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  1. Yeah I updated nvidia drivers yesterday and it appears to be more stable. I did get a black screen momentarily after using the Graphics Engine App but it recovered shortly after.
  2. Yes, actually I did install (and uninstalled with DDU) various nvidia drivers to no avail. The thing seems to be linked to the Graphics Engine App, if I do not open it everything is fine but even if I do not use it, and use msi afterburner or evga precision xoc to monitor fps, temperatures etc... it also hangs the system, although less frequently, I think that it is something with this card that does not get along well with Overclocking and monitoring applications... let's see if future drivers and versions of the Graphics engine app take care of this issue. After two clean win10 installs I cannot identify any other source for this problems...
  3. i think your problem might be related to the use of both the gigabyte software and msi afterburner concurrently...you might want to pick one or the other and completely remove the other one.. This does not seem to be case, I have uninstalled MSI software and the problem persists... I think it has to do with the nvidia drivers having some kind of incompatibility with the Aorus App. Oddly enough if I do not run the Graphics Engine app (I have disabled the autoload on startup option) it runs pretty much fine, but if I open it to change any setting it will crash shortly after.
  4. Well not really, but to switch OC profiles and manage the LEDs on the card it is required (only for the leds). The thing is I used MSI afterburner as well and it also crashed a couple times although less than with the Aorus app... I will wait for the next nvidia drivers until I consider sending the card for repair/replacement...
  5. Hi folks, I recently upgraded my gaming rig with a GTX 1080ti from Aorus (Gigabyte), I previously had a EVGA 1080 SC and it was struggling with Project Cars 2 and Fallout VR, and since there is no estimate as to when the next generation will come out and the prices are still soaring, I bit the hook on a good offer. Since I upgraded I'm having a lot of trouble, including: Once you turn on the computer the monitor will not detect any input (using DP) unless I hit the reset (restart) button, and then it boots normally. It is a minor inconvenience but it is not supposed to be like that, and never was. If the Aorus companion app (Graphics engine) is running on windows startup, when I start steam VR or even open a Chrome browser window, a black screen ensues and the PC is hanged for a while. Sometimes it comes back and sometimes not. I'm using the latest nvidia drivers 390.77 (installed clean after using DDU in safemode) and even reinstalled windows from scratch, and tried various Windows10 insider preview's releases (currently bulid 17074). Always the same behavior. Any ideas? My rig never had an issue when I had the EVGA card, and I have isolated most problems to be related to the Graphics Engine App... Thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions. Matt.