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  1. Combat_Killer

    Help:graphics card fans are going off and on

    I had exact same issue... Mine was because of drivers. Since you did a clean install, have you updated all your GPU drivers? Once i updated all my NVidia drivers, still had same prob, it wasnt until i updated M.Soft Win then my GPU went back to normal. Just make sure that your OS & NVidia drivers are all up to date. Cheers,
  2. Combat_Killer

    Why LinusTechTips is Wrong

    Hi All, I just came across this vid on youtube, is Linus aware of this? I sat there watching the whole thing and they never explained why Linus was wrong, other than the fact that "Linus, shouldnt complain about the price after he bought it". So what was the point of these guys releasing this video? Please someone explain it to me, i feel like im missing something here. Cheers,
  3. Combat_Killer

    Looking for help to start a law suit.

    Hello All, Im asking for help in redirecting me to a company or law firm that looks into online bullshit practices done by companies. I live in Australia so i dont know if i can do anything as most if not all companies are subsided in the USA. Australia i dont think has anything that i know of that i can report ONLINE business and companies bad practices too. Here is the issue... Im seeing this as a scam as the same as the loot box scenario in the gaming industry, and i have noticed that this malpractice that companies are started to do, is just getting worse, so i want to report it as i know its just going to get worse and worse in the near future. So whats happening? Well whats happening is that companies not all, but most are doing this FREE TRIAL, but they want all your details even your banking details in order to use their so pro-claimed FREE TRIAL, and its false, misleading and bullshit. Because i didnt want companies to get my real c/c, i ended up getting another c/c without having any money in the account. So i could at least give them my card details knowing that if they try any shady crap they cant touch my money. So once that so called FREE TRIAL period had ended and you didnt cancel your sub, they will bill you. Now, i just looked at checking out a VPN program to use, as i was searching this and that, most of all the websites i went to were saying FREE TRIAL - CLICK HERE, once i clicked on the link this happened, i couldnt use their product unless i paid 1yr worth upfront, despite them saying 30-FREE TRIAL. When i questioned their online support staff about where is this 30day FREE trial, they said no i misunderstood them and blah blah, anyhow here is the transcript... As you can point blank see that they are truly lying and playing around with words. As you can see just by doing a google search you see how they mislead ppl... Whats even worse is if you go to ALL of those sites where it says TOP 10 & what ever, they all say FREE TRIAL, as you can see here... So basically you can see 100% proof of evidence that they are lying in their advertising and getting away with it. Im using ExpressVPN in this example as 1 out of many other companies are also pulling this bullshit as well. Sure ExpressVPN can say, we dont tell others what to put on their websites, but im sure as shit they are paying $$$ to create this false and bullshit advertisements. So their should be an online law, like how things used to be when the internet and PC's were first built, FREE TRIAL meant FREE TRIAL, even if its 1 week or 2 week (14 day) or 1 month (30 day). But the law should be that IF your company wants to offer or have a TRIAL, it should be out lined clearly the A) Time period & B) Have Full access to their product & C) Not having them ask for personal info, especially banking details. If companies want to play these sneaky and bullshit tactics, then they ought to be fined and fined huge! And if these companies want to use the excuse "Oh we cant control what others say and do about our products on their sites", yeah! then why is the government spending loads and tonnes of $$$ on the serious hunting mission for torrenting sites? like PirateBay? They have no control on who and what their users upload! So if anyone can point me to law firm or someone that i can report this sneaky and bullshit tactics to an authority government agency i would be more and happy to report this to them. HOW CAN SHIT BE FREE IF THEY WANT MY PERSONAL DETAILS AND MONEY UPFRONT !!!!!!! please someone explain this logic to me.... Cheers, CK
  4. Combat_Killer

    Looking for help to start a law suit.

