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  1. dev1234567890

    LTX 2019 Ticket Sales Start TOMORROW!

  2. dev1234567890

    LTX 2019 Ticket Sales Start TOMORROW!

    Yep, It said 20 when I added to cart. I had to hit the buy ticket button about 20 times before it would go through to the select shirt and hoodie size and then the payment info, but I also got a VIP ticket! Canada here I come.
  3. dev1234567890

    Ticket info up on ltxexpo.com

    Hi Team, Just saw the ticket info come up on ltxexpo and had a quick question. Does the VIP ticket also get you a 2 day pass and the dreamhack BYOC access or are the tickets all seperate and you buy each item seperately? In saying that will there be a bundle price. For instance I will be wanting to get a VIP, Office tour and dreamhack BYOC 2 day pass. Can tha tbe combined into a 1 price pack or just get them all seperately? Thanks, looking forward to another trip. Antony
  4. dev1234567890

    Any Aussie Going ?

    I'll be coming again with the wife and kids, we hired a car for a week last year and just went off driving all over BC and still didn't get to see everything we wanted. Will be doing another week this year after the event. Highly recommended.
  5. dev1234567890

    What was there to do at LTX 2018?

    I'm going to take mine apart and just chuck the case in a padded hardcase suitcase. all the internals with me in carry on. Case isn't too heavy on its own and can get filled with clothes etc as well. Should be fine coming from Australia
  6. dev1234567890

    What rig will you bring to the LAN party?

    Its a bit early to say, might have an upgrade by then, but i'd bring my 8700k and 1080ti in my corsair 750D case. Would probably pull it down and take the components on board with me and chuck the case in the check in.
  7. dev1234567890

    M.2 screws stripped can’t remove heatsink

    Which part is stripped, the head or the thread? Either way get a reverse drill bit and gently use it with a power drill. It will slightly drill into the head and then bite and because it is reversed it will unscrew it. These are very handy to have and work 100% of the time. Just get a few different sizes.
  8. dev1234567890

    Which RTX 2080 ti to purchase?

    Sounds like a no brainer, evga it is. Thanks everyone.
  9. dev1234567890

    Which RTX 2080 ti to purchase?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at upgrading the ROG strix 1080ti in my current system to a 2080ti. I know there is a lot of talk on the cooling and failure rates atm so i;m trying to avoid that and get a card that isn't having any problems at the moment. I would also like it to be suitable for water cooling as it will probably go down that path in the near future. As of right now Australia has gotten some stock of most cards so I should be able to get any of them. Is the ROG strix OC still the best card to get? Or does it not matter to much since I will be water cooling it soon? Thanks for any help!
  10. dev1234567890

    Which RTX 2080 ti to purchase?

    Thanks for the help, Not sure if the FTW3 is out yet, website still has a notify me button. The aorus cards look good, would prefer the air cooled to start then add the water block, do they sell them separately? My current 1080ti is an evga and is great, so maybe an XC ultra will be fine. Hopefully the higher end cards are released soon, would like to get the card before xmas. Anyone have any eta's on the strix or ftw3?
  11. dev1234567890

    Tickets Not Available?

    I still went, just wife and kids didn't.
  12. dev1234567890

    Tickets Not Available?

    I have 3 general admission tickets available, family decided to go to waterpark instead. Anyone interested?
  13. dev1234567890

    LTX Around the World

    I've made it to Richmond. Currently in the Old spaghetti factory having some lasagna. See everyone in 3 days!
  14. Hi Everybody, Building a new system, have a 5ghz 8700k on the way from silicon lottery, have a new Noctua NH-D15 air cooler and I also have an existing Corsair H100i V2 liquid cooler. Is there an obvious best choice for the overclocked 8700k? The leftover will go on the old system 6800k currently running at 4.2ghz.
  15. dev1234567890

    I need help to choice a new closed back headphone!

    Have a look at the Audio Technica ATH-A990z US$219.00
  16. dev1234567890

    Apple Launches "Give Back" trade-in program

    I just did this for my wife's Iphone 7 in AUS. Got $440 gift card which went straight to the cost of a new iPhone X. Makes it cheaper than upgrading through our carriers, plus no contract.
  17. dev1234567890

    LTX Around the World

    Nice, going though melbourne?
  18. dev1234567890

    FLAC? 320kbps MP3? Where do you HiRes music source?

    I used to buy a lot of stuff from from HDtracks.com Might not be worth the cost though if its only going on an mp3 player through standard headphones. Ant
  19. dev1234567890

    Asus 4k Monitor Luke mentions in WAN show?

    Anyone know the model number, and if its out yet, of the Asus 4k Monitor Luke wants to get? He mentioned it in the WAN show earlier this year, not sure which one, can't find it again. Linus also mentioned it was coming soon (wink wink nod nod). Thanks for any help Cheers Ant
  20. dev1234567890

    Asus 4k Monitor Luke mentions in WAN show?

    Yes, I agree. Maybe Linus can get an early one for review.
  21. dev1234567890

    Asus 4k Monitor Luke mentions in WAN show?

    That looks like the one, thanks legacy99
  22. dev1234567890

    Whos going to be a VIP at LTX?

    I'd like a ticket if anyone cancels. Coming from Australia so won't get another chance.
  23. dev1234567890

    LTX Around the World

    I'm coming from Sydney Australia, Taking the kids to Disneyland on the way and coming home via Tahiti. Should be a good trip!
  24. Gday everyone, First post on the forum so sorry if I'm not following all the rules. I currently have a MSI GTX 1080 Sea Hawk X which comes with corsair liquid cooling and I would like to upgrade to a 1080ti however the price of a 1080ti Sea Hawk is expensive and I could save a few hundred dollars if i could take the liquid cooling off the 1080 card and put it on the 1080ti. I know I will probably need to purchase a gpu block to suit the new card but is that all and can it be done? Thanks for any help!
  25. dev1234567890

    GTX 1080 Sea Hawk X upgrade to 1080 ti

    I can get the EVGA hybrid version 1080ti for $1499 AUD or the Gigabyte version for $1449 AUD. The standard 1080ti is in stock here for $1199 which would mean I could save about $250 if I could swap the cooling over. I could also just sell the 1080 Sea Hawk X if its so valuable atm. What are secondhand cards going for?