should be compatible and from what I see you should be good to go man. the ONLY thing i can give some advice with and even this is minor is VRMs for mobo, the strix has pretty good vrms but there are a few motherboards with the exact same features with better vrms for cheaper, unless you really want a strix mobo then go for it like i said it will all work fine. If you dont know what VRMS are its the power delivery for your mobo so it helps with overclocking and you have an AIO, so id look into that. just me tho
  11. some part of me kinda regrets not getting a 3700x but my 3600 will do just fine
  12. i have, ill continue looking. i never thought there would be a day where a strix card would make sense to me
  13. i absolutely love tinkering but im at a phase rn where i truly just want it to work, if im gonna invest this much money in a card id prefer it just work. coming from my hackintosh days, flashing a 5700 to an xt then putting it in a ryzentosh sounds like so much fun, yet money doesnt grow on trees
  14. the trio literally will not fit in my case at all ??unless i take a fan out anyways, im using a meshify c. as much as i hate to say it i might get a strix... its $20 off rn and has good overclocking. id go for an evga card i hear a lot of good things about them, customer support being incredible although ive heard about coil whine but im not sure how well that translates to actual people affected, even then i could rma it if i really wanted to.
  15. hows overclocking on it, or the 5700xt in general for that matter. have you done the powerplay mod?