    @newcbomb @79wjd You guys are missing the point, look at the pic's, this is what it specifically says... Pic1. Test ExpressVPN's full arsenal for a whopping 30 days without spending anything. See for yourself what this service is about. Most Popular VPN of 2018. Pic2. Try it for free for 30 days. So i go to ExpressVPN website and their is absolutely nothing about a FREE 30 days trial. i have to PAY upfront, then cancel within 30days. So? The 2nd pic says JULY, so they just put it their advert. there just recently, and when a company puts an advert, they outline specifically what to put and say, even Linus has said this for his sponsors on what and how to say it. @danomicar Its not about the damages, its about reporting wrong and misleading information. Cheers.
  5. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me out with situation that i am having, if there is someone around here that can help me setup my pc & Virtual Box software. What im trying to do is simply this, my motherboard has 2 network cards built in, so i thought to myself instead of leaving one of my network cards just sit there and do nothing, i thought why not use the spare network plug do some work. So my idea is to have my pc which is the host use my "Killer Ethernet Adapter" whilst allowing my virtualbox use the "Intel Ethernet Adapter". I think i have it setup properly but there isnt anyway i can say for sure that its operating how i would like, so ill list the things that i have done so you can better understand and answer me properly! I have changed the settings to my VirtualBox Software to only use my Intel Adapter by, So now im guessing that my virtual machine will only be using my INTEL NETWORK ADAPTER, yeah? I ran a test by disabling the adapter from the host and i couldnt get the internet to work inside the virtual machine, when i enabled it again, i got internet. So this tells me that its actually using the right network adapter, which is what i want it to do. This is whats baffling me... I had my other network adapter disabled the "Killer Adapter" and could bring up FaceBook and YouTube, but no other website, just came up with a dead page. When i enabled the "Killer Adapter" i could view and surf the web as normal. But how can i know for sure that my pc which is the host is actually using the Killer Adapter and not the Intel one? Is there any way possible or a setting somewhere to ONLY enable my pc, the HOST to only use nothing but the Killer Adapter? If so, how would i check it? Cheers,
  6. Combat_Killer

    How to split a virtual & host network

    Yeah cool, It wasnt around til 2005'ish give or take a year or 2 was when my friend and I started dabbing into Linux, we first started off with Ubuntu, then a little of mint & manjaro. As those names sound familiar to me, and i think Citrix too, but i could be wrong. The reason why we stopped was because we were running into barriers, and my friend and i werent developers or coders, as we were learning, but only if we had someone that was knowledgable enough to teach and show us, perhaps we could of learnt it. But at that time there wasnt any REAL info, and trying to get software and hardware to work was a nightmare for us... For example. we were trying to get our optical drive to work, and after around a week or so we still couldnt get it to work, i just remember reading one guide after another, trying all the different methods etc... And still nothing. We knew back then my friend and i that Linux would take off and be awesome if someone would just make a linux OS like Ubuntu to be similar like windows it would take off, we were wanting to do that ourselves, but because my friend and i were very limited in what we can do. Meaning it was one thing reading and understanding code, but starting from scratch like creating code, thats another thing! But this course i have booked myself in, the teachers have told me that i would be dealing with Linux base software, so i was very curious on how far Linux had come wince last time my friend and i played with it. Before you say Linux and no one would ever know what your talking about, now i have started seeing website support for Linux, like gaming platforms, steam, nvidia etc... Going from trying to install everything manually for every single thing compared to seeing how companies have linux support on their websites, it might not ba as daunting now as it was last time. Plus also things have changed too hardware wise, like optical drives, who has optical drives now??? i mean i have a Blu-Ray player, slash DVD burner and i havent used for that long that when i put a disc in it the other day the thing was loud as fuck and grinding it ass off, lol!!! I have had my optical drive in my PC now for roughly 6yrs, give or take a few yrs, and i only ever used the thing a couple of times just to install my Win7 OS, and ripped a few movies from DVD to hard drive. So going from my friend and i spending weeks trying to install an optical driver for linux, to not even needing an optical drive, boy things have come a long way, i just watch a Linus vid the other day where now you boot off Linux on a thumb drive, A BLOODY FUCKING THUMB DRIVE !!! Without even touching the main OS, i was in total shock, let me tell ya. This was unheard of back in the day. But anyhow, you have given me a great start and after watchin that linus vid, i had downloaded PoP-OS, it was going to load it onto my virtual machine to have a look around, but im thinking perhaps ubuntu is the way to go to be perfectly honest, as it looks like a more industry standard, but i know more once i start my ccna course to see how and where linux is used. Cheers,
  7. Combat_Killer

