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  1. its not pre built and i cant move one of the fans to the fans as an exhaust bcs there is isnt another space
  2. three fans at the front as intake one at the back as exhaust. I5 6500 (not overclocked), standard cpu cooler from intel, Zotac 1060 6gb. I cant find any site referring to the case
  3. So my cpu and gpu temps are high even when i play easy games to run like csgo. I thought that removing the side panel would be a good thing to do to improve temps. I just wanted to know if there will be any long term or short term effects on my pc components. I also have 4 fans but i cant move them anywhere to improve temps because there are no other places to move them and the airflow to the fans are trash since they are blocked by a glass window at the front. P.S i cant buy another case for a while and this one was a gift. Thank you for your guys help
  4. My Dad bought me this Power supply as a gift and it's from raidmax but it's new and it advertises Japanese capacitors. Can anyone tell me if it's good and how to test it if it's faulty. Also
  5. Does anybody know how to add subtitles in videos like TheRussianBadger and Sovietwomble. Pls help
  6. Its says the the i5-8400 has a base frequency of 2.8 ghz and it has turbo boosting. Is turbo boosting a thing i have to enable in settings or is it like overclocking the cpu
  7. so i accumulated more money and my friend recommended to change into an i5 7600. Should i or should use your suggestion with the i5 8400 or his. Honestly I'm not really good with cpu's and i still cant decide. Pls help
  8. should i use a i3-6100 with a zotac gtx 1050ti oc edition. is it a good fit and does anyone recommend it
  9. I was looking through my local store for a pc case and i found one. It looked like s coraair carbide spec-04 but the front was completely flat. I tried searching it online to learn more about it, but nothing came up. I dont know much but it supports micro atx and atx motherboards. I just want to know if its a fake
  10. if i did use a i5-8400, what gpu should use. What if i use the i5-8600k. SHould i use a 1060 or 1060ti
  11. if i were to replace my current cpu with an i5-8600k, would there be a bottleneck with the gpu. If there is should i upgrade later to a 1060. Also this build is my starting point. When i start making more money i was planning to upgrade parts such as the gpu and cpu and maybe add a cpu cooler. Would this be a good starting point and is it good enough to support better parts later on?
  12. I've already made a build but most people didn't really recommend building it. So i would like to know your suggestions for a gaming build. I based my first build on how well it can run any game that came out recently at a frame rate of 40-60 fps. My budget was 500-1500 USD including peripherals. Most games I'll play are R6, pubg, overwatch and CSGO. And of course the most important thing about the build is that it will be able to run Crysis.
  13. I'm a Logitech fanboy so i wanted to know whats the best valued Logitech peripherals out there. I was planning on getting a G300s for my mouse and the logitech g810 ofr my keyboard or the G710+. for headphones i don't mind as long as it's logitech.