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  1. Dual or Triple Monitor Performance ?

    youtube normally runs on your iGPU so there should not be problems.
  2. Windows 10 Registry issues at a total loss.

    have you refreshed your windows yet?
  3. 1700x stuck at 2.2 when trying to OC

    thermal throttling maybe?
  4. Need for Speed Most Wanted

    by reject you mean wrong password?
  5. Virus or worm in my computer that's undetectable?

    did you install a corsair keyboard program?
  6. ram problems

    At 65% you're fine.
  7. Rumor: Intel has 14nm+++ CPUs on the way

    imagine a chip running on 10Ghz on a stock cooler.
  8. Bought a 1060, confused

    What Power supply are you using? There should be a six pin connector for your GPU
  9. Rumor: Intel has 14nm+++ CPUs on the way

    TSMC must be swimming in money even after the virus setback.
  10. Bought a 1060, confused

    these should be going to the power supply.
  11. Rumor: Intel has 14nm+++ CPUs on the way

    Too bad most applications still rely on less than 4 threads. Especially non-AAA games.
  12. Well I've haven't seen Linus vanishing into thin air yet.
  13. 5ghz vs 2.6ghz

    What router are you using? Some routers don't go as fast as their advertised bandwidth states.
  14. Well, it's working well enough in China where every payment app requires identity verification including phone number, but I cannot say the same in other counties.