    How to split a virtual & host network

    Geez thanks for the info, thanks for giving a head start!
  8. Combat_Killer

    How to split a virtual & host network

    @Windows7ge Yeah unfortunately with my modem the only thing i can really do is look at things and hit the reset button to reboot the modem and thats virtually it. About Linux i was actually considering of putting together a linux based OS on a little PC that i have laying around just so i can dibble and dabble with it, i played around with ubuntu like 10-15yrs ago and thats about it, never really gotten back into linux. But i am seriously now contemplating on getting off my lazy ass and learn linux, as linux has come a far way from what i can tell, dont get me wrong tho i like windows, but i feel like companies like microsoft and apple are so consumed by the $$$ in the market that they are now to the point where they are just bullies now. I have book myself in school to do the 4 or 5 yr cisco course, i used to install servers and local machines for small businesses, but due to my health condition i had to shut up shop. But i do miss the work tho, lol just thinking how geekish that sounds. So im kind of thinking of doing a server setup at home, but instead of running microsoft software ill run a nas with linux. At least this way i can keep myself on top of things like server side tech, which i really do love and miss. Which was half of the reason why i was tempting this little project of splitting the nic's, cause i was going to run linux through virtual box just to learn and get the gist of it. So i was going to run virtual box with linus OS and use my PC as like a local machine on the server, that way i could learn things with out having have to run between PC to PC. But i think the best way to go is just pull out this shitty old PC that i got put linux on it and do things that way as trying to run it from one PC would just be making it harder for me to diagnose if something were to go wrong. As far as changing DNS on local machine, yeah im doing that right now, as my ISP has blocked certain websites that i can not access, unless i change the DNS settings on the local machines. Thats another thing that really shits me with this shitty ISP modem, i can not create static IP and address to machines on the network, etc... I prefer to do things old school and do things manually cause i dont really like this automated stuff, cause when things go wrong its very hard to diagnose them. When you ask to get something fixed now in Windows 10 it doesnt tell you anything, whereas 2000NT and WinXP at least showed you what it was looking at and diagnosing and when you saw the system hang on that particular area you knew, ok i think thats where the problem is... Now windows 10 just says TROUBLESHOOTING and when its finished it just says cant fix, contact blah blah to take a look. Which is why im thinking of switching to linux, my problem is i gotta get off my ass and learn it, lol. Got on any suggestions on linux OS, for server side OS and local mach based OS? Cheers,
  9. Combat_Killer

