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  1. Jordan_C21

    help with build ( choosing cpu)

    thats what i was leaning towards anyways i was just exploring all options so its well thought out , thanks man
  2. Jordan_C21

    help with build ( choosing cpu)

    what if i stuck with this build with the 4790k since it performs really well and just didnt build an entire new computer in october, not sure if i should upgrade get pretty good performance out of it and stick with it until i build a new one or not
  3. So, I wont be able to build an entirely new pc till probably October , by then ryzen 3000 series will be out , right now I have an i3 4170 and an rx 480 I could overclock I could upgrade to a 4790k used for like 150 and get a bigger psu call it a day and play some games and then resell the entire pc in october and build a new one, ryzen 5 3600 , 1660 ti , 16gb of ram etc etc. Only issues i have with the upgrade then sell as a whole ism, DDR3 and is it worth dropping about 200$ for the cpu and power supply. Although i could probably sell the entire thing on ebay for $500, thoughts? general discussion? just advice in general thanks
  4. Jordan_C21

    help determining if this is trash or not

    LOL , I was 99% sure it was garbage anyways but I just thought hey , why not yanno
  5. https://www.newegg.com/thermaltake-smart-series-ps-spd-0600npcwus-w-600w/p/N82E16817153232?Item=N82E16817153232&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=IGNEFL062119&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL062119-_-EMC-062119-Index-_-PowerSupplies-_-17153232-S1A5B I'm very skeptical but also not super experienced with psus but I do know to not get a cheap one one thats crap because it could ruin everything ,I got an email of sales on newegg and its like 25-30$ so on the off chance it isnt garbage let me know I will leave it to yall thanks
  6. Jordan_C21

    Help with mobo shopping

    so im confused lol
  7. Planning on upgrading to a ryzen 5 3600 when it comes out and overclocking my rx 480. Whats a good compatible mobo that would last for future upgrades. Thanks in advance guys
  8. Jordan_C21

    Need help with current and future build

    Thanks for everything man, so I guess I'll wait for the new Ryzen CPU's to come out, and then get ram,mobo, etc. Are there any things to watch out motherboard wise to maybe increase the longevity so I dont have to buy a new one just to upgrade stuff in the future. Also I'm pretty sure I know you can but doesn't hurt to ask, you can usually upgrade to any gpu with most motherboards as long as it fits in your case right?
  9. Jordan_C21

    Need help with current and future build

    Thats what i was thinking just using Afterburner and overclocking it, you know of any basic tips for overclocking and whatnot or videos and guides because i have heard of it and known about it but ive never actually collected the experience from doing it
  10. Jordan_C21

    Need help with current and future build

    I forgot to mention that i wouldnt be building this pc till sep-oct ik its crucial info but i forgot. thanks for the help fr tho
  11. Jordan_C21

    Need help with current and future build

    Oh , I didnt know about these. Also i forgot to mention in my original post that this pc wouldnt be built till probably sep-oct because of money. so your plan works perfectly tbh
  12. SOMETHING I FORGOT TO MENTION, with the advice you give this build wont be built till about september or october anyways so include upcoming parts please, thanks for everything guys So, to start I just happened to have a friend who got rid of his older hardware, 8gb ram and an i3-4170, not a great processor but it played what I wanted to 3 or so years ago , I got an rx 480 for about 200$ on black friday around that time and to this day it still holds up. I dont know if i should upgrade to a 580 because 580 are basically just overclocked 480 (need advice on that) and obviously I need a new mobo more ram etc.i get like 70+ cpu usage in every game sometimes 90-100 and usually 17-25 gpu usage so my gpu is having to wait for my cpu is what Ive gathered. So the new build parts are like 600$ or i could wait a little longer and upgrade the gpu aswell but idk what i should upgrade to ,ive been out of the mix for a minute. Any suggestions, at the moment on the list i have a new mobo, 16 gb of ram , and a ryzen 5 2600x and i can keep the 480 the only issue 4gb of vram. Or i can do what i just said and also upgrade the gpu but just need new build advice in general. Ive usually been in the know on parts and whatnot but for the past year been kinda out of it. Was looking at an rtx 2060. Thanks in advance. Build with gpu: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XZbyzY