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  1. Try removing the RAM sticks. This may not necessarily help, but I helped in my case. Otherwise, try reseating everything
  2. Have you checked disk management? It sounds like you have a unpartitioned disk
  3. The SATA ports should be always on... Is the hard drive not showing up?
  4. so... the story starts like this... We moved to a new apartment, and the original router (a tp link 8690, which I think is a China exclusive?) was struggling as the interference from neighbouring wifis are too strong (I'm in China, okay?). So we got another router, a Huawei A2 pro, and we then found out(the hard way) that it is slightly better than the first one, but I only have around 60mbs in my room (via wifi), so we dropped the old router into the setup, using the bridging facility on the tplink, which works (as I understand it) by connecting to the main network, and just sending all of the things that are accessed via this router to the Huawei, kind of like a middleman. Then, when I was just trying to do some port forwarding for freenas, I couldn't find the ips for both the tplink nor the devices connected to it. sooo. . . any suggestions?
  5. You could get a LG v30 second hand. The snd835 is kind of old, but it still can run PUBG
  6. I had a similar problem with lenovo laptops. Disassemble the laptop, and remove the screen ribbon cable.Then, use a external monitor. The most likely chances are that your laptop has a broken screen ribbon cable, and is shorting out the motherboard.
  7. 1 recommendation - Do not buy the Lenovo Legion series. They are great laptops for the price, but they are not that durable AT ALL. Not to mention that these are a complete pain in the ass to troubleshoot (see my previous posts).
  8. 1. No. The ports on this power-bank has different power ratings and quick-charge protocols. Port 1 uses PD, which is found in most phones, while port 2 uses QC. These typically have different charging methods (I use Huawei Supercharge so I'm not too certain?). 2. P.3&4 does not use a fast charging protocal. It can output power up to 5V 3A. 3. Not necessarily. It also depends on which protocol you phone uses. Worst case scenario, your phone charges at 5v 2a. At least this is what I think?? May you post the link?
  9. What type of internet connection do you have? i.e. fibre, ADSL, ethernet, etc? If you old modem is not in use, and has wifi capabilities (some modems do), then you could use it to create a bridge network (mesh). Or, if you have a spare windows or android device, you might want to try to use software such as "my public wifi" to create a bridge.
  10. I don't personally own a dock, nor a xps. thunderbolt options are normally quite expensive, while m-sata versions are less expensive. You are probably better off using that gaming pc, as xps laptops are not built for gaming
  11. Hi community, Recently, I noticed that my laptop is no using its discrete graphics card, and only using the CPU (you heard me right, literally the cpu, not even the integrated graphics) to render anything. The frame rate in any given game goes from 120+ fps straight down to 1 fps. Any ideas on how to solve this?
  12. Thanks soo much buddy... it turns out that I disabled Secure boot and set the SATA mode o Intel RST Premium.... something learnt. Thanks!!
  13. O.K Ill do the BIOS first and then, try CMD
  14. you forgot about the "Create partition primary" bit... and it is just "clean"... but thanks anyways,, I'll try that
  15. Just sell those and get another pair of monitors. No-damage guarenteed... But to sell, those, you'll need... some packaging!!! When I moved, we just simply wrapped some bubblewrap and chucked them in a box filled with news paper