    How to split a virtual & host network

    @Electronics Wizardy @Windows7ge Cheers guys! I didnt think of that pinging through CMD, but as far as going through the same switch, i could bust out a switch that i have laying around and create a different network config. But as far as the project goes, well the reason why im doing it, is more so for curiosity more or less, you know that IT Tech bug, just thinking if it could be done how would you. Cause at the end of the day im still using the PC resources in order to power the virtual machines, as im aware of that. My biggest problem that i truely have is my modem/router as it came from my ISP and its very limited on what i can do with it, if i had the $$$ i would go and buy my own personal one. The one i have now i cant change DNS settings, cant even boot/disconnect 1 device from it, this shows how limited it is and i hate being tied down with budgetized crap! But thanks again for both of you guys help Cheers, PS. If i can get it to work ill update this post, just incase someone else might come along in the future and wants to attempt the same thing
  10. Hello to one and all, I have recently changed from Intel to AMD and couldnt be happier to be perfectly honest, but since its my first AMD like for ever im kind of a noob when dealing with AMD and setups. To keep this post brief ill do my best to try and keep it short and simple, but im having a hard time trying to understand certain things and im hoping someone around here could help me out. Again, i just want to make it perfectly clear this is my very first time dealing with AMD setups and parts. Hardware CPU: Ryzen 2700 RAM: G.Skill F4-3200C16D-16GTZB DUAL CHANNEL: 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz [TridentZ] 1.35V MOBO: Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming-5 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 960 Gaming 1 4gb Windforce PSU: Enermax 850w OS: [upgraded] Windows 10 Pro build 1809 I am having issues with my memory, im happy with my setup as is, so i dont really care if i cant get more speed, im just merely here for knowledge and learning purposes, to try and get a better understanding on whats my problem. Here is whats going, in BIOS i enable the XMP profile and in the window it says applied 3200, in the second option it says 2133, when windows loads and i look in task manager and CPU-Z it says 2133. So i disabled the XMP in BIOS and manually applied 2933, which is what the AMD CPU is rated at, but once i apply, the PC reboots then i get an error bluescreen, with 2 options, F8 Reboot and ENTER to start. None of which works, so i power off my machine from the power button, but then goes into this endless loop of just rebooting with a black screen and then i have to turn power off from the wall. So now i have to reset my BIOS, upon doing so then the MOBO error comes up stating that the BIOS has been reset please check your settings, then i get back into BIOS and system at this point is ok. So what i have currently now setup is a 2666 speed manually inputted on the memory and my PC runs fine, im happy with it no problems. What my system is running right now, Ryzen Master --> with the GAME MODE activated GPU OC [OC GURU II] --> GPU CLOCK (BASE/BOOST: 1376/1439 Mhz) <-> MEMORY CLOCK 7410 Mhz Ram --> 2666 Mhz With this setup the PC is doing exactly what i want from it and im really happy with the performance, but im here to try and find out why exactly i cannot go over 2666Mhz as i can go upto 3200Mhz. I thought at first it was a software issue, with the Ryzen Master, but i cant make it past POST or BIOS, which now leads me to hardware config or perhaps compatibility. So im just curious if anyone has had this issue, or does anyone have an explanation as to what is exactly happening. Cheers,
  11. Combat_Killer

    Is this hardware or software based issue?

    Ok i did it again and it didnt work i got the blue screen again, i think its software based issue, cause this time i wrote down the error info and this is what it said... File:\Windows\system32\winload.exe Error Code: 0xc0000225 Press ENTER to try again Press F8 for startup settings But its here when i press ENTER or F8 and nothing happens, then i have to switch it of from the PSU and reset the BIOS. BUT, this time when i reset the bios i didnt go into bios settings, windows loaded, as soon as everything loaded then i got the memory dump screen. I rebooted whilst this time pressing DELETE and then got the BIOS change setting screen, went in and defaulted everything back to the way i had it, just upped the RAM to 2666. Once windows loaded, everything worked but just couldnt LEFT+CLICK on my mouse, everything else about the worked, just not the left click. Dont know why this time the mouse malfunctioned and i know it was just a glitch as it was the logitech software once loaded disabled that function on me. So i think for now im happy with my pc and the way it runs atm, but i have a funny feeling that my problem is due not having the FULL version of M.Soft Win 10, as its a Win7 upgrade to 10. Im only coming to this conclusion as in the error message its pointing out a system32 error. Now its quit possible i could spend hours possibly days on getting my CPU and RAM tweaked upto OC specs, but as far as it goes the PC right now is running and operating as i like it to run, so im not going to waste more time, energy and effort on trying to boost the memory speed. So i want to thank you for trying to help me, muchly appreciated Cheers,
  12. Combat_Killer

