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  1. good gaming headphones

    When you upgrade, don't get a "gaming" headset. Get the modmic or massdrop minimic along with a decent pair of open headphones like the SR850, SHP9500s, or ATH-AD500x.
  2. wkwwwwewyw wbwwrwowkwwewww whwwewlwpww

    1. Hiitchy


      Your w key is broken? Did you try cleaning it

  3. Headset advice

    Hi, recently I've been looking at headsets and can't decide between virtual 7.1 with the corsair void or good stereo with the hyperx cloud. I mostly just play games such as cs go and h1z1 and listen to music, would the 7.1 really be better? Thanks!
  4. Recommendations for gpu upgrade.

    For 1080p a 580 would be fine.
  5. It's snowin' sideways!

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    2. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      sunny and a slight breeze, patio weather, shorts weather

    3. linustouchtips


      lake effect heavy snow, lands on branches and trees, breaks the trees knocks out power, no internet cry in corner till power returns

    4. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      seen the bums drink'n by the river and I said hello to them

  6. Transfering Windows Between PCs

  7. Transfering Windows Between PCs

    Hey guys, this is probably a really stupid question but I need some help. So recently the drive for my old computer stopped working, and because the computer is pretty old anyway I decided to do a complete PC upgrade. On that drive, I had Windows 10 installed. My question is do I need to purchase a Windows 10 activation key for my next build? Can I just log in with my Microsoft account and be good to go?
  8. GTX 970 and cant upgrade

    There's not really any way around the GPU crisis right now, if you're lucky you may find a used card for $100 over the MSRP. Good luck man
  9. What was your first HDD?

    320GB 5400rpm packed in a speedy 2009 Sony Vaio laptop.
  10. Pc Under $1000

    Regarding your CPU, I'd wait to buy that, 2nd generation Ryzen processors are coming in April. Your motherboard is pretty good. As said already, your PSU is not the best. You'd be okay I guess if you're pairing that SSD with a hard drive. I'd get at least 2666mhz for your system memory and if you can go for 16Gbs. If you plan on playing the latest AAA games at high quality, you are most likely going to need more VRAM. I suggest you get the 6GB version or go for an RX 580. Really though, if you can just wait. RAM and GPUs are overpriced right now and new CPUs are just around the corner.
  11. Are all 1080 Ti's created equal?

    They should all pretty much be the same except for the clock speed and design of course. But don't worry about the clock speed, they're all around the same area and there isn't a noticeable difference anyway.
  12. Hey I'm new.

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    2. dizmo


      Welcome to the forum :)

    3. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      can we all do a group hug?

    4. dizmo


      No Peg. *flush*