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  1. Razor Blade

    Is Android pay secure?

    I believe Android pay is the old app...way back when those features split from the Google Wallet app. It is now Google Pay. EDIT: Here is an article about it. https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/02/20/google-pay-branding-starting-replace-android-pay-app-web/
  2. Razor Blade

    Is Android pay secure?

    If you have an unauthorized charge with Google pay you need to contact Google...not your credit card company. https://support.google.com/pay/?p=contact-us_mktg If you use Google Pay, the app doesn't share your credit card with the merchant.
  3. Razor Blade

    FREE Game March 22nd

    Sure, signing up for a service is easy. Companies make sure it is as easy as possible. I mean finding content (music, games, movies, etc) now a days that isn't locked in via client or app is the challenge. Not just streaming content, I mean buying something legit. Maybe it is just that I grew up in a different era where buying something means you owned it and could pretty much do anything you wanted with it. DRM was pretty much always a thing but it was not nearly as invasive as it is today.
  4. Razor Blade

    FREE Game March 22nd

    what? It was just a joke calm down. I didn't spend exactly $50 every time I download a GOG game okay? Holy hell. I tolerate Steam enough only because I have bought games from them in the past. The last thing I want to do is to figure out a way to install and isolate yet another game client on my PC. No matter what the hear say is, never trust anyone that requires you to run a client on your PC for the sake of DRM. I have in the past completely agreed with your stance about DRM. However as time goes on, I've been much less into account based (permissive) content. It is a challenge for sure. Most people today don't care one bit about owning a piece of media. It just works on whatever platform they've invested in. It doesn't really click until they try to switch that they realize just how integrated they are into the chosen ecosystem.
  5. Razor Blade

    FreeNas Permissions

    Will your staff have physical access or be able to VPN into to your network? You can customize FreeNAS quite a bit. You could have users for everyone if you wanted to. As far as storing everything on one server you could do so with shares where they can dump off their content right on to the server.
  6. Razor Blade

    FREE Game March 22nd

    When GOG gives a game away, I end up buying a bunch of other games (the reason I spend $50). I freely spend my money when getting a free product though it isn't always required. GOG sells DRM free games while enticing people to visit their site and see what is on sale. Epic might be giving a game away but you have to download their client. As referenced above, their software comes with risk of quite a bit of spyware. Yes GOG has a client but it is not required and it is spyware free. I have no problem with people that download multiple clients. It just isn't for me. I like GOG's business model, I feel like I'm actually buying a game instead of buying the privilege to play a game.
  7. Razor Blade

    FREE Game March 22nd

    I have GOG and Steam already... The Steam client is asking enough as I do not want to install another game client. Not to mention the above...subject... @Imbellis brought up. I guess they need to pay for all those games they give away somehow. Though GOG also gives away games from time to time. It is nice that I get a free game, but typically I still end up spending upwards of $50 every time. Strange how that works
  8. hmmm... yeah I seriously doubt most people will pay attention if they are allowed to hand off driving to the computer. Just a personal opinion... I don't understand the fascination with drivers passing off control... I once drove a rental car with adaptive cruise control and some sort of lane assistance steering control... I couldn't turn that crap off fast enough.
  9. Razor Blade

    Need smart home help

    Just pickup any Alexa compatible wifi smart plug or switch or Zwave hub and plug or switch then set it up according to the manufacturer instructions. If you require a wall switch to be wired in, you may have to hire an electrician to wire it in for you. Typically it is as easy as adding a skill to your echo or granting permission to your Amazon account to be able to control your device with your echo.
  10. Razor Blade

    do germans really love their optical drives?