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y700, need advice. M.2

    No. You can only put SATA drives in that particular laptop. FYI Depends on the particular mobo, will depend its M.2 locations. But if you have a look at this pic it shows you what generally it is, that you need to look out for.
  13. Oh i see, thanks for the further explaination, now i understand it now. Thank you!
  14. Hello to one all, I have a very complicated issue here with a old hard drive and i have never come across an issue like this before out of all the years of being a pc technition, so being here is kind of my last hope and really hoping that someone can help me or point me in the right direction. What happened. (The Story) The customer said that lightening hit the home and it fried the surge protector that the PC was plugged into. They then they had the PC looked at by another technition (not me) and apparently all they did was change the hard drive and everything else was ok. They then later found out that they had files on their old hard drive that they wanted to get off, so they gave it to me. So now im trying to get files off this complicated hard drive. The Hard drive specs. Seagate - Barracuda 7200.10 - 80gb S/N: 6QZ3HTX2 ST380815AS P/N: 9CY131-305 FIRMWARE: 3.AAD DATA CODE: 08103 SITE CODE: SU My troubleshooting steps (now it gets really weird) 1st attempt. My PC was in sleep mode, i hit the space bar to wake it up, then inserted the HD into the HD dock. As soon as it plugged in my PC's power went out, but the power light remained ON, but dead PC. So i had to hold the power button on and it turned off the power light. 2nd attempt. I then unplugged the HD, turned on PC and it booted into windows. Once my PC fully loaded into windows i plugged in the HD again. Bang same thing as before PC turned off, accept the power light stayed on. So i again held the power button in again to turn off PC, then once the PC was fully turned off i unplugged the HD. 3rd attempt. After the last attempt i decided to do a power cycle with my PC, i turned it on all loaded as normal, then i shutdown windows. Once my pc was completely off, i plugged in the HD again, but this time i thought loading the HD before turning the PC would be different, but it wasnt. The PC just wouldnt do anything, it was as if i had no PSU plugged in at all. So i then unplugged the HD from the HD dock, turned on my PC and it loaded into windows perfectly. 4th attempt. Being fearful from screwing up my main PC as this behaviour from an HD was un-normal to me, so i decided to pull out an old PC that i had laying around and use that to get into the HD. Once i got everything hooked up, i turned on the PC first without the HD, the PC turned on and i got into BIOS, so i turned it off and plugged in the HD and turned on the PC again. As before nothing, no power. So i turned of PC and unplugged its power, then unplugged the HD. Turned on PC again, but still nothing no power. Then i said to myself, "Hmm this is weird" 5th attempt. I found another PSU and hooked that up into the PC. Same result as in the 4th attempt. Booted fine into BIOS without HD in, then put HD in nothing, unplugged HD, still nothing no power. 6th attempt. Got a 3rd PSU and hooked it up to the PC. Same results as the 4th & 5th attempt. And again booted fine into BIOS without HD in, then put HD in nothing, unplugged HD, still nothing no power. My outcome So now im thinking wtf is going here, i cant of blown 3 PSU's by just simply plugging a HD. After thinking about it some more, i decided to unplug the HD & wipe the mobo settings by pulling out the on board battery, this done nothing still no power and boot. Then i thought to myself, well it works when i change power supplies, so maybe if i unplug the 24pin power connector and plug it back in see what happens. Then BANG the machine fired straight up and can now get into BIOS. So now im stumped, what & how does a HD effect the 24pin power connector on a mobo? Just to make sure that im correct, i put back the original PSU and it worked fine, booted into BIOS no probs. Then i replugged the HD again, then bang no power. I then unplugged the HD & the 24pin power connector, replugged the 24pin back in, turned on PC and booted into BIOS. TL:DR people - read from here down So this is where i am at atm, never ever i had a HD problem like this that effects the 24pin power connector on a mobo. If anyone has come across an issue like this before could you please shed some light on this matter for me and explain how does a HD effect a 24pin on the mobo. I have pulled off the PCB from the HD to inspect it and couldnt find any burn marks or black spots of that nature, by looking at it with the naked eye. I have emailed some HD companies, to see if i can replace the PCB on the HD, as i couldnt find any PCB on their sites that have the same firmware 3.AAD for ST380815AS type HD's. So IF i do change the PCB, if its even possible, would this fix this current issue, by not allowing machines to boot normally? Any kind of help at this point would be muchly appreciated, as i have never ever seen anything like this HD & mobo behaviour before. Thanks.
  15. Yeah but thats the bit that is fascinating to me, by plugging and unplugging the 24pin allows the the PC to reboot again. For example, i have seen devices with shorts that either blow the device itself, or the mobo, and very rare occasions a PSU. But i have never seen or come across an instant on all i have to do is reset a boot function just by simply plugging and unplugging a 24pin power connector, i just thought it seems a little odd, imo. @thegreengamers @Cyberspirit Yeah thats what i told the customer, that it could have a blown part or diode on the board somewhere and i dont have a thousand dollar microscope to check the circuitry, when its just as cheap to replace the PCB. The trouble i got is trying to find the exact same one, lols.
  16. Combat_Killer

