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  1. MyInnerFred

    Weird Graphics Cards

    Did you make this thread just to point that out? Don't buy no name brands off of aliexpress.
  2. MyInnerFred

    Sis mirage 3 graphics Windows 10 compatibility

    This seems to be a cause of the hardware being too old and not having driver support anymore. =/ Have you tried installing the driver in Windows 7 compatibility mode before?
  3. I think @LAwLz's point there was there is no reason to bring sexual orientation into the conversation when working together on code in the first place. Not that people wouldn't do it just because it's stated that it shouldn't be done in the CoC. What is intolerance in your eyes may not be intolerance in others, to someone who is homophobic - being tolerant of homosexuals could easily be intolerance of said person's homophobic views. Intolerance goes both ways, it's easily flipped around. "Only the Sith deals in absolutes" sorta thing lol.... Your talking of a tolerant society where everyone essentially already has inherent agreement on what is tolerant and intolerant. That's not the society we have right now, it would in a sense be fighting intolerance with intolerance. I don't know what part of the state your living in but if reactions are that violent on a daily basis that's a horrid place to live. Western countries have made good progress indeed, other parts of the world that don't hold western values at the forefront you'll find hard pressed to change in a short time frame unfortunately. If you come across someone who is intolerant of your homosexuality or any of your other views what do you think is the best course of action to help sway them to be more tolerant? Do you berate them about being intolerant and just state your side of story on how you perceive it? Or do you start dialogue with them, try to better understand why they have such views so you have a better gauge on how to change their viewpoint?
  4. My initial response to the other gentlemen is not about the CoC. I think it is fair to not bring up those types of topics in kernel related channels, you don't have to know what sort of sexual orientation or political view someone your working with has so on that notion I agree. I'll also agree on the notion that you have a right to your viewpoint so long as it's not actively harmful to others. Now hating someone for having a different viewpoint than you doesn't fall under harmful to others unless said person is actually actively causing harm to those who have a opposing viewpoint. Just because I hate a said group of people doesn't mean I'll go and interact with them in anyway. You can keep your opinions silent and arguably that is best course of action in many scenarios. I never said it makes the attacks that still occur better, I just stated that society is becoming more accepting of homosexuals. The point is it's not as bleak as it has been in the past, there is progress being made and it's good progress. People who refuse to be tolerant should not be tolerated is essentially fighting intolerance with intolerance. I don't find that to be the most efficient way to fight intolerance. You are responsible for your own views on tolerance and intolerance, you are not responsible for other people's personal views on what they are tolerant or intolerant of.
  5. Going to be straight here, believing that being homosexual is wrong is inherently a opinion. Albeit it is opinion you don't agree with. The topic isn't something that can be claimed to be factual, you can't say being homosexual is right or wrong. Hatred can easily form due to a difference of opinion, just because there is hatred created due to a opposing opinion doesn't mean the opinion is inherently wrong or right either. I don't have a problem with people being homosexuals at all, but it would be wrong to say that your tolerant of other views if that only applies to views you don't have a heavy disagreement with. Homophobia is a exactly that, a viewpoint. Society nowadays is becoming more accepting of homosexuals anyway so homophobia is becoming more of a minority viewpoint compared to how it was in the past. This new CoC itself is political, the person who wrote it up has stated so herself. The discussion turning political was inevitable, Linux wasn't put in such a large political spotlight until this CoC came into play. The party that wrote this new CoC in a sense knew they would cause this sort of reaction, and probably intended to do so anyway.
  6. If you want some extra peace of mind you could always set a stop loss order to go off at a acceptable loss price or if it's already gone up, set it up at a price in which if it sells off you'll still be making a profit.
  7. Welp here I come again in a stock market related topic with my darn charts and whatnot. I can say with confidence your absolutely right about how AMD's stock is driven by hype, I've been trading them since they were $2 a share. AMD has been such a bullish stock lately a break on support may not even signal a strong confirmation of it dropping to the downside.... MACD indicator crossover along with a dropping CCI and a break below the blue SMA midpoint line on the chart typically all signals a start to a downtrend yet it manages to hold on. AMD just kept going after finally breaking through the $15 - $16 resistance mark a couple of months back. Heh always take analytical reports from "Business Analysts" and "Stock Analysts" with a grain of salt. There are not many out there worth your time or money to bother reading and following. The sad reality of how easy it is to become a "Market Analyst" these days creates a whole lot of garbage to shift through. If you really must find someone to rely on for investment advice on a specific industry your better off finding a stock trader who is specialized in that particular sector of the market than going to some big shot "Market Analyst". Analysts have so much leeway.... you really only have 3 predictions to put out for a company your analyzing.... It'll go UP, It'll go DOWN, It'll STAY here.... If a analyst has a success rating of below 40% then they are some of the bottom of the barrel "experts". It's probably more along the lines of what sort of mood they're in on that given day. I'll have to disagree with you here. Stock-picking ≠ Gambling There are a lot of factors that separate the two, but I won't bore you with all that snazz here. All three of those companies have a long history of pulling anti-consumer and anti-technology practices for the goal of getting the edge against the other on profits, it's just that some of the have played the game better than others. The current semiconductor and nand memory manufacturing industry is a good example, the number of these companies still around have dropped drastically compared to 10 - 20 years ago. Nah, as a trader I'd say it's fair. We long time stock traders joke about and shit on market analysts and whatnot on the daily and for good reason.
  8. MyInnerFred