    I still use optical media. Yes it is obsolete tech. However it still has it's use. Particularly when transferring files onto other machines (particularly cleanup care packages for someone else's computer) I use a USB optical drive. I would never want a flash drive back after connecting it to some of these machines I see... Also useful if you give someone (particularly older individuals) photos you took of an event. As for 5.25" bay slots... I like hot swap HDD bays so you'd be hard pressed to convince me they're not useful still...though I do agree that large optical disk readers that go in 5.25" slots are unnecessary since you can get a USB disk reader you can just toss in the drawer when you don't need it.
  11. If you're wanting to move to something like a ZFS file system, then go with FreeNAS. If you want a flexible hybrid RAID, might want to try Unraid. FreeNAS is not complicated...just run the wizard and you're all set. If you want to run centOS in a docker container or some Linux distro in a VM for the web development, FreeNAS can do that too. Never used Unraid so I can't constructively comment on it.
  12. Razor Blade


    This is a direct download link for Malwarebytes that also includes instructions to install it. https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ I have no idea why one would purposely download a known infected file for any reason unless your intention was indeed infecting your computer. The amount of time and effort to clean your PC and fix broken software may very well exceed the time spent just reinstalling everything.
  13. Razor Blade

    Running a pc 24/7

    running the PC 24/7 will consume more electricity and will tend to collect dust faster (since the fans run all the time). It isn't like it will blow up or something...Just that you will be paying for electric to run electronic components at idle state instead of low power sleep or off state. I would venture a guess more like 1-2KWh (assuming idle is 50-100W) increase per day. So multiply that by the price of your electricity and you should have a rough idea of what it might cost per day.
  14. Razor Blade

    POLL Do cuddlefish like to cuddle?

    I'm only here to see if you were referring to Subnautica's cuddlefish... (https://subnautica.fandom.com/wiki/Cuddlefish)
  15. Razor Blade

    My network experiment

    There can be a lot of factors... Just having a 10Gb direct client to client network connection doesn't mean you'll be able to saturate it. Depending where your bottleneck is, you might be able to tweak some things to speed it up. For consumer SATA spinning drives in something like a RAID 5, 200-250MB/s transfer speed is probably about all you'll get.
  16. Razor Blade

    ESXi trial ending

    I use the free ESXi license. Just go here... https://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere-hypervisor.html If you don't already have a free account, make one. Log in and download "VMware vSphere Hypervisor 6.7 - Binaries". You will get a 25 character license key (found under your account "license information") which is good for the very basic features. If you do reinstall ESXi you can have fun with the full feature product for the 30 days then put in your key to remove the count down as well as all premium features.
  17. ESXi makes PCI passthrough unbelievably easy. If the OP is going to run ESXi, they'll need something like FreeNAS since VMware didn't really put any sort of "real" storage management in ESXi. Getting NIC cards is pretty easy also. You can get Intel Pro/1000 VT cards from eBay for a song now (around $10 USD) and they support VT-C
  18. Razor Blade

    2x Dell R510, What to do with them?

    Under "Network" then "Global Configuration", make sure you set "IPv4 Default Gateway" as well as "Nameserver 1:" as your router's IP address. If you're using a static IP on your FreeNAS and want to access it using it's name instead of IP, you'll have to add it to your hosts file or to your router's DNS (how will probably vary depending on router type, model, etc.)
  19. Unless you're going to run a bunch of additional packages, PFsense needs very little in the way of CPU or RAM. I ran PFsense on a R410 single 4 core CPU with 4GB of RAM and it was complete overkill. I stuck it in a VM with 2 v cores and 4GB of RAM last June and it has been running fine. Save about 65W of power to boot! It also greatly simplified the way I can route things for my VMs since the physical layer is handled through the hypervisor (you can still pass through network cards or hook physical ports to a v-switch in the hypervisor to have physical ports). Another upside with it in a VM is you can start off small (1 core and 2GB of RAM) then you can always increase the resources if you need to. can't really do that sort of thing with a bare metal install. One downside to having PFsense in a VM is when that host is down for any reason, so is your network. So make the box you virtualize it on as reliable as possible.
  20. Razor Blade

    2x Dell R510, What to do with them?

    Man I wish that stuff existed around here...the majority of businesses and such I've been able to contact lease their equipment or it is really really old equipment...I do look occasionally still but the only thing I've found locally lately was a guy on craigslist selling a couple IBM X3650 7979 servers for $350 each...its a 13 year old server with Harpertown Xeons
  21. Razor Blade

    2x Dell R510, What to do with them?

