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  • Birthday May 15

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    PC parts in general, PC gaming, etc.


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Acer XC-710
  • RAM
    2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • GPU
    GT720 (pathetic)
  • Case
    Acer XC-710
  • Storage
    W.D. Blue 1TB (2012)
  • PSU
    LiteOn 220W
  • Display(s)
    Dell S2316H
  • Cooling
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    Armageddon Kalashnikov AK-556i
  • Mouse
    Armageddon Alcatroz
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home ( i think)

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  1. BlitZerWolf2861

    Can I fit a CM vertical gpu mount in an Matx case?

    I don't think my country has it? Any other recommendations?
  2. If no(most likely), any help on modding to make it fit?
  3. BlitZerWolf2861

    Water cooling help

    Do you think I can push it to 4.3? I'm definitely reaching high
  4. BlitZerWolf2861

    Water cooling help

    No case limitations, and I'd say I'd set the budget to about 50 USD? I don't know currency conversions and prices there
  5. BlitZerWolf2861

    Water cooling help

    Hi, I got a Ryzen 1400 and I want to overclock it to much higher speeds. Obviously the stealth cooler isn't enough so does anyone have recommended am4 coolers that won't cost me too much? I'm looking at IDcooling frostflow aios but I'd like some advice. (note: I might get a 1700 in the near future which I'd also like to oc incase the higher model has different temps)
  6. BlitZerWolf2861

    Can I put my rig on my table without a case?

    I've an old PC case, looks terrible but what of I take off the side and place it in the table?
  7. Basically, a case in Malaysia isn't all cheap. Can I just put it on my wooden table? Or is there anything else I have to put as protection?
  8. BlitZerWolf2861

    Budget CPU for Vega 56

    I think 600 USD? Our currency's worth changes by the hour. No joke
  9. BlitZerWolf2861

    Budget CPU for Vega 56

    I managed to get a second hand Vega 56 at 348 USD, but I'm trying to stay under a budget. What's the cheapest CPU I can pair with this with minimal bottlenecking? Its fine if it's just a small bottleneck
  10. I'm building a vertical gpu build and found a cheaper oem mount, but the cable is about 20+ USD. In my currency that's a lot, but should I trust an oem pcie riser cable for about 9 or 10 USD?
  11. As the title says, any recommend psus along with it?
  12. BlitZerWolf2861

    what should this be able to run on medium settings?

    Very probably not
  13. BlitZerWolf2861

    What recomended Psus do you have?

    I found one, is it supposed to cost US$82? Evga isn't a big thing in my country. Also, like Tibon said, would 500W be enough?
  14. Hi, I'm most likely going to power a 1080ti and a Ryzen 1600. How many watts would I need and what is the safest cheap option available? I know not to cut corners on a psu but if there are more budget oriented Psus to last that would help. Semi/full modular preferred.
  15. BlitZerWolf2861

    Is 2x8gb 3000MHz ram overkill for Ryzen 1200

    Okay, but how long would that ram last me? Assuming I don't upgrade for at least 2 years?