    Would my laptop be faster with an M.2 instead of an SSHD?

    @SparkFox621 Well i would be questioning first, on WHY you dont have this type of hard drive already inside the laptop? I am only bringing this up cause when i looked at the specs of the laptop from the manufacturer and this is what it said.... Storage 128GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 1TB 5400rpm HDD 256GB SATA 3 M.2 SSD + 1TB FireCuda 5400rpm SSHD Here is the official ASUS link, AU though. Asus TUF Gaming FX504 Now, i live in Australia so these are Australian specs, dunno if they would be any different from your country, but apparently your laptop has 2 types of set ups and the retailers decide on which one, to buy and sell. I would be questioning the place you bought it from on why either the 128gb or the 256gb wasnt already in there? Sounds shonky to me, i have herd & seen companies doing shady things like this just to make extra $$$. What they do is pull out the faster HD's and sell people the items with the slower HD's so they can up sell their customers with faster HD's, when the machines have been manufactured that way in the first place, just sayin. Here are some Australian retailers selling your latop and if you look at the specs you will see that these retailers have chosen which hard drive setup to sell... Scorptech Computers Digitalstar JW.com.au
  17. Combat_Killer

    Display Technology FAQ / Mythbuster

    @Glenwing Just wanted to say "WELL DONE!" For taking the time and energy to put together an informative post about display's/monitor's.
  18. Windows Media Player Classic is no longer supported, just thought i would let you all know. WMPC-HC Link to source
  19. Combat_Killer

    Monitor blank but computer is powered on

    Sorry for late reply. It wouldnt surprize me that it could be that, i had just recently downloaded the latest driver and it blacked out my second monitor thats powered by a 630 GPU, i noticed that the NVidia software wasnt reconizing my gpu, so after about 10mins of troubleshooting i decided to contact NVidia support live chat. It turns out that the driver update is having issues and they told me to wait for the next update to come and dont use this latest drivers. So ya, as it turns out that i feel downloading their drivers is like gambling, when you download the latest driver its either going to work or its not. i have never ever needed to contact support from win2000 to win7, but since running win10 i have needed to contact NVidia about roughly 6-8 times just for random dum shit. I think NVidia doesnt truely care about quality anymore and because they are a massive corporation now they dont care for their customers, which is why i dont spend more then roughly 20mins troubleshooting things anymore i just contact them cause im sick and tired of the headaches.
  20. Combat_Killer

    Monitor blank but computer is powered on

    You have a 1070, so have you tried different ports on the card? Could be a faulty port or cable. But this sounds like perhaps the GeForce software is hanging when its trying to load, i would perhaps contact NVidia's live chat and get them to connect to your PC to fix it, thats what i do. The way i see it, why should you be spending your time and money on troubleshooting problems like this, they take enough money from already make them earn their $$$. I had a similar problem, but once they uninstalled Geforce and reinstalled it, it seemed to work after that.
  21. @Turismo98 Not saying that this could be 100% ur problem, but i have had this happen before, due to a malware attack. That is IF your system was running perfectly before you started uninstalling programs, or were you uninstalling software because things werent running right with your PC? Dont know what type of software that you were uninstalling, but if ur using crappy software, sometimes timebombs are intalled with them and when you go and uninstall there software, they turn around and mess with your settings. This exact same thing has happened to me on 3 different customers PC's. Now not that the answers really matter, but i would do a full system scan using malwarebytes, then a antivirus scan, then use CCleaner to clean up your registry files. If you have became a victim of a malware attack this will fix it. Or you might have to simply do what @Tabs said and reboot from a backup or restore point.
  22. Combat_Killer

