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Salv8 (sam)

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    Australia... *plays Down Under by Men At Work*
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    Tech (of course, ancient or new, still like it), Animation (can't draw, need to learn), Games (looking for games that suck you in, no skyrim, didn't like it), anything stupid...
  • Biography
    my name is sam... thats it... why are you so nosy!!!!
  • Occupation
    Being the only non-asshole in my family, it's a full time job that pays me nothing but i get a hat..


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5-6800K @ 3.6GHz (non-overclocked, not doing that)
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prive Z370-P
  • RAM
    GEIL Pristine Series DDR4 8GB x1 (need more for video editing)
  • GPU
    Galax Geforce GTX 1070 Katana
  • Case
    silverstone granda GD09
  • Storage
    1x Samsung MVMe 960 EVO M.2, Seagate 3TB Baracuda SATA HDD
  • PSU
    Silverstone Strider 750W Gold PSU
  • Display(s)
    LG Ultrawide 2560x1080, Dell 1707FP
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Gemim II M4
  • Keyboard
    Couger 450K (software is useless, don't get it!!!)
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 RGB
  • Sound
    On-board Sound (with +10 year old dell speakers, sounds great even with the age and build quality)
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Salv8 (sam)

    Off topic chit chat

    windows93.net thats where i downloaded it!
  2. just pour some water on it! you won't short circlet anything!
  3. Salv8 (sam)

    This is what happens when Linus is on vacation.

    james: dude did you try that new weed linus got? luke: yea man, it's so trippy maaaaannnnnn! james: yea maannn! linus: HEY! the weed is for my health! don't smoke it otherwise i'm firing colton again! colton: OH COME ON! HOWS THAT STILL A JOKE?!?!?!?!
  4. Salv8 (sam)

    Ubuntu server says I have 4gb of space??

    fdisk can really fuck up the partition table, if you have backed everything up, i would recommend formatting the drives (partition table included) so that a new install of ubuntu can understand your drive's partition layout.
  5. i like the new one, i hope they keep the old one for those who want to continue using it
  6. dude the second 4chan gets wind of this they will go ape shit, the really don't like being censored... Optus and others have no idea what they have done....
  7. Salv8 (sam)

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    when you don't have 10GiB internet... but then you hear your ISP can provide a 10GiB connection to their servers and a 5.5GiB connection to the rest of the internet...
  8. accessing these certificates is a BIG problem, most programs use them to encrypt files and data on the system, it also uses them to encrypt data sent to servers and other systems. such as authentication and/or logon credentials and other sensitive data... the reason they are accessible by other programs is because some enterprise's use a custom certificates for their networks, without it the client's requests get ignored and if done repeatedly, causes the network protection software (if they have one which most do) to block the client entirely from the network for security reasons since the program doesn't know the encryption that it needs to understand the network correctly. granted valve should be encrypting the localhost.vdf file due to it containing "sensitive data" (i put it in quotes since some don't think it goes in the category of sensitive data) but the fact that it's already taken it before even asking if you wanted to link the account is unacceptable since it's still feeding someone before asking if they are hungry. the hardware servery thing can take a pass, most programs (chrome, firefox, vlc etc.) do this so the devs can understand the platform their products are running on, allowing them to better optimize the product for more common configurations. this is done automatically without user request, valve asks since it can be wrong (e.g running steam in wine on Linux gives incorrect results on the hardware) and that can give incorrect info to the devs (both for valve and companys developing games on steam) about what they need to do.
  9. Salv8 (sam)

    Nvidia Buys Mellanox [Updated]

  10. Salv8 (sam)

    Nvidia Buys Mellanox [Updated]

    ah i get ya now... anyways both of our solutions work to solve the same problem, how the industry proceeds is up to them. i wanna see how this goes.
  11. Salv8 (sam)

    Nvidia Buys Mellanox [Updated]

    i suggest arm since some server software already and OS's already exist for the architecture. due to it's low power and software support it could be an excellent option for CPU operations, RISC could also work as well although some existing software may need to be ported. from what i have read a fabric controller may not be applicable since all i can find on it is Microsoft's implementation of it in azure, it could work but it would again require custom software that doesn't exist as far as i know; that can interface with these custom devices. with my idea, existing solutions will work the same way, only the render node hardware would be changed and the software would be modified to work with the new hardware and architecture. ya see where i'm getting at?
  12. Salv8 (sam)

    Nvidia Buys Mellanox [Updated]

    actually this would be an excellent move for the server space, imagine a server with just GPU's, a simple arm CPU, and high speed low latency networking render farms with this would be more efficient and faster since the workload is mostly GPU bound and don't require much CPU power and the data that needs to be processed can be sent directly to the GPU's VRAM and/or cache without requiring the CPU or any other device to get involved in the process, allowing fast transmission of data that needs to be processed quickly. this would be a great move for nvida to acquire and use this tech to improve server render farm technologies
  13. hmm, i must of missed that... oh well! the more you know, thanks!