    Nvidia Stock Down/ Morgan Stanley Pessimist

    Stock trader here, a couple of misconceptions it seems. Let me share my two cents. Actually AMD's highest share price on record was $48.50, and that was in 1999. AMD is more of a short term to mid term stock to trade, good for swing trading. But if your a stock trader that goes by it's chart history alone you wouldn't want put money into AMD's stock as a long term investment without a tight stop loss price in mind. See how volatile it has been over the yearly chart? AMD essentially had a 10 year period of stagnation before it's recent breakthroughs with Ryzen and Threadripper. That aside NVDA is a pretty expensive stock, just buying one share will cost you $265.70 right now.... NVDA's share price is also considered to be way overvalued by a lot of traders compared to what the company is fundamentally worth. Correct 2% down is essentially child's play on the stock market, normal price fluctuation on a day to day basis is anywhere from 0% to 3%. Even a 6% move up could easily pull back in a couple of days. However earnings reports aren't that simple, NVDA may very well miss the estimated earnings per share that analysts are predicting them to hit. Even if they do beat the predicted earnings per share it doesn't mean the share price will be guaranteed to jump up either, if they put out a press release saying they're expecting lower guidance for the next quarter that'll negativity affect the stock price. Buying AMD could be a good move on the short term seeing how it's been very bullish(going up) on the market right now, however they seem to be hitting resistance now. Buying Intel based off of no hard evidence for comparison of a expected product is a bad idea, even if they're dedicated GPU is released and it turns out to be amazing they're main source of income isn't the retail consumer products. A lot of investors/traders who buy Tesla shares are going off of the hype of the CEO in the first place, if Elon were to be ousted the share price will more likely than not be affected negatively. His name and Tesla - SpaceX - SolarCity are basically synonymous amongst any active trader/investor. Morgan Stanley dropping 1% or 2% isn't it a big deal, it's something that happens every other day on the market. Very unlikely it has any sort of correlation with analytical reports they put out on some other company's stock price. Something worth watching however is the Federal Reserve on Sept 25 - 26, they should be announcing the interest rate hike amount, which will effect the financial sector of the economy. AKA bank stocks and large financial institutions should see a jump up in value. Not exactly, gambling at a casino vs trading stocks on the stock market have some major differences. Just to place one example - With stocks you can make educated decisions on what to buy by researching a particular sector of the market or by researching a company and finding out how it stacks up against it's competitors. There is far more chance and luck involved in gambling than there will ever be in investing. If your not comfortable with investing in a single company you can always invest in ETFs(Exchange Traded Funds), they're traded the same was as stocks but they represent multiple stocks merged into a single stock symbol/ticker. For example the SPY is a ETF that is leveraged(based) off of the S&P500. So in other words it instantly diversifies your portfolio, helping you avoid a large loss compared to if you just invested in one company and they suddenly went bankrupt. You can read more about ETFs here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/stock-etf.asp In this case, the large financial institutions that trade with automated software that have billions of dollars invested in the market always wins.
  9. MyInnerFred

    Cars subsection

    If you want a car subsection so badly why not set up a poll and see what the forum members think?
  10. MyInnerFred

    Caselabs is shutting down.

    Not exactly. It hasn't been moving up as strongly as you'd think. S&P Metals ETF: XME The original founder of CaseLabs passed away on 07/03/12, Kevin Keating who was Vice President of CaseLabs quit back in May to work on his own company Mod-One. Current CEO Jim Keating hasn't exactly done a good job at internal management, not wanting to go political here but he appears to have a beef to pick with the current POTUS if you look at his facebook so blaming the Tariff's as the major contributing factor to bankruptcy would be more appealing. Aluminum tariff is at 10% and Steel is at 25%, and there are processes you can go through to get exemptions for certain products on the tariff from what I hear. CaseLabs shut down custom orders in the past for many months before reopening them on 10/20/16 and has had long wait times since then on stock orders. While Tariffs would cause inefficiency in the supply chain, they already appear to have had inefficiency problems in their supply chain before. It's possibly they were sourcing their parts from a unreliable manufacturer or their manufacturer for their cases were sourcing materials from a unreliable supply provider. They've been having internal management problems before the tariffs were a thing so this seems like it's just a compilation of issues stacked up on each other that caused the ultimate closure of the company. Caselabs statement on how the Tariffs have raised their prices by almost 80% is insane, if that statement was true then they must have been working with some shite partners or had their internal financials wack.
  11. MyInnerFred

    DNG and TIFF?

    No you can choose to keep either files alone. DNG and TIFF files aren't connected, their not a sister file or anything. Just two different file formats of the same picture. If your paranoid you could make a copy of 045.TIFF and 045.DNG then delete one or the other and open the one that you didn't delete to test if you notice anything missing. TIFF takes up more space, DNG takes up less but is still lossless. I'd pick the DNG files over the TIFF files unless you have a specific reason for keeping the TIFF files.
  12. MyInnerFred

    DNG and TIFF?

    I don't think I fully understand what your saying, you've got your phone app taking pictures in TIFF format correct? When you transfer them over to your PC your getting two formats of the same picture? TIFF and a DNG file? Do both pictures look different color/contrast wise? If they both look the same I'd just keep the DNG file and work with that to save disk space.
  13. MyInnerFred

    DNG and TIFF?

    Why not just keep and use the DNG files?
  14. MyInnerFred

    What Do You Feel is (Remarkably) Unique about You?

    Remarkably unique? Man this thread feels like self praise territory... I've got nothing really remarkably unique about myself that I can think of. I'm pretty plain, more cons than pros I'd say. Honestly this sort of question is better answered by others that know you, than by yourself.