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About ZacWarhan

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  • CPU
    i7 3960X - 3.6ghz / i7 3.39ghz
  • RAM
    64gb / 16gb
  • GPU
    1080ti / 1050ti
  • Storage
    1tb SSD, 2tb HDD / 1tb SSD, 4tb HDD
  • PSU
    Seasonic SSR-750FX / Unknown
  • Display(s)
    Triple GW2255 1080p 60hz
  • Keyboard
    Laser VOIP Keyboard from 2002/3
  • Mouse
    Razer Naga 2014 Edition
  • Sound
    Razer Man O War 7.1 Wired
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / High Sierra

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  1. ZacWarhan

    Mic Mute Noise

    They are referring to the sound discord makes. I do not hear the sound, just the people in my channel but thanks for the help
  2. ZacWarhan

    Mic Mute Noise

    That did not work unfortunately
  3. ZacWarhan

    Mic Mute Noise

    I am using a Razer Man'O'War on Windows 10. When I use the mute mic switch on the headset Discord sends a ding through my mic to the people on the other end. It is a windows sound. Does anyone else have this happen and/or know how to stop this?
  4. ZacWarhan

    Plex Options

    Is my current system better than one of those though just minus the raid?
  5. ZacWarhan

    Plex Options

    At most blu-ray on one stream or music on multiple
  6. ZacWarhan

    Plex Options

    Was looking at 2 bays and I probably will need transcoding
  7. ZacWarhan

    Plex Options

    Currently I am running my Plex server on a Hackintosh with a 1050ti and 4tb storage drive. I am considering switching to a NAS for my plex server as I do not use the Mac OS often enough and would be nice to have a smaller machine for the server (Hackintosh is a Dell Precision Tower). Considering I already have this machine, is the cost (and what is the cost) for a NAS of similar power worth the smaller size and ability to RAID?
  8. ZacWarhan

    Moving Countries

    I am looking at taking my gaming PC with me to the US from Australia and was wondering what the general impact on a system would be for the change in voltages between the two countries? My second question is what is the likely outcome for my system? I have a Seasonic SSR-750FX which I doubt I am using anywhere near capacity (but would curious on finding out) so I would assume in my case I would be fine? (full specs of my system are on profile if it is more than just PSU that needs to be taken into account)
  9. ZacWarhan

    Frame Drop

    I have a 1080ti in my machine with a i7 3980x and 64gb RAM. I am trying to play GTA IV on triple screen (1080p 60hz) I have the game settings on highest everything and Vsync off, I get around 190fps but it drops down to 30 when I move or look around. My CPU is sitting at 40% (I have 180 tabs open in chrome) Is there any reason why I am getting this drop without using more of my gpu? Am I just underestimating the demand of a triple monitor setup? That is a screenshot from me leaving my house after just starting the game
  10. ZacWarhan

    Racing Wheel and Extras

    Whelp when the Aussie price of the G29 is $500, apparently they like to mark it up here. Thanks for the responses though, will look into them. Might need to go second hand by the sounds of it though
  11. ZacWarhan

    Multiple Monitors Nvidia + Freesync

    In the video about using an AMD GPU to enable freesync on a Nvidia GPU (Nvidia couldn't stop this...), Linus only mentions the use of one monitor. Is it possible to use multiple monitors for this trick? Whether they are all off the AMD card or one is and the others are off the Nvidia (if that even works) Thanks
  12. ZacWarhan

    Racing Wheel and Extras

    I am looking at purchasing a racing wheel and pedals for my PC but am not sure on which way to go. I am a lazy driver (as in auto only) even when gaming so a shifter and clutch are not necessary but might be nice to try out (or if my brother has a go who prefers manual). For some background in preference, I drive a Ford Falcon which has what I would describe as a heavy steering wheel (someone can correct me if there is a term for this) which by that I mean the wheel takes more force to turn and it feels like the car is behind the wheel. Unlike my father's Kia Sorrento which has very light steering and wobbles a lot in your hands. This isn't exactly sensitivity as you can still turn the wheel the same amount for the same turning circle but it's the force required. So I am looking for a wheel with heavier steering or if possible, adjustable force required. Does anyone have any suggestions for this sort of thing? My budget is $200 but that's not strict so some higher end options (if that is what I need for my requirements then I'll pay more) Thanks
  13. ZacWarhan

    Aster and SAS

    I just rewatched an old Tech Quickie about SAS being better than SATA as it allowed for the speed for multiple users in both directions so thought it might be improved but makes sense PCIE would supersede this anyway
  14. ZacWarhan

    Aster and SAS

    Would SAS drives be better off for use in a system using ASTER Multiseat as opposed to normal SATA drives? And if so by how much or how many users at once for it to be beneficial?
  15. ZacWarhan

    Plex Security

    When would I want to allow insecure connections? (What does this allow that secure doesn't) and why should I use secure connections? (What can someone do if it isn't) Thanks