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  1. williamcll

    Is it okay to run only 2 partitions?

    supposedly having partitions makes your drive load faster, but I cannot confirm since I'm on SSDs now.
  2. williamcll

    Interactive Mirror imirror

    About time people bring interactive mirrors into common use.
  3. Did rockstar ever unban people that got their money amount modified by other players through cheats?
  4. williamcll

    Even Apple doesn't care about the iPhone Xs...

    The most interesting part of this video was that is on the 18:9 ratio. Looks great on my oneplus 6.
  5. williamcll

    YouTube Outage

    working for me over here in hong kong again.
  6. Would rather wait for the P or honor series.
  7. williamcll

    YouTube Outage

    getting 500 interal error over here
  8. williamcll

    When everything goes wrong

    This video will surely save caselabs.
  9. williamcll

    LTT: We bought a cheap SSD from Ali Express..

    They sell NVME SSDs too
  10. williamcll

    Dennis Discoveries: KTV K069 Karaoke Microphone

    Maybe he has already discovered something on his own twitch
  11. williamcll

    WiFi Networking is FINALLY Getting Interesting

    But how do I get lower latency across the pacific ocean?
  12. I remember when typing in Mongolian causes some teamspeak versions to crash
  13. williamcll

    Google Focuses on Privacy, Facebook Gets Creepier

    I purged my facebook account info long ago.