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  1. Combat_Killer

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y700, need advice. M.2

    No. You can only put SATA drives in that particular laptop. FYI Depends on the particular mobo, will depend its M.2 locations. But if you have a look at this pic it shows you what generally it is, that you need to look out for.
  2. Oh i see, thanks for the further explaination, now i understand it now. Thank you!
  3. Yeah but thats the bit that is fascinating to me, by plugging and unplugging the 24pin allows the the PC to reboot again. For example, i have seen devices with shorts that either blow the device itself, or the mobo, and very rare occasions a PSU. But i have never seen or come across an instant on all i have to do is reset a boot function just by simply plugging and unplugging a 24pin power connector, i just thought it seems a little odd, imo. @thegreengamers @Cyberspirit Yeah thats what i told the customer, that it could have a blown part or diode on the board somewhere and i dont have a thousand dollar microscope to check the circuitry, when its just as cheap to replace the PCB. The trouble i got is trying to find the exact same one, lols.
  4. Combat_Killer

    Would my laptop be faster with an M.2 instead of an SSHD?

    @SparkFox621 Well i would be questioning first, on WHY you dont have this type of hard drive already inside the laptop? I am only bringing this up cause when i looked at the specs of the laptop from the manufacturer and this is what it said.... Storage 128GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 1TB 5400rpm HDD 256GB SATA 3 M.2 SSD + 1TB FireCuda 5400rpm SSHD Here is the official ASUS link, AU though. Asus TUF Gaming FX504 Now, i live in Australia so these are Australian specs, dunno if they would be any different from your country, but apparently your laptop has 2 types of set ups and the retailers decide on which one, to buy and sell. I would be questioning the place you bought it from on why either the 128gb or the 256gb wasnt already in there? Sounds shonky to me, i have herd & seen companies doing shady things like this just to make extra $$$. What they do is pull out the faster HD's and sell people the items with the slower HD's so they can up sell their customers with faster HD's, when the machines have been manufactured that way in the first place, just sayin. Here are some Australian retailers selling your latop and if you look at the specs you will see that these retailers have chosen which hard drive setup to sell... Scorptech Computers Digitalstar JW.com.au
  5. Hello to one all, I have a very complicated issue here with a old hard drive and i have never come across an issue like this before out of all the years of being a pc technition, so being here is kind of my last hope and really hoping that someone can help me or point me in the right direction. What happened. (The Story) The customer said that lightening hit the home and it fried the surge protector that the PC was plugged into. They then they had the PC looked at by another technition (not me) and apparently all they did was change the hard drive and everything else was ok. They then later found out that they had files on their old hard drive that they wanted to get off, so they gave it to me. So now im trying to get files off this complicated hard drive. The Hard drive specs. Seagate - Barracuda 7200.10 - 80gb S/N: 6QZ3HTX2 ST380815AS P/N: 9CY131-305 FIRMWARE: 3.AAD DATA CODE: 08103 SITE CODE: SU My troubleshooting steps (now it gets really weird) 1st attempt. My PC was in sleep mode, i hit the space bar to wake it up, then inserted the HD into the HD dock. As soon as it plugged in my PC's power went out, but the power light remained ON, but dead PC. So i had to hold the power button on and it turned off the power light. 2nd attempt. I then unplugged the HD, turned on PC and it booted into windows. Once my PC fully loaded into windows i plugged in the HD again. Bang same thing as before PC turned off, accept the power light stayed on. So i again held the power button in again to turn off PC, then once the PC was fully turned off i unplugged the HD. 3rd attempt. After the last attempt i decided to do a power cycle with my PC, i turned it on all loaded as normal, then i shutdown windows. Once my pc was completely off, i plugged in the HD again, but this time i thought loading the HD before turning the PC would be different, but it wasnt. The PC just wouldnt do anything, it was as if i had no PSU plugged in at all. So i then unplugged the HD from the HD dock, turned on my PC and it loaded into windows perfectly. 4th attempt. Being fearful from screwing up my main PC as this behaviour from an HD was un-normal to me, so i decided to pull out an old PC that i had laying around and use that to get into the HD. Once i got everything hooked up, i turned on the PC first without the HD, the PC turned on and i got into BIOS, so i turned it off and plugged in the HD and turned on the PC again. As before nothing, no power. So i turned of PC and unplugged its power, then unplugged the HD. Turned on PC again, but still nothing no power. Then i said to myself, "Hmm this is weird" 5th attempt. I found another PSU and hooked that up into the PC. Same result as in the 4th attempt. Booted fine into BIOS without HD in, then put HD in nothing, unplugged HD, still nothing no power. 6th attempt. Got a 3rd PSU and hooked it up to the PC. Same results as the 4th & 5th attempt. And again booted fine into BIOS without HD in, then put HD in nothing, unplugged HD, still nothing no power. My outcome So now im thinking wtf is going here, i cant of blown 3 PSU's by just simply plugging a HD. After thinking about it some more, i decided to unplug the HD & wipe the mobo settings by pulling out the on board battery, this done nothing still no power and boot. Then i thought to myself, well it works when i change power supplies, so maybe if i unplug the 24pin power connector and plug it back in see what happens. Then BANG the machine fired straight up and can now get into BIOS. So now im stumped, what & how does a HD effect the 24pin power connector on a mobo? Just to make sure that im correct, i put back the original PSU and it worked fine, booted into BIOS no probs. Then i replugged the HD again, then bang no power. I then unplugged the HD & the 24pin power connector, replugged the 24pin back in, turned on PC and booted into BIOS. TL:DR people - read from here down So this is where i am at atm, never ever i had a HD problem like this that effects the 24pin power connector on a mobo. If anyone has come across an issue like this before could you please shed some light on this matter for me and explain how does a HD effect a 24pin on the mobo. I have pulled off the PCB from the HD to inspect it and couldnt find any burn marks or black spots of that nature, by looking at it with the naked eye. I have emailed some HD companies, to see if i can replace the PCB on the HD, as i couldnt find any PCB on their sites that have the same firmware 3.AAD for ST380815AS type HD's. So IF i do change the PCB, if its even possible, would this fix this current issue, by not allowing machines to boot normally? Any kind of help at this point would be muchly appreciated, as i have never ever seen anything like this HD & mobo behaviour before. Thanks.
  6. Combat_Killer

