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  1. AddonCustoms

    No backplate

    Feel free to shoot us a message, we can do blanks or make some complete custom ones with a design of your choice. Thanks @W-L for the mention.
  2. AddonCustoms

    Acrylic GPU backplate

    We have been making custom GPU backplates from acrylic for a few years now and never had anyone have any issues. if it is something you are worried about you could always use thermal pads to raise the backplate off of the GPU PCB. If you need any help or advice making one shoot us a message and we will be happy to help, or if you decide to buy one we can help with that do, can do any design you like and we ship to Czech Republic.
  3. AddonCustoms

    Quick question about NZXT Hue+

    NO!!! Please don't try you will end up breaking something. The old Hue is using 12v Standard 4 pin RGB LEDs, the Hue+ is using 5v 3pin Addressable LEDs, not only different voltages but the different tech that cannot be used with each other.
  4. AddonCustoms

    Using hot glue to seal cable insulation?

    Personally would use black hot glue, use it on a higher temp than stated and it melts better and will stay above the melt temp longer, so it will start to fill the gaps itself before it cools, let it cool naturally and it should give a nice finish. Done this too many times to count (pretty much multiple times a day for the last 4 years)
  5. AddonCustoms

    Would you trust this product?

    I would trust this though, sold by @Mnpctech https://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/90-degree-angle-24-pin-atx-connector-for-motherboard-mainboard.html
  6. AddonCustoms

    Cablemod Addressable LED Strips Compatibility

    Our website is in development but can order via PM on here. Once the website is up I will add a link in the post (if I forgot someone remind me ) Or you can go on amazon and look for Addressable LED controller, you will find some ranging from £5 ($6.50) all the way to £50 ($65) and some even more. If you are feeling creative you could always buy an Arduino wire that up to the LED strips and then you can try and code your own pattern/colours or download one of the hundreds of patterns created by others and shared online.
  7. AddonCustoms

    Acrylic as a basement

    Depends on the thickness of acrylic, what it is supported by and where those supports are.
  8. AddonCustoms

    Cablemod Addressable LED Strips Compatibility

    many exist they have done for years, we will have some in stock soon. @pigsrawesome123 which country are you in? We are UK based but ship worldwide.
  9. AddonCustoms

    RGB Hard Drives

    I don't know of any HDD having RGB build in, but we make RGB SSD and HDD covers. we design the cover how YOU want it and will then make it, all you do is plug it in and attach to the HDD, if this is something you are interested in then shoot us a PM.
  10. Shoot me a PM and I can get this done for you at the weekend. - Marcus
  11. AddonCustoms

    3D Modeling help

    Use Fusion360, its free for pretty much everyone except big companies.
  12. Pexon PC's - https://pexonpcs.co.uk/ Octix - https://octix.co.uk/ To The Wire - https://www.facebook.com/T0TheWire/ Only 3 places in the UK I highly recommend, there are others but these are the 3 stores I have personally used and worked with and its extremely high quality, the first 2 also use the awesome MDPC-X sleeve which many modders claim to be the best sleeve ever created, and from what I have seen/felt I would also say it is the best I have used/seen and felt. CableMod ships pretty much everywhere, but they wouldn't be my go-to place for cables, I would only go to them as a last resort, such as needing them at short notice for an event, other than that I would wait and get the highest quality from the 3 stores I linked.
  13. If you make some WC gear and sell it to someone, that item then leaks and the customer comes back to you and blames you, you need to be covered or you could be sued for damages. Its not as simple as buying a machine and making something to sell, most countries/states will want/require you to be a registered company, business insurance, and you need to have a plan if something does go wrong and the customer comes back to you. Its not cheap starting a business.
  14. AddonCustoms

    Custom Cables

    They list all cables separately so you customise each cable, and only pay for cables you will need, as far as I know, they don't list any "Full Kits".