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  1. AngryOcelot17

    GTX 970 + Vega 56 in One System

    So I have a GTX 970 in my system right now but I also have a Vega 56 that I recently got. I had the Vega 56 in my system for a little while but switched back to the 970 because of weird driver related bugs and the fact that recording with ReLive is a nightmare....but I miss all that VRAM and performance. What I'm wondering is, can I have both cards in the system but use the Vega as primary rendering and utilize the 970 for ShadowPlay? I have a Corsair CX650M PSU, R5 2600 at 4ghz and mobo is MSI B450-A PRO.
  2. AngryOcelot17

    Work Audio Solution

    oh wow, those are extremely similar to some headphones I stole from my sister when I was a kid...I remember them being really nice and comfortable, will definitely have to check them out
  3. AngryOcelot17

    Work Audio Solution

    I just recently acquired a new job as a janitor, cleaning the floors of a nursing home. It's a long and boring job so I've been wearing cheap $1 earbuds listening to music, but not only are they just terrible earbuds, I need to keep one out at all times so I can hear the world around me. I've done a bit of research myself but can't seem to find a better solution, such as open backed earbuds (if those even exist). I have been recommended bone conduction headphones but the ones within my budget on amazon just don't seem good. Can anyone help me out? It doesn't need to have anything special, wireless would be nice, and it needs to be sweat/water resistant, and $50 max budget.
  4. AngryOcelot17

    BIOS/USB Issues

    My specs - R6 2600 - ASRock B450 Pro4 - GTX 980 Ti - 16gb Geil 2400mhz - 120gb OS SSD - 2tb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm - 650w Rosewill Hive 650S So my issue is...just randomly out of the blue today, Windows started chirping the "new USB media inserted" over and over and over and over again, non-stop, surviving restarts. After it began, the first restart gave me a much longer than usual boot splash screen (where it says ASROCK). After a couple more restarts I went into the BIOS to just reset all to default to see if that would fix it, upon entering the BIOS I was greeted with extreme lag, only updating the screen every few seconds. Resetting the BIOS changed nothing. I even removed the CMOS battery and left everything unplugged for about an hour but that also did nothing. A few hours later I was told to update the BIOS, doing that might fix the issue..it did not, there was no change. I have tried unplugging all USB devices but the issue persists. I've also tried unplugging my hard drives but the lag in the BIOS continued. Unplugging the front panel USB also did nothing. In the hidden icons tray of Windows on the task bar, it shows a USB symbol that states "USB device not recognized" that does not go away when all USB devices are unplugged. Clicking on this symbol gives a pop-up message "The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it" with a recommendation to reconnect the device. I hope that it isn't an issue that requires a replacement motherboard..but that hope is running out with every failed fix. While typing this all out, the issue shifted slightly, the USB symbol in the hidden icons tray disappeared, and the sound changed to also include the USB device disconnected sound.
  5. AngryOcelot17

    FX 6300 Low Performance

    I very much know that..unfortunately 3.5 vs 4.0ghz seems to have absolutely no effect on performance for me
  6. I feel like my FX 6300 has always performed worse than it should, but could never find a reason. Today while rendering a video I noticed that the power usage in CPUID HWMonitor was well under the advertised max power draw of the CPU, screenshot below. Is this normal or is there something wrong with my PC? FX 6300 at 4.0ghz on ASUS M5A97 R2.0 motherboard.