    Display Technology FAQ / Mythbuster

    @Glenwing Just wanted to say "WELL DONE!" For taking the time and energy to put together an informative post about display's/monitor's.
  7. Windows Media Player Classic is no longer supported, just thought i would let you all know. WMPC-HC Link to source
  8. Combat_Killer

    Monitor blank but computer is powered on

    Sorry for late reply. It wouldnt surprize me that it could be that, i had just recently downloaded the latest driver and it blacked out my second monitor thats powered by a 630 GPU, i noticed that the NVidia software wasnt reconizing my gpu, so after about 10mins of troubleshooting i decided to contact NVidia support live chat. It turns out that the driver update is having issues and they told me to wait for the next update to come and dont use this latest drivers. So ya, as it turns out that i feel downloading their drivers is like gambling, when you download the latest driver its either going to work or its not. i have never ever needed to contact support from win2000 to win7, but since running win10 i have needed to contact NVidia about roughly 6-8 times just for random dum shit. I think NVidia doesnt truely care about quality anymore and because they are a massive corporation now they dont care for their customers, which is why i dont spend more then roughly 20mins troubleshooting things anymore i just contact them cause im sick and tired of the headaches.
  9. Combat_Killer

    Monitor blank but computer is powered on

    You have a 1070, so have you tried different ports on the card? Could be a faulty port or cable. But this sounds like perhaps the GeForce software is hanging when its trying to load, i would perhaps contact NVidia's live chat and get them to connect to your PC to fix it, thats what i do. The way i see it, why should you be spending your time and money on troubleshooting problems like this, they take enough money from already make them earn their $$$. I had a similar problem, but once they uninstalled Geforce and reinstalled it, it seemed to work after that.
  10. @Turismo98 Not saying that this could be 100% ur problem, but i have had this happen before, due to a malware attack. That is IF your system was running perfectly before you started uninstalling programs, or were you uninstalling software because things werent running right with your PC? Dont know what type of software that you were uninstalling, but if ur using crappy software, sometimes timebombs are intalled with them and when you go and uninstall there software, they turn around and mess with your settings. This exact same thing has happened to me on 3 different customers PC's. Now not that the answers really matter, but i would do a full system scan using malwarebytes, then a antivirus scan, then use CCleaner to clean up your registry files. If you have became a victim of a malware attack this will fix it. Or you might have to simply do what @Tabs said and reboot from a backup or restore point.
  11. Combat_Killer

