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  1. can I copy the timings of the CL 14 one? They are both the same product though.
  2. Been confused if I should buy a 3600MHz ram kit with a Latency of 18 or a 3000MHz ram with a latency of 14. Which should I buy?
  3. Was wondering if I can turn my monitor to a touch screen too. Any idea how I may achieve that??
  4. My keyboard is a Phantom Techware TKL. It says that the driver is installed but it's not lighting up or working. I've tried different USB port but nothing is happening. Any Ideas to bring my "dead" key board back to life? My mouse works fine in any other ports though.
  5. Thank you so much. I feel more confident now
  6. buy from amazon directly? How can I tell if I'm buying from Amazon directly.
  7. I'm afraid of buying online. Not sure to wether to buy from Ebay or Amazon. If I were to buy in either of the site. Any idea what to look out for so I won't get scammed?
  8. Will the B450 boards still be compatible. Not up to date with some news about AMD.
  9. i3 tho like almost same cost as an R3 here in my country. (Philippines)
  10. Should I just wait and buy the R3 3300G?
  11. For gaming only and some light video editing.
  12. Planning to build an i3 or i5 Would it be cost effective if I buy the H310 mobo instead of a B360?
  13. I plan to buy a 3000 Mhz or 3200 Mhz ram kit. If I over clock it will it be stuck in 2933 or will I get exactly on 3000Mhz or if using the 3200 one, I'll get exactly 3200?? I'm going to use a B450 mobo by MSI.
  14. I'm just confused if I buy a Monitor that has DP 2.0 and my GPU is DP 1.4. What will happen?