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  • Birthday May 15

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    PC parts in general, PC gaming, etc.


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Acer XC-710
  • RAM
    2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • GPU
    GT720 (pathetic)
  • Case
    Acer XC-710
  • Storage
    W.D. Blue 1TB (2012)
  • PSU
    LiteOn 220W
  • Display(s)
    Dell S2316H
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Armageddon Kalashnikov AK-556i
  • Mouse
    Armageddon Alcatroz
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home ( i think)

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  1. BlitZerWolf2861

    Sub 200 USD proc - mobo combo

    Is this worth it? 224.69USD i5-4670k RoG Maximus VI Hero 12gb ddr3 (2+2+8)
  2. BlitZerWolf2861

    Sub 200 USD proc - mobo combo

    Very much yeah, but I'm not in America. I'm in Malaysia. Anyways I'm fine with second hand prices.
  3. As the title says. I'm fine with both Intel and AMD, as long as it doesn't bottleneck my 570's performance by too much
  4. BlitZerWolf2861

    Cooler reccomendations?

    Okay then great! Guess I'm going with the Ninja 5
  5. BlitZerWolf2861

    Cooler reccomendations?

    So if I swapout the fans for faster ones that would be better performance?
  6. BlitZerWolf2861

    Cooler reccomendations?

    I read the Ninja 5 uses fans at 800rpm max? Are slower fans like that enough? Because I'm fine with my system being loud so long as the performance is good.
  7. BlitZerWolf2861

    Cooler reccomendations?

    What about this? https://shopee.com.my/ID-Cooling-SE-207-CPU-Cooler-Support-Intel-and-AMD-IDC-SE-207-i.7635397.1584375469 ID-Cooling is a cooling brand from Hong Kong? I think? I've heard good things about them or this? https://shopee.com.my/SCYTHE-Fuma-Rev.-B-Air-Cooler-Support-Intel-and-AMD-SCFM-1100-i.7635397.1585156359
  8. BlitZerWolf2861

    Cooler reccomendations?

    Okay, I'm using the Masterbox MB600L, also i forgot to mention. I'd prefer it to be local, as that normal gammaxx is from overseas so warranty claiming can be hard. There's a filter option. Both east and west malaysia is fine
  9. BlitZerWolf2861

    Cooler reccomendations?

    I'll check that out
  10. BlitZerWolf2861

    Cooler reccomendations?

    Shopee.com . Malaysia. Thanks
  11. BlitZerWolf2861

    Cooler reccomendations?

    I got a Ryzen 1400 atm, (terrible decision, should have gotten the 1600) and I wanna overclock it. I found a Gammaxx 400 White for about 31 dollars and a captain 120 ex for 48. I mean in my currency it's kind of a difference that makes you rethink a bit. but I'd like advice. Its really cutting down performance and the stock cooler doesn't handle overclocking so well. Any recommendations? Shopping at Shopee.com Malaysia
  12. BlitZerWolf2861

    Can I fit a CM vertical gpu mount in an Matx case?

    I don't think my country has it? Any other recommendations?
  13. If no(most likely), any help on modding to make it fit?
  14. BlitZerWolf2861

    Water cooling help

    Do you think I can push it to 4.3? I'm definitely reaching high
  15. BlitZerWolf2861

    Water cooling help

    No case limitations, and I'd say I'd set the budget to about 50 USD? I don't know currency conversions and prices there