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  1. Shoot me a PM and I can get this done for you at the weekend. - Marcus
  2. 3D Modeling help

    Use Fusion360, its free for pretty much everyone except big companies.
  3. Pexon PC's - https://pexonpcs.co.uk/ Octix - https://octix.co.uk/ To The Wire - https://www.facebook.com/T0TheWire/ Only 3 places in the UK I highly recommend, there are others but these are the 3 stores I have personally used and worked with and its extremely high quality, the first 2 also use the awesome MDPC-X sleeve which many modders claim to be the best sleeve ever created, and from what I have seen/felt I would also say it is the best I have used/seen and felt. CableMod ships pretty much everywhere, but they wouldn't be my go-to place for cables, I would only go to them as a last resort, such as needing them at short notice for an event, other than that I would wait and get the highest quality from the 3 stores I linked.
  4. If you make some WC gear and sell it to someone, that item then leaks and the customer comes back to you and blames you, you need to be covered or you could be sued for damages. Its not as simple as buying a machine and making something to sell, most countries/states will want/require you to be a registered company, business insurance, and you need to have a plan if something does go wrong and the customer comes back to you. Its not cheap starting a business.
  5. Custom Cables

    They list all cables separately so you customise each cable, and only pay for cables you will need, as far as I know, they don't list any "Full Kits".
  6. Custom Cables

    Send a message to ModOne, I know they support some EVGA PSU's not sure which ones though. https://www.facebook.com/MOD1PC/
  7. Custom Cables

    Mod-One (USA) MainFrameCustoms (USA) Senpai Studios (USA) Formally known as Sanctum Sleeving PC Mods Canada (Canada) To The Wire - Custom Sleeving (UK) Octix (UK) Pexon PC's (UK) @modguru (Norway) Singularity Computers (Australia) Tichepc.sk (Slovakia) MakersBR (Brazil) OREIONcustom (Thailand) Sleeving-Japan (Japan) Beyond Customs (South Africa) Purple-Banana (Germany) All these places hand sleeve cables, some are registered companies and have multiple employees, BUT still, high quality handmade cables. The ones marked in green I know the owners and staff for years and highly recommend each and every one of them, the others I know of but don't know much about them. - Marcus
  8. Quoted from the CableMod Site.
  9. Cable Combs for Fans?

    Send us a PM and we can make some in any size you want.
  10. Not sure if I'm banned at FB page or something

    If you cannot, react/comment on posts or message the page then you have been blocked. Blocked users can only read the page.
  11. Cougar Conquer Case tint removing

    Take off the window, go to a local glass manufacturer, and ask them to replicate it with clear tempered glass. Not sure how much it will cost but it won't be cheap, or you can just get one made from clear acrylic, will be cheaper and easier to get done.
  12. About case lighting

    We do. as our kits are made to order (wired and sleeved by hard to the customer's specifications) we can fit any connector the customer wants.
  13. CableMod Alternative in Hong Kong?

    The owners of Cablemod are based in Taiwan. Send them a message @CableMod and someone should be able to help you.
  14. Where do you guys get your cable combs?

    We will be manufacturing cable combs in all shapes, sizes, colours, styles in the near future. You will also be able to submit your own design to get made.
  15. wiring a Long RGB adressable led strip to PSU

    Interesting, haven't been keeping upto date on this as we are working on new custom parts for cases/hardware, but it seems like they have added support for addressable LEDs on some of their newer boards but fail to mention any sort of spec for compatible addressable leds. They don't mention the voltage (although almost all are 5v) but don't mention if they are 3pin addressable or 4pin addressable, I assume it will be 3pin addressable as 4pin is mainly on the older strip. Assuming its the 3pin version, you can run the data lead to the motherboard and 5v and ground from a Molex. Molex can handle up to 11A per pin, if they are high-quality but to be safe I wouldn't use more than 8A. If its the 4pin version I won't comment as I used them once years ago, we mainly work with the 3pin addressable.