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  1. It is found that Apple and Samsung are selling phones that exceeds the Federal exposure limit of 1.6Watt per kilogram and now they are sued for compensation. At the time, the FCC said that it would launch its own investigation into the results, and a day after The Chicago Tribune published its findings, the Fegan Scott law firm pledged to launch its own investigation into the claims. Fegan Scott enlisted an FCC-accredited laboratory to do its own testing of six smartphone models at distances ranging from zero to 10 millimeters to measure the radiofrequency radiation emitted when touching or in close proximity to the body. The lab that did the testing claims that at two millimeters, the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 were "more than twice the federal exposure limit" and at zero millimeters, the ‌iPhone 8‌ was "five times more than the federal exposure limit." After receiving the results, Fegan Scott has decided to launch an official lawsuit against both Apple and Samsung covering the ‌iPhone‌ 7 Plus, the ‌iPhone 8‌, the iPhone XR, the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S9, and the Galaxy S10. From attorney Beth Fegan: According to Fegan Scott, the testing conducted by the lab reflects "actual use conditions" rather than the "conditions set by manufacturers," which means the testing was likely not done in the same way that Apple does its own internal testing. Apple, for example, tests at 5mm, not 0mm and 2mm. The Chicago Tribune's original testing was done in a manner to simulate the worst possible scenario, with the phone operating in low signal and full power to create the maximum radiofrequency radiation level. It's not clear how the law firm's testing was carried out. There is no evidence that radiofrequency radiation levels above the federal limits have the potential to cause harm, so consumers should not be alarmed at this time. The FCC is doing its own independent testing and those results should provide more insight into the safety of smartphones.Apple tells its customers worried about radiofrequency radiation exposure to use a hands-free option, and some past ‌iPhone‌ models have included recommended carrying distances. With the ‌iPhone‌ 4 and 4s, for example, Apple said the smartphones should be held at least 10mm away from the body, and there was a similar suggestion made for the ‌iPhone‌ 7. The lawsuit is seeking damages from Apple as well as funds to pay for medical monitoring. Source:https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191206005400/en Thoughts: While I am sure these radio radiation are probably even less harmful than the sun, it does make me concerned, if Apple and Samsung are failing radiation tests, won't a lot of other brands carry the same issue?
  2. A vulnerability was discovered inside a stackoverflow (a website that provides a lot of computing Q&As) page that has been copied for thousands of times 9 years ago. Since online coding Q&As rarely gets monitored, it is only recently that this issue was found. Source:https://www.zdnet.com/article/the-most-copied-stackoverflow-java-code-snippet-contains-a-bug/ https://fossbytes.com/stackoverflow-most-copied-code-snippet-has-a-bug/ Thoughts: Oh, this is going to be a pain to fix, while I guess a lot of the code might just be some people's homework, I do worry about the other ones that might be implemented into more crucial platofrms, and since this is Java I can see a lot of vulnerable devices out there that could be carrying this risk.
  3. Apple's website has stated that Ordering of their new Mac Pros as well as the 5K Monitor will start on December 10th. Source:https://9to5mac.com/2019/12/07/new-mac-pro-and-pro-display-xdr-orders-start-on-december-10-apple-announces/ https://www.macrumors.com/2019/12/07/apple-releasing-mac-pro-december-10/ Thoughts: I wonder will I get a Louis Rossman video on this desktop. Still No excuse for the display stand price though. What would be interesting however is how well would it compete against a threadripper 3970X build with similar top spec.
  4. On the other hand it helps to drive the technology industry in the Philipines, even if it's just a little.
  5. What is very different however compared to path tracing or ray tracing used in Minecraft Java/Bedrock is that this shaders are being processed through Nvidia's Reshade function. Other releases of Halo for PC also supports this shader. Source:https://wccftech.com/halo-reach-looks-so-much-better-with-raytracing-injected-via-reshade/ https://www.patreon.com/mcflypg/posts Thoughts: Like Quake 2, inserting Global illumination really does refresh a lot of legacy games, though if it can be applied automatically it would be even better.
  6. Multi-actuators have been one of the methods for Hard disks to catch up to SSD's performance, Seagate demonstrated it a year back and now it is finally on production for enterprise use. Source:https://www.storagereview.com/seagate_exos_2x14_doubles_iops_for_microsoft/ https://www.cxotoday.com/press-release/microsoft-nearly-doubles-iops-using-seagate-exos-with-mach-2-dual-actuator-technology/ https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/tO0zt_bWs99-IOtvFcVMHA Thoughts: It will be many more months before this technology will be available in the consumer market, and if it isn't as cheap as QLC/PLC SSDs I doubt it would be competitive. Would be nice to hear from the seagate forum affiliate about this.
  7. Update, RX 5500 will remain OEM, and the XT version will carry the same specs as the non-XT version, the official price in china is currently around 213 USD
  8. I'm sure there have been more Radeon cards than there are GTX 10 series cards the past half a year.
  9. As with previous generations of qualcomm CPUs, the number is added by ten, and the mid-range 765 will also get an improved GPU version named the 765G. This thread will be update if any other new information arises. For your information, a Chinese user leaked some specs of the 865 last month on WeiBo: around 20% increase in both CPU and GPU while having the same CPU clocks as the 855 (not the 855+), also built on the TSMC 7nm node. Source: https://www.xda-developers.com/qualcomm-snapdragon-865-snapdragon-765-5g-3d-sonic-max-snapdragon-tech-summit/ https://www.notebookcheck.net/Qualcomm-offers-a-sneak-peak-at-the-Snapdragon-865-and-Snapdragon-765-765G-Mobile-Platforms-with-integrated-5G.445467.0.html https://www.weibo.com/u/6048569942?is_hot=1 Thoughts: Another year, another new line of mobile phones, If I were you I would wait for the 865+ that's definitely going to come out in Q2. Going to see what Samsung is going to counter now that their CPU department is gone.