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  1. wykydtronik

    LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack Tickets are HERE!

    Thanks guys, got my BYOC pass. I've wanted to go to Dreamhack since they started coming to the US but never could afford the flight ticket.
  2. wykydtronik

    Steam Caching Tutorial

    What's everyones average download speeds after caching? I am seeing about 48 - 51 MB/s! I managed to get all docker containers running and the traffic is routing through my steamcache server. I have: Linksys WRT3200acm (Running OEM Firmware, I might switch to DDWRT so I can ensure QoS is off) 1 Gigabit Switch split between my computer and the steamcache server 2 additional computers (gf and her work computer hooked directly into Linksys Router) 4 laptops, other roommates xbox one (all the garbage devices are on WiFi) The steam cache server has a 240GB SSD Crucial for /dev/sda and I've mounted a Samsung 840 1TB from /dev/sdc So my PC, I'm seeing around 48/51 MB/s - however my gf is directly connected to the Linksys router is only seeing 20-30 MB/s. Shouldn't we be seeing higher speeds closer to 100 MB/s or above? Could we be bottlenecked somewhere? It's definitely working since our download speeds through the modem is around 15 MB/s (150Mbps down)
  3. wykydtronik

    Whos going to be a VIP at LTX?

    Sold out :<