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  1. I’ve been rendering 4K video and music for 20 minutes, and my CPU temp never broke 68F. I’m running the original Threadripper 1950X.
  2. So far, I haven't found an option in After Effects to render to an H.264 codec, I don't know the bit rate of the large avi files, but a 5 min 4K(4096X2160) clip turns out to about 125Gb, but I've since switched to an MOV output codec, and am getting ready to try it.
  3. Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it, and will check those out.
  4. I'm working on doing that, but with retaining the highest quality possible for H.264. Truth be told, I'm trying to learn After Effects on my own, and haven't bothered to watch any video tutorials.
  5. Thank you very much for the reply and suggestion, I appreciate it.
  6. I've tried both VLC, Media Pro S, and neither one will play large avi files(over 100Gb) from After Effects. Is there an app for PC that will? Thank you in advance.
  7. I'm using a Quadro P5000, so I just assumed it would be a good idea to use CUDA acceleration to speed things up, ( if it even works that way). Is it ok, or better to use the software only option? I'm running a Threadripper 1950X, so either way, I'm covered. Thank you in advance.
  8. Thank you for the reply.
  9. Thank you, I just got it, but still need to learn how to use it.
  10. When I'm rendering, my GPU is under 50-80% load, but my CPU is only around 35-50%.
  11. I mainly use Premiere Pro for editing and post production of drone footage, and am considering a second PC build. What are some of the best GPU's for my needs? I'm currently using a Quadro P5000, but I suspect I could spend my money more wisely in the future. All my work is in 4K, both 4096X2160, and 3840X2160. I love to use aggressive LUTs, and rather than a natural looking final product, I go for heavily processed looks.Thank you in advance. Here's a sample still shot of the kind of final product I tend to make;
  12. Thank you for the reply, After Effects maxes out my RAM, but I suspect it can make do with less, it just wants to use as much as you feed it. I actually have been rendering in one and working in the other, I just didn't know any better, so thank you for that.