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    TV shows and movies, some competitive video games & sometimes music.


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    Intel Core I7 3770k
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    MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming
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    16GB G.Skill Trident X
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    Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 8GB
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    Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus
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    Philips 298P4 29" UltraWide
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    Arctic Freezer 34 eSports
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    Corsair Vengeance K70
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    Logitech G502
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    Microlab Solo7C
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. A lot of people use Skype. At work in my company we use Skype for communicating with each other and I have added my wife in Skype too, so I can chat with her from my office. I don't think discord or teamspeak are appropriate apps for companies. They're more useful for individual people (mostly gamers).
  2. Hi, sometimes (quite often actually), I'm having issues in Skype. For example, person who I'm chatting with, doesn't see my messages, but I see hers, she appears offline, though she's online or we both don't see each other messages and etc... Is there any fix for this? Can I do anything? Maybe some command in CMD? Anyone else, having this problem?
  3. It must be the last one. Thank you for the information. I didn't know such thing was possible.
  4. Hi, I'm curious... One of my friends on Facebook, set everything so that now when I go to her Facebook profile, I don't see anything anymore there besides her profile pic and cover. I checked if she unfriended me (thought she did), but she's still in my friends. How it's possible? Does Facebook have such options so that you hide everything including your timline post for specific friends?
  5. I didn't even add him on my contacts, but seems like Facebook already tracked all income messages and calls. Definitely, very intrusive application.
  6. Few days ago I was talking to my landlord in my Android phone and we also messaged each other. I also transferred money to him via mobile bank application. So, today, I was on Facebook and in friend suggestions, I see my landlord. I never seen him in real life, and we have no mutual friends. All I knew about him is real name and phone number, yet, Facebook gave me a suggestion in friends. How the heck is it even possible?
  7. I use Bitwarden & I'm very happy with it. In the past, I was using LastPass, but got tired from it's buggy software. I also find out that, they got breached 5 times (which I find it disaster for a company that is supposed to keep our passwords safe) and after checking alternatives, eventually I decided to stick with Bitwarden, which in my opinion seems the best free password manager, that fulfills all my requirements. It's open source as well, unlike LastPass.
  8. Hello, how can I pin Chrome profiles into Start? I right clicked on them and chose "pin to start", however when they got pinned there, they had different names like "profile 2" & "profile 3" & when I was clicking on them nothing was happening. Is there any way to pin profiles in start? Windows version 1909 (OS build 18363.900).
  9. Yes, I know his Scottish actor and character is Scottish, but grew up in Ireland, but what's his accent, Scottish or Irish?
  10. I have one question regarding this TV show: One of the characters there - Chibs... Is his accent Scottish or Irish? He has very thick siaccent.
  11. Unfortunately outside works aren't available in our situation, so online one is the only option. Skills are customer service. It's a very complicated situation. I need work for my wife, which is from USA, but we're living in other country and English isn't native language here and she doesn't have bachelors degree. She has been working her whole life as a customer service in the places like Wendy, Restaurant and etc... So, online work seems only solution for her, but it seems very hard for her to find something because of her skills which are more suitable for local things. On the other hand, we are struggling with my salary which isn't enough for two people and I can't find better job, because I don't have any specific skills at all and it's hard to find job here where I live, unless you have really good working experience and skills which I don't have. Plus, we're living in my mother's house, because I can't even afford to rent house for us because of my low salary and my mother is putting more pressing on us. She's typical toxic & jealous mother in law for my wife, making our life living hell, constantly threatening us to kick us out from her house if we don't do everything like she wants and she's driving us crazy. If she says jump from the bridge, we need to jump, otherwise threats coming to evict us. We basically, don't have our freedom, can't express our opinion freely. We're in very complicated, bad situation. We need a bit more money to be able move from her house and rent our own place and buy our freedom. 350-400$ in a month on the top of my salary should be enough for us to do it, but unfortunately we can't find anything yet. I'm in very big stress lately because of my mother. I was also thiking to move to USA, but I can't do this either, because it looks very complicated & long procedure, which also will cost us more money and doesn't even guarantee success. Wish I could find solution, but can't find it
  12. Ok, thanks, will check those websites. Appreciated your advice.
  13. Hello, is there any website in the Internet where people instead of browsing jobs and sending their CV, they advertise themselves and companies are looking and browsing for jobs seekers? I'm having a hard time in life and I'm desparately earching for an online job, but can't find anything, so I thought maybe there's a place where I can make an advertisement where I say that I'm searching for a job for XX salary and etc... Are there anywhere such websites?
  14. So what happened before this issue happened if everything was working fine? There must be a reason that triggered this issue. Did you try with different RAMs?
  15. I don't think VR will ever become mainstream. It's not for everyone and it's not popular even now. A lot people prefer gaming on just keyboard, mouse and monitor, simply because it's more comfortable. Everything on cloud services sounds more realistic to be honest. Recent years showed us that cloud services are becoming more popular nowadays. Look at Google spreadsheets and word, even Microsoft offers free cloud office now. Some companies already use cloud office only, for example my company where I work. Also, one drive, google backup and drive... Remember times when we used to put our mp3 music in our phones from our PC so we could listen? Now, everyone uses Youtube or Spotify or some similar subscribtion services. Definitely everything is going to cloud services now. I have no idea what kind of system specs our PC will have, well, definitely more cores and more power for sure, but not too much. Remember what kind of hardware we had 20 years ago? It's not a drastic difference between those hardware and nowadays. 14 years before was released core 2 duo Intel processors (dual- or quad-core CPUs for enthusiasts) and now in 2020 we have only how much maximum cores? 10? 16 maximum if I'm correct? So, probably in 20 years we will have 20-30 cores processors maximum. And maybe even not, because I don't think it will make any big difference between 20 core and 10 core CPU for everyday, mainstream use for normal people. Current CPUs are already quite fast. GPU's are different thing though...