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  1. Router to Switch vs Router to Router

    If you have an existing router, be sure to set to AP mode or turn off DHCP if the former option is not available.
  2. What's your hard drive? Could be that the assets can't be loaded in time.
  3. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Security Concern

    Root the phone (rooting Mi phones are one if not the most easiest phones to root) and install lineageOS or install Xprivacy. Or get the EU version of Mi phones. GDPR did hit Mi in a few spots such as their YeeLight line of smart home products.
  4. Oppo Find X First Look!

    Because there's no astounding innovations in phone design anymore.
  5. Alternative to Publisher.

    you could look for the free adobe CS2 online and the page setup on powerpoint will allow you to set the screen similar to publisher.
  6. graphics card choise

    seconding this, the M2 SSD is nowhere faster than the SATA SSD, my guess is that you are using one for boot and one for games? How about this instead?: https://azerty.nl/product/kingston/2656415/a400-ssd-solid-state-drive-120-gb as well as https://azerty.nl/product/kingston/3491181/a1000-ssd-solid-state-drive-240-gb
  7. Alternative to Publisher.

    Adobe inDesign or just use powerpoint if you're doing basic stuff.
  8. Oppo Find X First Look!

    Imagine Oppo never created new brands and instead we get the Oppo 6, Oppo NeX and Oppo FindX Linus uses linux from time to time.
  9. Cuisine Royale! Free on Steam for a limited time.

    It will eat up your bandwidth for P2P downloads according to steam reviews.
  10. WHY Buy a Chinese Phone?

    It's hard to tell with how people write news and clickbait titles.
  11. Slow charging cables

    V x A = W, duh? pretty much every usb cable will deliver 5 Volts, but because of different build qualities most cables will have different currents, and thus different power output.
  12. Slow charging cables

    heck no False, poorer quality cables will limit how much power a charger can provide, for example a cable from a galaxy S3 won't give as much power as a motorola G4 Plus' cable
  13. Slow charging cables

    Nameless cheap usb cables normally gives off 5V 0.8A power

    go to your task manager details and see what's eating your CPU