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  1. no jack no buy. That said, I woinder how good this is on benchmarks.
  2. *launghing nintendo in the distance*
  3. yeah and i have a shure SRH 840
  4. williamcll

    Corsair now sell 'Fake Ram' to fill your RGB needs

    feels overpriced.
  5. In the end the price increase from buying more expensive hardware will always end up on the consumer.
  6. Aren't powerplants far more efficient than cars?
  7. As promising as it sounds it seems like a cancer risk.
  8. williamcll

    Fake Chinese SD Card Scam!

    I was about make a post about this.
  9. It does makes me wonder what data plans the people of the white house use.
  10. williamcll

    OnePlus CEO tells the truth about 5G

    Correction: I mean there is very few servers such as the oneplus update/ROM site that can actually benefit from 5G due to being able to offer gigabit speeds.
  11. Who still use phone numbers lol
  12. williamcll

    Virus to speed up PC's?!

    Wouldn't biological computers degrade quickly if not fed?
  13. What will happen to all the current fax machines?
  14. williamcll

    Making a $300 Pixel Clone

    You will have to download the ROM of MIUI and flash it like you flash lineageOS. Factory reset will retain LineageOS.
  15. williamcll

    Google officially ended support for Android 4.0 ICS

    Will try, I doubt there exist a version of it since this tablet is pretty obscure.