    Creating New Compressed Folder Not There

    My best guess its because of office, i have found office to be one of the culprits on many windows occasion's. Anyhow i use 7-zip for the past 10+ years never had an issue and its actually easier and better then the normal winzip (if thats the software you're missing)
  23. G'Day LTT and others, I'm sure, I'm not the only one that feels this way, but I'm curious to know others opinions on this matter. I just feel that the big tech corporations like Apple, Facebook, Google, etc... are getting away with providing services to people, that are under false pretences to the end users. Basically in layman's terms I'm trying say is, selling/providing a product to an end user/customer claiming that the end user/customer has full control over their product, when in reality its up to the bigger corporations discretion's on how the end user/customer is allowed to use their products. So why is it that i feel, that the big tech companies have separate laws and regulations, to any other type of non tech companies? Examples of what i mean; 1. The Facebook Debacle. After watching that 1hr+ length video watching the leaders of the USA question Mark Zuckerberg, I felt in a way that I knew what the leaders were trying to say, but couldn't pick the right wording to ask the correct questions. Now Mark Zuckerberg knew that going into the court hearing, because the people that he was going to have to answer to, were too old to truly understand online technology, which is why he is getting away with it. But if there was someone in the higher courts that understood technology, i highly doubt that courts would of been so clueless and would of torn him to shreds. 2. The Apple Vs. LTT Debacle After watching Linus's vid and then watching other POV's from other IT Youtube Channels, not one of them touched on the main problem that i see with other big major tech companies today, not just Apple. Now im still amazed how governments are allowing Apple to get away with this none sense, so lets compare this example to a non-tech company. Lets say a car manufacturer sold you a car and you drove the car on a weekend get-away and suddenly there was a problem, now you are stranded so you pop up the hood and noticed the car over heated, so you managed to find water and fill it up and you managed just to get home. The next day you take it to a manufacturers dealership so you could get it fixed, the mechanic at the dealership notices that you opened up the radiator cap and you put water in it, so he relays this info to the cars head office and then they refuse to send the parts to fix the car, on the grounds that the owner touched his vehicle. So now your only option is to take it to self-employed mechanic, but the problem is he cannot fix it as the only way to fix it is to use genuine parts, but the car manufacture doesn't give parts to anyone only to their own dealerships. Now the customer cannot get his car repaired because of the policy of the manufacture, they will only repair things if the customer doesn't touch anything. So now what is the customer supposed to do? I wonder how long this car manufacturer would be able to operate in the same country if the government found out that the car manufacturer was selling cars, but had this policy that they can refuse repairs because the manufacturer had a policy that would allow them to refuse repairs, because the customer touched something. 3. My Google Pay Debacle I just activated a new bank card, from my bank. So i went down to the shops to buy some stuff, when i got to the check out my card wouldn't work, so i knew i could do "Tap & Go" from my banks app from my phone. Now try and imagine this, your standing at the register holding up the queue and your trying to setup this "Tap & Go" function on your mobile, cause your bank card wouldn't work, but Google Pay keeps friggin popping up, quite similar to bloat ware. At this time i was just hitting accept, accept, accept and figured ill do anything right now just to pay for my shopping and fix everything when i get home. I managed to somehow do something and got my "Tap & Pay" to work, paid for my shopping and went home. When I got home and received an email from Google, welcoming and thanking me for signing up and creating an account with Google Pay, i didn't want this feature so i read through the email trying to find a way on how to disable and get rid of my info, as i don't like having 3rd parties managing my private details. Funny enough, there was absolutely nothing in the email showing me or allowing me to deny this service, the email had a billion of other links to everything else but not one single link to steps showing me how to deny/deactivate this service. So i contacted Google through a live chat, i told the person to whom i was speaking to the problem and there answer was to uninstall or disable the app and that will get rid of my info. After that i was like hmm, this person has no idea how technology works. Any how I'm not going to deep into this as i have attached the full convo in a text file to this post if you would like to