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  1. Yeah that seems to be the case. Thanks anyway!
  2. Hey guys, I've got a friend who has software that requires XP and he wants to install it on a machine. (He'd rather avoid stuff like VMWare if possible) He's got a newish machine that was windows 8 originally. I've made a bootable USB, but for whatever reason, it wont boot from it. I've changed bios settings to legacy mode etc, but all I get is a black screen with a flashing _ The memory pen is readable, when I log into the computer, I can load up the pen, but the option to install windows XP is greyed out. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, found a 2TB HDD while clearing out some stuff today so I wanted to see if it had any use. Plugged it into my computer it doesn't show up in my computer. I opened disk management and it took a while to load, but then asks me to initialise disk 2. When I click ok, it takes a few seconds, but I get the error. The request could not be performed because of an I/O Device error. My options are limited to what I can do when I right click it. I get two options I can choose from but both bring the same error. Now weirdly it's a 2TB HDD, yet it shows on Disk management as it has 3.86GB of unallocated space. Is this just a faulty HDD at this point?
  4. Solved it! When I put the front of the case on it squeezes the fins so they won't spin!
  5. Hey guys, sorry for the second question within 30mins, but this is the last! Built PC for a friend, I've installed 3 Deepcool RF120 fans. As cable management isn't great using the fan block to plug them all in one place, I decided a neater look would be to plug them into the motherboard direct. Back fan, plugged into Sys_fan1 works totally fine, but the other two, which I've put in fan_2 and fan_3 don't spin (They light up, but thats a separate cable) What would be the best way to troubleshoot this. Is there a way to see if the fans are recognised at all? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys, I'll look into these!
  7. Hey guys, built a tower for a friend. GPU was used, so I'd like to give it a proper test before handing it over. As for the CPU, thats new, a 3300X, is that worth testing, and whats the best software for that? Thanks
  8. Thanks for thats. To be honest, if thats a new price, it means I can squeeze a bit extra with some used parts. I'll use this as a guide
  9. Budget (including currency): £600 Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Apex, CS:GO and other FPS games Other details: Hey guys, I've got a friend wanting to hop over to the PC side of gaming. For her first, she's looking to spend around £600 on the tower. I'll build it up for her so we don't mind buying some parts used to squeeze as much performance as we can. I'll assume right now the 3300X is the obvious CPU to go for, and I guess 8GB of ram will be adequate. It's mostly just the GPU. I'm struggling to find what would be the right one to go for. She's going to get a 1080p 144hz monitor, so we'd like to get the best out of it we can. Thanks guys
  10. Watching a few 3700x reviews right now, so I will keep this CPU in mind. Though the first video from Digital foundry didn't sell it well compared to a 9700k, but that was purely for gaming and didn't include streaming in the background. As for the GPU. TBH, it's all down to what Nvidia announce later this year and if it's worth it
  11. Well I currently run an 8700k with a 1080ti. (Looking to upgrade both this year) I play at 1080p and use a 240hz monitor. I potentially want to max out at the best I can, without going for something unnecessary like a threadripper etc I'd consider the new 10700k to be in budget, so something around the £400 mark
  12. Thanks. Is there a website that are trusted with good comparisons?
  13. Hey guys. I'm looking to update my CPU in the coming days / weeks / months, it really depends on getting the right CPU. I'm currently with intel, but honestly, I don't care if AMD or Intel is right for me as I want a new motherboard also. As I am going to do some watercooling, overclocking is also to be take into considering. What am I going to do on my PC? Play games and stream. Nothing more, nothing less really. As I understand, Intel is still king when it comes to coming (just), whereas AMD is more multitask performance. (but could be wrong) Using https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/ as a comparison, but I've also heard it's not a reliable website (again, could be wrong!) As for a price, I really don't have one in mind, I don't want anything stupid. I'd be looking more at the 10700k, 10900k or AMD equivalent really. I'll be running streamlabs. Thanks!
  14. Ah, get you! Thank you for the explanation. As for the res, I think I'll give that a miss!
  15. Thanks. So unless you had quite a clear liquid, that res would look pretty rubbish I'd expect. As for the fans. To me it makes sense to have the fans blowing into the radiator, but then from an aesthetics view, you'd be seeing the back end of the fans. Or do you mean, pulling the heat from the rad and pushing it out? I didn't actually think that would work, but I'll take a look Thanks