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  1. Any way to increase sharpness on Windows (browser)?

    This and the windows font scaler wouldn't work because it's not actual text, it's a picture. Basically I'm wanting something that'll apply to everything in Windows, not just text that it recognizes.
  2. Any way to increase sharpness on Windows (browser)?

    It's not the windows interface. The reason why I mentioned in the title is because if I can find a sharpness effect to work on Windows as a whole, it'll work in the browser I use as well. Either way we're getting quite off track and no closer to an answer so, sorry if this is rude but I probably won't reply again unless there's an actual solution as I'm also trying to simultaneously work.
  3. Any way to increase sharpness on Windows (browser)?

    I agree and I understand all of this but it can make already blurry text genuinely more legible if there's little separation between them. I tested it out on text that I need to copy for my job and it makes it easier to see how many 0s (if there are multiple in a row) there are and makes it easier to tell how tall (for example) a lower case L is so I can determine that it is indeed an L and not an upper case i.
  4. Any way to increase sharpness on Windows (browser)?

    Where? I'm in the display settings now and it's not even searchable (with the search bar).
  5. I looked in the Nvidia control panel but couldn't find it for the desktop (only video playback). It may sound odd but it'd really help me if I could find something that increases the sharpness level on the desktop rather than screenshotting and putting it through a picture viewer to edit it and increase the sharpness there.
  6. /sigh Completely ignores entire post and says something more obvious
  7. Minor note: I don't know where this subject would belong so I just put it in Off topic. Preamble I was recently looking at the comments of a video of a guy who played GTA V rendering at (effectively) 10k resolution through downsampling to a 5k resolution. There are a few comments going over how it would be pointless to go that high of a resolution due to the textures in GTA V not being that high (I don't know the validity of this claim and I don't know the resolution of the textures for GTA V). Question Can you benefit from downsampling, or a higher resolution than what the game's textures are? My First Guess (w/ Supported Theory) My first guess (as an emulation nut) is definitely. In emulation, if you were to bump up a PS1 game's resolution (such as the common 320x240 resolution of the day) beyond its native resolution (like 1280x960)- the difference is huge. While the textures themselves may or may not have any difference, it seems like everything else does. However, is having 10k downsampled to 5k in a game with noticeable lower resolution textures going to make a noticeable difference from whatever the native resolution of their textures is? I'd think so but, while I'm very familiar with certain parts of technology, I don't know much about game design this detailed. Second Guess (Shot in the dark?) I thought about this subject a little more and thought about pixels vs texels. Keep in mind that this is just my own unsupported hypothesis with very little research done (and I have no idea of how accurate it could be) but this is how I look at it: Pixels are of screen space, texels are of texture space. Most things (outside of textures) are made up of pixels? Lighting, Shadows, AO, AA, Particles, etc would all be made up of pixels, right? In fact, outside of textures and texture filtering, what uses texels instead of pixels? Geometry- or does that use pixels too? Conclusion?: Thus (assuming this is correct info, which I have no idea if it is or not), we can assume that GTA V at 10k downsampled to 5k would likely be noticeably better looking than if the resolution of the game itself was the same as the textures. Reasoning: While the textures and texture filtering may see no benefit, almost everything else would - shadows, lighting, particles, ao, edges of geometry, and AA (which is the only one that most people know to be a benefit of downsampling). Although I'm completely in the dark as to whether there would be any benefit when talking about the following - geometry itself (not just the edges), animation (wouldn't that only benefit from higher frame rate?), physics Keep in mind that this guess is entirely speculative and by someone who knows nothing about this kind of tech. If I'm wrong though, I'd like to know what's wrong as well as what the correct information would be.
  8. Any way to tell if an HDTV uses HDR 10 (Looking at TCL 55S405)?

    Oh okay, thanks. I guess I'll look at reviews when I look at other TVs too.
  9. Any way to tell if an HDTV uses HDR 10 (Looking at TCL 55S405)?

    Alright, I guess there's not any way to see that info online. Thanks though.
  10. As mentioned in this video, not all HDTVs that are advertised as HDR actually display HDR. Basically I'm looking at some TVs (TCL 55S405 is one of the cheap ones that come to mind) and I want to know if there's any way to find out whether it's a 10-bit panel (HDR10) or not. Anyone know?
  11. You can win over AI and game rules though. It's basically pay to win: SP Edition
  12. How many case fans can I have?

    Thanks guys.
  13. How many case fans can I have?

    so does one of the fans connect directly to the case or PSU or something?
  14. How many case fans can I have?

    I'm a super noob when it comes to air cooling, cases and fans. This is my motherboard and this is the case that I want to get. Under "Connector" on my mobo it says "- 2 x Chassis Fan Connectors (4-pin) (Smart Fan Speed Control)*". Does this mean that I'll only be able to have 2 case fans in total (most likely the fan that the case comes with as well as another that I buy)?
  15. Gamestop PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership - Is it annual? Monthly?

    Okay thanks, for some reason every time I tried to look it up I came across this page (which doesn't specify annual in the sections I looked: https://m.gamestop.com/poweruprewards/home/faq