    The X5670 and X5675 are wonderful CPUs The only concern I would have about putting higher TDP in the 12 bay is CPU2 might get a bit warm if you load the server up with SAS drives and still want to fold with it. Probably would be fine but just the way those R510s are designed, CPU2 and it's RAM get cooled last. It is still a pretty good system, Originally I wish I bought a R510 instead of the R710 when first starting out. Not only do you get more HDD spots with the 8 or 12 bay but I like the PSU design better and if you get a rail kit, face plate, and/or cable management system for an R510 I believe those items also fit the R720 and R730 chassis as well so you wouldn't even have to re-buy those things if you upgrade to one of those models in the future. What really sucks is trying to find the heat sinks at a reasonable price...IMO having to paying more for the heat sink than the CPU you're cooling is insane... Especially a proprietary heat sink for an aging system (it isn't like they're collectable lol). Most times I've seen R510 heat sinks on ebay for about $25 each but several have best offer so I would suggest taking advantage of that.
  22. Razor Blade

    2x Dell R510, What to do with them?

    So one is a 12 bay and the other is an 8 bay? Just FYI that 12 bay is going to eat some power (also may be louder) as it has those double fan modules. If you want my honest opinion, maybe check the L5640's for the 12 bay. You can get a pair for around $20 US. It gives you 6 cores (each) and are only 60W TDP CPUs which will help keep heat in check and in multi threaded tasks should (in theory) be on par with the X5672. You could use it as a killer NAS box as long as you're okay with the power consumption. Put FreeNAS or Unraid on it and call it a day. The 8 bay should do okay using it as a Boinc box, just pop a couple CPUs in there and let it go to town. The only problem I see with using either of these servers for Boinc is you're only going to be able to use CPU for any of those folding tasks...which to be honest...isn't going to yield amazing results for the power consumption. This is coming from someone who was literally heating a room with a dual CPU X58 system, 2 old GPUs, and folding@home. I had about 400W power draw for about 80k PPD...which is pretty terrible...but it was a heater made from spare parts so I didn't care.
  23. Razor Blade

    New server build... need advice on hardware

    If you get a server like that, make sure you pick up some drive trays to mount your drives also. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-2-Dell-3-5-SAS-SATA-Hard-Drive-Tray-DF238F-PowerEdge-R630-R730-R730XD/254121989725?hash=item3b2ad9d65d:g:FIYAAOSwqDha-22U https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-2-x-3-5-Tray-Caddy-For-Dell-R720-R710-R730-G302D-F238F-R510-KG1CH-ch09/143148204131?hash=item21544c4063:g:wDMAAOSwKk5cdEUf:sc:USPSFirstClass!45248!US!-1
  24. Razor Blade

    Pfsense: WTF is going on?!?!?!?!

    I've experienced a similar issue... I run PFsense in a VM and occasionally after an upgrade it will exhibit the same symptoms (except for working with PFsense dashboard open). Even restarting the VM it would work okay for about an hour then start acting up again...Restoring the VM to previous snapshot yielded the same result. The only thing I was able to do to seemingly correct it when the problems happened was going to the interfaces tab then released the lease on my modem (as in the WAN interface), waited about 60 seconds then renewed it. After that it works fine. I haven't been able to track down a root cause yet as it happens so very rarely... Also I wasn't sure if it had to do with running PFsense in ESXI or not. Hopefully you are able to find a resolution soon.
  25. Razor Blade

    Whelp, I'm not buying Arctic garbage again

    Does that mean it was bought on Amazon? I've had many times where "new" products came to me obviously used when bought on Amazon. Hell I had a SanDisk flash drive I bought that was not only opened but had "BAD" written in sharpie on the packaging! Amazon is always quick to resolve said issues though. I received a prepaid postage label and they offered to schedule pickup (which wasn't necessary). I have bought a few Arctic products and their quality is acceptable. The pictured item (as said above) was likely a product someone went full ape on trying to install it then returned it. It is just a theory...the world may never know what that poor cooler went through before it got to you.