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  1. I'm trying to copy old games to a 16GB USB drive. To save USB space, I compress them with WinRar, but change the compression from "Normal" to "Best". This saves quite a lot of space (like Colin McRae Rally from ~500MB to ~250MB). I don't know if it is ok to compress game files like this I think I read somewhere about having worse audio when games' audio files are compressed, but I'm not sure
  2. Yes I know it doesn't receive updates anymore, but that doesn't affect me. I wasn't installing updates anyway. They always seemed to slow down my PC. I'm not on Windows 10 because I mostly play old games, and those run fine on 7. It uses less RAM too.
  3. I wanted to delete all the files in "Temp" folder and I get this error in one file. Is someone else using MY PC? or what? Antivirus software doesn't detect anything.
  4. Yeah checked the bios, it's the same one as the official bios from techpowerup. Cleared the CMOS multiple times. I can't check if it runs at X16 from the motherboard's bios, since I don't see any PCI-E Link settings in there. That's a cheeky little card. I'm thinking the shitty AMD PowerTune implemented in HD 69xx is throttling the card to X1, but couldn't find any info on that.
  5. Firmware...Firmware I'm sorry but what does this mean? Installing another BIOS on the card?
  6. I have this Radeon HD 6950, 2GB, 256bit, GDDR5. This GPU is seen, in all softwares, as running in PCI-E X1 instead of X16 and games run much slower than my other HD 6870 1GB. I've been trying getting it to work on X16 for a month. Reseating GPU. Reseating PCI-E cables. Changing drivers. Looking through bios (as far as I know there is nothing in there related to PCI-E speed). Now, I have a lot of other GPUs, and they all work on X16 (this is why the other HD 6870 is much faster). The fact that I can't use it only at about half the FPS it's driving me mad. ANYONE has ANY idea why this piece of CRAP doesn't work with x16 speed? The system I'm trying to run this is on a server machine, HP Proliant ML110 G6 with changed PSU.
  7. I understand your concern and tips, but 93*C for a 470 is fine. I've been reading about 470 and 480. They are meant to run hot, and their throttling temperature is 105*C. A review of the 470 from 2010 showed that their 470 had 93*C like mine, and multiple people reported temperatures in the 90's with the blower cooling. I read (and was kinda funny) that someone had 2 fans blowing at a 470, and temperatures were the same in the 90's. I've also saw an nVidia interview about the 470, and someone from nVidia said that they're safe to run up until 105*C, and even at the maximum temperature they're expected to last for a couple of years. I don't think you're familiarised with old GPUs to know how durable some of them are to heat, I've had a 8800GT with a very small fan which used to get to 100*C in Crysis. This was the first version of the cooling, nVidia ordered all cards back from markets due to people being unhappy with the temps, and released the second version with a bigger fan. But still, that 8800GT would still work, but after some time I decided to mess with the GPU and accidentally installed a wrong bios. Card's bricked and didn't bothered to fix it. I had a 9600GT for replacement.
  8. I'm using a GTX 470, it gets to 93*C when playing games (literally all day) and sounds like a hair dryer. While playing World of Tanks, I randomly thought, could the GPU's 93*c heat, cause damage to the pci-e slot after long time use? The slot is right below the GPU, and I think that 93*C might damage the slot after some time I'm more concerned about the motherboard than the gpu
  9. It's not inaccurate reading ? The GPU is so hot it might catch fire. The air blown from the cooler is also hot
  10. I get you, but I'm curious about what could have happened to it to get those symptoms The cooler is cooling it but the core just gets so hot it doesn't seem to keep up for some reason
  11. That's what I remembered 20 seconds ago and entered to reply to the thread, LOL! Still strange how GPU-Z says that it is DirectX 11. I will install Windows 10 and try some DirecctX 12 games there
  12. The only game with DirectX 12 support I tried was Hitman 2016, and the DirectX 12 box is white and untickable ? There are articles from 2017 saying nVidia brings DirectX 12 to Fermi ?
  13. This GTX 470 of mine doesn't seem to have DirectX 12 ???
  14. I find this chip on all LGA 775 mobos. Some have a heatsink on it, some do not. I think that's the integrated GPU, but I'm not sure.
  15. I don't know ? Integrated graphics are slow, so it means low CPU usage but high GPU usage, but does this lower CPU usage mean a longer life? ??
  16. Do intel CPUs last longer if you play games with their graphics instead of using a dedicated gaming GPU? ??? Hmm...Questions questions
  17. The monitor that I currently use is a Compaq CQ1859s. Old but it's not bad to play games on. After messing with all the options including the horizontal position, clock, phase clock, and auto-adjust options from the monitor's menu, after 2 minutes and about the 5th time pressing auto-adjust the image fixed itself. Weird
  18. Entered the monitor menu, pressed 'Factory reset" and RIP monitor. There's black on the left. How it was before: How it is now: I tried moving the image to the left from the monitor's settings, but there still is around half of that blackness remaining. What's strange is that 4:3 resolutions scale to the whole monitor (like 1024 x 768) but there is a black bar on the left on 16:9 resolutions, but the monitor is 16:9 lmao wtf!!
  19. If by applications you mean games, the RX 550 is way better than the GT 710/730 and is a good choice. If you don't mind 30FPS and low graphics, it can handle new games like Assassin's Creed Oddysey I say buy it if you don't have the money for something better. If by applications you mean programs like Photoshop, then the 1030 might be a better choice.
  20. I'm bored and searched to see what PSUs are on the market. I saw multiple PSUs that had one six pin for GPU, but 2 12V rails listed on the sticker. For example one had one six-pin for GPU but the sticker said: +12V (1) 14A +12V (2) 14A I thought the 12V cables are the 6/8 pins for the GPU....How are there two 12V cables on the sticker if it has only one with six pin????