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  1. ADM_Foxtrot


    Ohhh thank you
  2. ADM_Foxtrot


    What's a PLS monitor?? Is it good for gaming? I found a monitor of samsung that's a PLS monitor that has 4ms response time and freesync but only at locked 60hz. Is it a good deal? It cost 6,950 Philippine pesos and 133.39 in USD.
  3. ADM_Foxtrot

    Mechify C HDD storage

    I noticed some holes below the cage aaand I wonder if I can put a HDD in it. I plan to remove the cage for some extra space for my power supply Can I put a HDD orrr nah?
  4. ADM_Foxtrot

    B360 vs H370

    What are the pros and cons when getting either of the two boards?
  5. ADM_Foxtrot

    Intel i5 8400 and ram speed

    Ohh alrighty. Thank you
  6. ADM_Foxtrot

    Intel i5 8400 and ram speed

    Waaait. Lower timings is faster right? Why go higher?
  7. ADM_Foxtrot

    Intel i5 8400 and ram speed

    Here is the spec of the ram I thought to buy. Tested Speed 2400MHz Tested Latency 15-15-15-35 Tested Voltage 1.20v Registered/Unbuffered Unbuffered Error Checking Non-ECC SPD Speed 2133MHz SPD Voltage 1.20v It should most likely go to 2666 right?? Alsoooo what settings I should change because I only know is to change the frequency :v
  8. ADM_Foxtrot

    Intel i5 8400 and ram speed

    going to buy a gskill trident z 2400 rgb ram :v. I hope it can go to 2666
  9. ADM_Foxtrot

    Intel i5 8400 and ram speed

    what would I get if I use 2666?? Alsooo... can I over clock my memory to 2666 even if it's only rated at 2400?
  10. Would there be a difference if I use 2400 MHz ram rather than a 2666 which is the highest ram frequency it is allowed to use?
  11. It's been bugging me on why the smaller form factor of PC components cost so much than the bigger ones. Doesn't less material means less cost to buy it?
  12. ADM_Foxtrot

    CPU Architecture

    Aight. Comming to the conclusion that I'll just go for the Ryzen 7nm. But... would R3 3XXX have the same level of performance of the R5 2600? Since in the leaked speck sheet it will have 6 cores. But I watched science studio's video about it and I am starting to get a bit skeptical of weather R3 3XXX will have 6 cores.
  13. ADM_Foxtrot

    CPU Architecture

    They will be launching like near the end of 2019 right? Playing triple A games and some light video editing. More of a gamer than a content creator but I would like to try some video making.
  14. ADM_Foxtrot

    CPU Architecture

    Wondering if I should save up for Intels 7nm or buy a 9th gen or 8th gen i5 6 core CPU. Orrrr buy a 3rd gen Ryzen 3 orrrr just buy a Ryzen 2600 for now and upgrade later down the line. (Mostly for gaming and possibly some video editing.)
  15. ADM_Foxtrot

    Cat 5e vs Cat 6

    What internet speed do I need to have to notice the difference between a Cat5e and Cat6? Alsoooo this is a dumb question.. how to tell if the cat6 is not a Cat5e or cat5 cable? I know it is indicated on the cable but just thinking of the possibility that a seller might scam me.