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  1. Why would I care about what I have achieved when nothing even matters
  2. No I live in a WWII bunker in the middle of a blizzard.
  3. Why think about others in that situation when everybody dies? Dying in a car accident is pretty much the same as dying in war, the same thing happens. People will always feel the same way when people even die of old age. There's only done difference and that is about why they think you killed yourself, they will never know so they shouldn't think about that.
  4. I can't be safe from the internet, not even when seeking advise.
  5. How did you know I'm from New Zealand? Lol
  6. Those things you wrote are things I've never wanted to achieve. I do play video games and I do learn guitar though. Those are the two things I've never regretted taking up. Also it's fucking ridiculous getting out of the country. A flight from here to Europe can cost cost up to $4,000 one way, and that isn't even in first class or business class.
  7. I hate my life so much I can't even be happy anymore. I'm less than 16 years old and I feel this way. I don't want to do anything anymore, I just want my life to be over, I don't want to exist. I keep on having suicidal thoughts every day and I can't help them, I've never tried killing myself but I might. My life hasn't made me feel this was, nothing has really. I just started feeling really depressed a couple of months ago, this was when I never looked forward to anything. I feel like this now, it's just pain to live. Every part of me hurts and I don't know why I just want to end my life, but I don't know if I should. I've had so many thoughts every day about suicide, it's what I think about most. First I thought about running away from home to kill myself so nobody would ever know where I was. Then I started thinking about poisoning myself or overdosing on sleeping pills. Then I started thinking about leaping to death from the top of a multi-level car park in the city or jumping off of the harbor bridge. I can just imagine myself doing this at this instant, I don't know why. Any advise would help me decide over what I should do, bye for now, I'll be reading responses.