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  1. It would like to be the individual who takes care of the cybersecurity and prevent attacks or be a part of IT support and help solve whatever problems occur and say that I did it. To work for a plant or corporation or maybe even a production company.
  2. Hello there I am new to the professional world and the IT world is there anyone that can help me to develop professional relationships in the future?
  3. I'm trying to understand the requirements that are necessary to run Hyper-V correctly. I have an elevated edition of Windows 10, 8 GB of memory, and SLAT is on my system, but I can't understand the vCPU completely. I understand that vCPU does not equate to CPU when it comes to being used, but I don't complete understand the ratio to make it work smoothly and efficiently. The Virtual Machine I want to implement onto Hyper-V is Ubuntu, so that I can use it for future school purposes and personal use. If anyone can help me out with my problem I would much appreciate it.