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  1. Caselabs is shutting down.

    Not exactly. It hasn't been moving up as strongly as you'd think. S&P Metals ETF: XME The original founder of CaseLabs passed away on 07/03/12, Kevin Keating who was Vice President of CaseLabs quit back in May to work on his own company Mod-One. Current CEO Jim Keating hasn't exactly done a good job at internal management, not wanting to go political here but he appears to have a beef to pick with the current POTUS if you look at his facebook so blaming the Tariff's as the major contributing factor to bankruptcy would be more appealing. Aluminum tariff is at 10% and Steel is at 25%, and there are processes you can go through to get exemptions for certain products on the tariff from what I hear. CaseLabs shut down custom orders in the past for many months before reopening them on 10/20/16 and has had long wait times since then on stock orders. While Tariffs would cause inefficiency in the supply chain, they already appear to have had inefficiency problems in their supply chain before. It's possibly they were sourcing their parts from a unreliable manufacturer or their manufacturer for their cases were sourcing materials from a unreliable supply provider. They've been having internal management problems before the tariffs were a thing so this seems like it's just a compilation of issues stacked up on each other that caused the ultimate closure of the company. Caselabs statement on how the Tariffs have raised their prices by almost 80% is insane, if that statement was true then they must have been working with some shite partners or had their internal financials wack.
  2. DNG and TIFF?

    No you can choose to keep either files alone. DNG and TIFF files aren't connected, their not a sister file or anything. Just two different file formats of the same picture. If your paranoid you could make a copy of 045.TIFF and 045.DNG then delete one or the other and open the one that you didn't delete to test if you notice anything missing. TIFF takes up more space, DNG takes up less but is still lossless. I'd pick the DNG files over the TIFF files unless you have a specific reason for keeping the TIFF files.
  3. DNG and TIFF?

    I don't think I fully understand what your saying, you've got your phone app taking pictures in TIFF format correct? When you transfer them over to your PC your getting two formats of the same picture? TIFF and a DNG file? Do both pictures look different color/contrast wise? If they both look the same I'd just keep the DNG file and work with that to save disk space.
  4. DNG and TIFF?

    Why not just keep and use the DNG files?
  5. What Do You Feel is (Remarkably) Unique about You?

    Remarkably unique? Man this thread feels like self praise territory... I've got nothing really remarkably unique about myself that I can think of. I'm pretty plain, more cons than pros I'd say. Honestly this sort of question is better answered by others that know you, than by yourself.
  6. Overclocking; Restarts and Shutdowns

    Overclocking over a long period of time will eventually slowly degrade your CPU especially if the cooling is inadequate. Your computer crashes or shuts down when you've got a unstable overclock simply because it's unstable, it shouldn't damage your CPU unless your giving the thing ridiculous overclock settings.
  7. Monitor Screen Problem

    Looks like your monitor is going out, might be a bad capacitor somewhere on the board or the panel is actually dying. You can look for a local monitor repair service but it's usually not worth it. Might be better off buying a new monitor. Alternatively you could try repairing it yourself if you've got the tools, soldering iron and the correct capacitor replacement assuming it's not the panel going out. But even then it might not be very cost effective.
  8. pls help me with this monitor

    Chill out, don't repeatedly post one after another like that. Google your monitor, seems like a bunch of people say it's got bad color accuracy. Might just be how your monitor is at this point, check this review here: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/msi/optix-g27c
  9. pls help me with this monitor

    Use Nvidia Color Settings and give it a try.
  10. Setting on the top right of your thread.
  11. pls help me with this monitor

    I assume your using a Nvidia GPU, go to your Nvidia Control Panel and select Change Resolution, then you should see a option that says Output Dynamic Range. Make sure that's set at Full if it isn't already. Check to see if your other settings are at Highest(32-bit), X bpc, and sRGB as well.
  12. pls help me with this monitor

    What type of output are you using? HDMI? Displayport?
  13. Pentium machine not able to cope up at 70%cpu usage in idle

    download a iso of windows 7 and use rufus to make a bootable flash drive and install off of that.
  14. pls help me with this monitor

    It does that to any game? What monitor preset do you have it set up as? It's hard to see any difference between the two pictures you've taken. Have you tried messing with the contrast setting?
  15. Pentium machine not able to cope up at 70%cpu usage in idle

    I just know it exists and is pretty efficient on low end systems. Whether it's free or not, I'm not sure. Google it and find out.