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  1. Hello, I am looking for a 144 hz monitor for my 1060. I was wondering if FreeSync works the same as Gsync. The reason I want a freesync monitor is that they are 100-200 dollars cheaper the Gsync monitors.
  2. Amazon Shipping to Saudi Arabia.

    The MAG24C ships internationally, yes. NVM, I could just get it with me on a plane from the US, because it isn't even that big and heavy.
  3. Amazon Shipping to Saudi Arabia.

    Hello, I live in Saudi Arabia, and I want to ship the MSI MAG24C monitor to Saudi Arabia with amazon. I have amazon prime, so will it cost money for international shipping from the US?
  4. Dell Visor for Far Cry 5

    So you're saying VR is optimised for AMD GPUs?
  5. Dell Visor for Far Cry 5

    Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 7577 with an i7-7700hq and GTX 1060 Max-Q. I am thinking about getting a Dell Visor, which is a Dell VR Headset. Can you play Far Cry 5 VR with it?
  6. Far Cry 5 black screen

    Sorry I was asleep. I kept on rebooting, I restarted my laptop, but nothing happened. I optimized it in Geforce experience but nothing happeneG
  7. Upgrade time(ish?) what gpu is next?

    I recommend getting a new GPU because who knows when the new gpus are coming out.
  8. Far Cry 5 black screen

    Hello, I have been playing Far cry 5 for 36 hours on Steam. I wanted to play today, but there is a black screen. Only the Audio works. Can someone please help me? Thank you.
  9. So, I had my Dell 7577 with a GTX 1060, i7-7700HQ and 16 GB RAM for a 1 month now. I wanted to download the Epic Games Launcher to get fortnite, but I noticed that I ALREADY HAD IT INSTALLED! Some of you might not believe it, but I'm telling the truth.
  10. Acer or Acer?

    I think you sould get the Acer helios 300. It is the same price, but with a pascal 1060. Way better. Laptop Specs: i7-7700HQ GTX 1060 Max-Q 16 GB RAM 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 256 GB SD Card 1 TB HDD
  11. I found this website saying how much you earn. Is it accurate? https://coincollectingsearch.com/gpu-mining/mining-on-geforce-gtx-1060-max-q-mining/
  12. Upgrading an old desktop

    If you also want to get a new CPU, you have to get a new motherboard because a core 2 duo socket wouldn't work with another, modern CPU. I recommend, if you're on a budget, to get the i5-8400. And the GA-B250M-D3H motherboard from gigabyte. WHY IS MY FONT LIKE THIS!?!?!
  13. Hello, my name is Adam. I have a dell 7577 with a 1060 max-q, i7-7700HQ and 16 gb ram. I'm not really a bitcoin mining guy, but I used to. I was wondering how much money I could make with mining on my laptop? If it is a good amount of money (10-15 dollars a week) I would do it. (Also, does mining hurt the GPU, because i heard it does.)
  14. No audio on Dell 7577

    It happens with both.
  15. No audio on Dell 7577

    My dell 7577 (GTX 1060, i7-7700HQ) audio is not working at all. Not even the faintest sound on the highest volume. Any fix to this?