read the full session. But after reading this you will notice that i had more of an idea on how their stuff worked, then their Live Support Chat person, plus their so called Specialist that i spoke with. If you have managed to read all of those 3 examples that i have listed, then answer this question, What do they all have in common? Do you see it? If you guessed ownership, then you are correct. Some how these big corporations have found these loop holes to exploit, and because the leaders of today, aren't up to par on how technology exactly works, its the main reason how these tech companies are getting away with this bullshit. Like i mentioned before in example 2 about a car manufacturer using the same principals as what Apple uses, I don't understand how other non-tech companies aren't allowed to have these same policies that bigger tech companies have and still be in business. Not only that i remember way back as far as WinXP when you installed software most of the default settings were set to 0 and if you wanted the added features or functions the owner would have to select them, but now these days when you install software or an app, they default every features or functions to "ON" and expect the user to disable everything. Now the problem here is that the big corporation know that a NEW user isn't going to know where or how to disable all these functions unless they are willing to spend hours trying to workout where they have hidden these options in the settings area. Now from what i can tell, that the leaders in that FB debacle were trying to say to Mark Zuckerberg, why cant you by default disable all these functions and allow the user to enable the functions, instead of enabling all the functions by default and expecting the end user to disable them. But of course the leaders didn't understand how tech works therefore couldn't ask the right questions, hence the reason why Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook company will get away with it. I wonder how long governments would allow car manufactures, washing machine manufacturers, fridge manufacturers etc... stay in business if they all had the same bullshit going on like all these tech companies are getting away with? hmm, sorry we not going to sell you the parts needed, just because you touched it, ya right, wonder how long that would slide with the government. Sure come buy our a products, but you don't fully own them, cause if something goes wrong we are going to provide 0 service, just because you touched it! So what it is i am saying is that if i own a product, then its at my discretion on where i get it repaired, sure if i use an un-certified business or i use a certified business, answer is still the same, a company builds and supplies products to the consumers, then they must be able to supply repairable parts also or then the company isn't allowed to operate, its that simple. The reason for this post is to A) Find out if I'm the only one that sees this problem. and B) how do we fix this or should i say swing the turn table to the end users/customers side and let us decide on what we like to do with our own products. I would really like to hear what most of think or your opinions on this matter. As i just don't understand it, what makes these big tech corporations any different then another non-tech corporations and why they don't have to follow the same rules and regulations as the non tech corporations. Cheers, Me and Google Support.txt
  24. Love it!!! im gunna use that one day!!! Also i just downloaded this PDF, dunno if you have yet or not, i havent started reading it, but from what i glanced over it looks kind of interesting. privacy-business-resource-21-australian-businesses-and-the-eu-general-data-protection-regulation.pdf So its a start, its effective as of the 25th of May 2018
  25. @AncientNerd Well said, im glad that someone that has had a work history similar to me, so now i hope people can see the truths. (Off Topic) I remember working for a place where we sold genuine and non-genuine parts, but the product/item would come out of the same manufacture. Example; Our company would have starter motors in a white box, and inside the white box we would have different OEM stickers that came inside the box, so if the customer wanted that starter motor as a non-genuine part, we wouldnt put stickers on it. But if they requested for a genuine part, then we would put the OEM sticker on the item, if it was lets say Toyota we would put a Toyota OEM sticker on it. When i question head office about this, they said all the parts come out of the exact same place where all alternators are manufactured. Now the only difference between the two items was the price and warranty given. OEM offered 3 to 5 yrs warranty + $50 to $150 more then the non-genuine. Where as non-genuine offered 6 months to a 1 year warranty + the price of them were between $50 to $80 buy price. So you could buy a non-genuine for a max price of $80 Or, you could buy genuine for max price of $240 But they were both the exact same part, lolz And im sure, you would of seen similar things like this too!