    Creating New Compressed Folder Not There

    My best guess its because of office, i have found office to be one of the culprits on many windows occasion's. Anyhow i use 7-zip for the past 10+ years never had an issue and its actually easier and better then the normal winzip (if thats the software you're missing)
  12. Love it!!! im gunna use that one day!!! Also i just downloaded this PDF, dunno if you have yet or not, i havent started reading it, but from what i glanced over it looks kind of interesting. privacy-business-resource-21-australian-businesses-and-the-eu-general-data-protection-regulation.pdf So its a start, its effective as of the 25th of May 2018
  13. @AncientNerd Well said, im glad that someone that has had a work history similar to me, so now i hope people can see the truths. (Off Topic) I remember working for a place where we sold genuine and non-genuine parts, but the product/item would come out of the same manufacture. Example; Our company would have starter motors in a white box, and inside the white box we would have different OEM stickers that came inside the box, so if the customer wanted that starter motor as a non-genuine part, we wouldnt put stickers on it. But if they requested for a genuine part, then we would put the OEM sticker on the item, if it was lets say Toyota we would put a Toyota OEM sticker on it. When i question head office about this, they said all the parts come out of the exact same place where all alternators are manufactured. Now the only difference between the two items was the price and warranty given. OEM offered 3 to 5 yrs warranty + $50 to $150 more then the non-genuine. Where as non-genuine offered 6 months to a 1 year warranty + the price of them were between $50 to $80 buy price. So you could buy a non-genuine for a max price of $80 Or, you could buy genuine for max price of $240 But they were both the exact same part, lolz And im sure, you would of seen similar things like this too!
  14. Yeah but you are mentioning about warranty and guarantee. Im saying take that out of the picture. What im trying to mention is that, you have a product physically in your hand, whether its a tv, dvd, laptop, what the case and its broken for what ever reason. Now the law stipulates that a company offering or selling products must provide a warranty or guarantee if the product is faulty in any way as its intended of use. What voids this warranty and guarantee is if the owner of the product touches or modifies their product. This i get and agree with, plus its standard law basically anywhere around the globe. But, i cant see how if a person/owner/end user what ever you would like to call it, has purchased a physical product, ie Linues's case a IMac, that he can not physically get it fixed. Im no lawyer, but im pretty sure there is some type of law stating that IF a company provides a product to consumers that can not refuse to repair it, like Apple has. Sure he touched it, so its not covered under warranty or any guarantee's he has to pay full price for the repair job. But refusing repairs, i highly doubt they are allowed to do that. Yes. I agree. Im only speaking from what i experience and when i talk with people (Normally under the age of 25-30) they under this believe that the EULA and ToS is law, and always comment "Oh, its in there ToS, so they have not broken any law". Just because something is written in the EULA or ToS doesnt mean its law. For example, an online gaming company had in their ToS that if you downloaded and played the game you werent allowed to have a refund. Now Australia authorities sued them just over $3 million because Australian law states under the Australian Consumer Act that us Australians have a thing called a 2 week cooling off period and have the right to be eligible to a refund with in a 2 week period of any transaction type for purchasing. So no matter what contract, EULA, TOS or anything else of what they say in there, matters. Also, i can not make a contract between us, if you borrowed $100 from me and i said to that you have 1 month to pay me back the full amount and if you dont then ill put a bullet through your head. Just cause i made that ToS, contract or EULA doesnt mean its law, cause i dont have the right to be putting bullets through peoples heads, lols. And im just trying to tell people just because its stipulated in a contract or EULA or ToS, it doesnt mean its law. Those contracts are only policies that coincide within the law of practice. So i believe once the younger generation start to understand this they might start to stand up and start pushing back on these bully tactics, lead from the bigger corporations, which is what i was referring to mostly in my OP. But after reading your post its basically where im at the moment trying to start to get people or get the ball rolling, to understand the differences between whats a company policy is and what law is. And as far as im aware, like you stated too, that law needs to hurry the hell up and start fixing this tech bulliness before its too late.
  15. No, how in the hell i miss that, lolz... reading it now!