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    Jyväskylä Finland


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    Asus Z370
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    Corsair 3600Mhz DDr4
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    Msi 1080Ti
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    Samsung M.2 500GB 960 Pro
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    Corsair RM1000X
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  1. Small update. Been too busy to continue this. It's quite difficult to make tube where is 2 precisely bends. So It's going to be a nightmare to do one tube where is 4 bends and all of them has to be perfect. I'll try to do the whole loop without 90 dec angle adaptors. (okay almost I absolutely need that one which is in pump outlet)
  2. Finally I got EKWB monoblock.. small steps ahead. Pump, reservoir and first rad installed. Tomorrow hopefully I have time to do some tube bendings and other stuff. Cable management is going to be a nightmare. Only place where cables can be hidden is under the mobo.
  3. I have built many systems with D5 and never found limits of it. The biggest one is what I build in Corsair 900D and there is 2xEK CPU Block, 3xEK GTX1080 Block, and 2x480mm 45mm X-flow Alphacool rads. Absolutely no problems with that system at one D5 even half power.
  4. This is absolutely most epic build what i have ever seen! someday when i got my own man cave i want something like this too.
  5. Ehh.. it's not the first time when with is whit..
  6. Hardware will be Asus Z370 Intel i7 8700K Msi GFX1080Ti 32GB Corsair 3600Mhz DDR4, of course, whit RGB lighting. few m.2 SSD:s Corsair RM1000x PSU ect. More is coming, stay tuned.
  7. A little story about my custom build Since i buy my first apartment i have dreamed of building custom desk PC for my system. I have really limited space for computer, a table is only 135cm wide on the front of the table and 127cm back. So there isn't lots of room for pc under the table and If there is big pc then there is not enough space for legs. Nowadays Deskpc is quite "regular" thing, but this is full custom build and I think that someone could be interested about this one. Custom loop stuff: EK-FB ASUS Z270/Z370 Strix RGB Monoblock - Nickel EK-FB ASUS Z270/Z370 Strix RGB Monoblock - Nickel – EK Webshop MSI GTX-1080-Ti-SEA-HAWK-EK-X GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SEA HAWK EK X | Graphics card - The world leader in display performance | MSI Global EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM - Plexi (incl. sleeved pump) EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM - Plexi (incl. sleeved pump) – EK Webshop EK-HDC Fitting 16mm - Nickel (6-pack) EK-HDC Fitting 16mm - Nickel (6-pack) – EK Webshop EK-HD PETG Tube 12/16mm 500mm (2pcs) EK-HD PETG Tube 12/16mm 500mm (2pcs) – EK Webshop EK-CryoFuel Blood Red EK-CryoFuel Blood Red Premix 900 mL – EK Webshop 6kpl ML120 PRO 120mm PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan ML120 PRO 120mm PWM Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan 2kpl Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper X-Flow 360mm Radiator Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper X-Flow 360mm Radiator Here are some pictures First planning and modelling After planning and modelling there it is just, drill, cut, grind, weld and few other things what to do.. Raf cutting with jigsaw. and grinding.. Cutting space for knees with angle grinder And welding parts together. (I'm not a professional welder ) Test fitting with old stuff.. Paintings white and black. I planning to paint inside with pearl white, but it is regular glossy white. testing with some new stuff.. Custom EK-XRES 800 Revo D5 (Pipe is 800mm long) and threads are made with the lathe. Not sure about that light inside, this was only tested, there is much more to do if I plan to keep it inside.