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  1. my favourite product would be the Feenix Aria Headset simply because I love premium Materials and it just looks amazing... I can't comment on the sound because I haven't had a chance to put them on yet.
  2. Okay! Thank you once again! while I don't think that MGS V Phantom pain keys should be available currently (game is releasing in september) I would still come out cheaper with the MSI 390 + the game at full price than any of the other 2 options.
  3. So let's call this a first update. I haven't bought a new card yet because the store is closed today but I'll get it on monday. now your point about the 390 vs 390x seems to be valid and I have the feeling I would regret spending those 90€ more on the 390x. Additionally I just spotted a GTX 980 (Inno3D HerculeZ X3, what an idiotic name and I don't know the brand) on sale for 30€ more than the msi 390x. I feel like every day I wait longer my decisions will get harder and I will get more confused. So it's currently MSI 390 (370€) vs MSI 390X (460€) vs Inno3D 980 (490€) pros for amd: freesync, cheaper cons amd: confusion ( ) , no interest in the gamecodes pros for nvidia: comes with a game code for MGS V (MGS being my favourite game series so saving me the 60€ it will cost with the gamecode), higher efficiency cons nvidia: no freesync, higher price (which would not be higher if you take into account that I pay 30€ more and save 60 on the game = saving 30€ compared to the the MSI 390X) I'm sorry if I'm a bit bothersome but me being ill does not help me with my decision making.
  4. haha don't make this any harder on me man I'm just going to blow my cash and try not to think too hard about it or in the end I'll buy a 280x again from not wanting to spend my money
  5. thank you! I'm going to think for a bit longer and I'll come here with the update tomorrow what I got.
  6. I'm using caseking because they are not far away from me and I cheap out on the shipping cost by getting my ass over to their shop I think I have settled for the 390X but I'm struggling on the brand. Sapphire is sadly a turn off by the orange colour splattered over it... not exactly what I like to see... but it seems to be a bit nicer from the cooler. I'll just never look at my PC and take the sapphire if you can say the same nice things about the sapphire tri-x like the nitro
  7. I'm currently looking into the Asus Direct CU II because the Strixx version simply costs 50€ more. I'm not sure if the higher price is worth it
  8. yeah, it's somewhat weird. so now QUICKROUND: MSI, ASUS OR XFX?
  9. the fury is here 200€ ontop of the 390X so a bit too much for me. but thank you
  10. that would be a great idea if I would not already have a berlin bear and lots of pikachus. maybe I buy high heels for my bear so he gets even bigger
  11. Last week I purchased a new Monitor (Asus MG279Q) and it arrived a few days ago but my GPU suddenly died before I could test it (I'm mr unlucky). The card had some problems before but the manufacturer said it's okay. So this time I contacted the retailer and they said I should send it in to them. Just got their mail.... I got a full refund for my card from 2013 So now I'm looking into buying a new card and I'm willing to pay some money for an upgrade. I got 280€ back and I'm willing to pay up to 200€ more (let's say 220€ for the clean 500€ mark) so I would be in the market for either a R9 390X or a GTX 980. My monitor is a 1440P, 144hz screen with freesync functionality but the freesync only goes up to 90hz and is not a major concern for me. So tell me what to buy and if you recommend brands remember that only the cheaper 980s fall into my budget Thank you! A happy dead gpu owner.
  12. Sorry for reviving this but do you have an idea how I could use the mail button on my Ducky Shine 4 to mute and unmute my mic? I would use Autohotkey but I honestly have no idea how to do it properly
  13. Vessel name: Vitar Favourite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/MI7F0u2H8 and https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 I like the Vessel look but I had a few videos stop and it said the download failed partially. never happens on any other platform for me
  14. I don't know if it fits your need but didn't Asus announce a 1440p 120hz (and they said they currently try to push it to 144hz) IPS Monitor for $599. It's not labeled with Freesync but looks like it's supporting it http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/289489-amd-confirms-asus-mg279q-120hz-ips-monitor-supports-freesync/
  15. I think I'll wait to see if they get some competition this year I want my mx blues
  16. I'm not searching for a regular keyboard (I'm quite happy with my Ducky Shine 4) I search for a Keypad with a few Keys and an stick like you would find it on a game controller. just a small thumb stick on the right side. but it looks like the only current option is the Razer orbweaver that uses Razer switches
  17. Im searching for a Mechanical Keypad for gaming that has a analog stick. I have seen some products from Razer but I'm not a big fan of them and those had "razer" switches and I prefer cherry mx blues. is there any other option?
  18. I got my father to buy me a Ducky Shine 4 with the same technique. I'm studying german philology and journalism so I type a lot and my old mech was dead. I would like to do the same with the PB278QR right now but I can't push that one again on my dad so I'm saving up to buy it myself
  19. looks like that site reads the local prizes for me (in germany) it was a 10$ difference with the 850 costing more
  20. if he wants to buy now he could just go for the faster and not affected version. it's 10$ more for something that has higher performance and less problems.
  21. didn't the 840 series currently have some firmware problems that caused slowdown? other than that the 850 is faster. I have the 850 evo and I like it
  22. a small island. I'm born in germany but my family is from a small island in croatia. it's the place where I feel at home. I'm there for a few weeks a year and at that time I feel complete
  23. haha I would not call it amazing when I started doing it I always got the error until I noticed what I was doing wrong
  24. you need one set in 32 bpp 8bit alpha (here with the 256x256 layer) and then one set of 8bpp with a 256 palette and another set of 4bpp with a 16 palette. so 5 layers in 32 bpp, 4 in 8bpp and 4 in 4bpp
  25. but now I have the knowledge to change it quickly it took me several hours to understand what I have to do for the first icon and now I need like 5 minutes for it