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  1. Why 1500 PSU? That's just a waste of money. Get something like 700-900w. Also i would get a i5 8600k, as it's cheaper.
  2. I literally just spilled my drink because of that while laughing. Youtube, pls fix
  3. The game isnt supposed to be realistic, it's only for fun. The game is just 1,5 months old, what are you expecting? Instead of supporting the game's development, you're just saying it's bad.
  4. I have a homework and that is i need to write a tale or fable. Any ideas?
  5. I gave it a try, played for 110 minutes.... then refunded it due to it being boring and unoptimized as hell. thanks for the reccomendations people
  6. I think it is a problem about the controller.
  7. Hi. I just bought Need For Speed: The Run for PS3 but i'm stuck at the press start buton screen.I tried everything. Can someone help? Edit: It isnt jailbreaked.
  8. Should i buy PUBG? Rewiews are %54, and that makes me wonder; is the game actually good? And is it worth the money?
  9. Just try searching "proxy site" on google. You can go to every site that you want anonymously.
  10. A 1.5L bottle of water for school, the prices are way too high there, so i decided to grab a big one to save money for PC parts.
  11. I was downloading Sniper Elite from Steam at 2,5MB/S. But for some reason, it dropped down to 1.1MB/S? I wasn't even doing anything on the computer. Can anyone please help? (it is always 1.1mbps)