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  1. It was indeed the PSU it's all working now.
  2. True witch I did. But I just went of Amazon reviews.
  3. Agreed however I don't know why but I always thought EVGA was a decent brand.
  4. It was only suppose to be a temporary thing lol. Ill be getting a better one in the next month or 2.
  5. mine is a 700w EVGA 80 Plus wired. Not high end but it should be enough?
  6. I see so the power supply could be the one causing the issues? I could always bring my own PSU down tomorrow and see if that sorts the issue.
  7. Yer lucky enough not all is bad. Only paid £200 for it and the likes of the GTX 1050 and the hard drives and the ssd and case and psu can be used for when they get a new mobo ram and cpu. Plus they can sell the intel cpu and ram and claw some money back.
  8. Hey, I built a friend of mine a PC a few weeks ago. Using all new parts except for CPU, Hard drives and GPU. The system specs are: Gigabyte Gaming OC Vega 56 - bought used Ryzen 1600 - used given to him by his son as he upgraded to a 3600x 8GB Corsair 266mhz RAM - new ASUS Prime B450M-A motherboard - new SSD Crucial BX500 240GB - new Corsair VS650 650w PSU - new cheap cit rgb case - new 2x 500GB hard drives - used and very old The PC can be used for hours on end on the desktop and it will be fine. He only has 4 games right not as he is new to PC gaming and yet they all crash. Sometimes they can be running for a hour sometimes 5 minutes. The games are GTA V, Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and World War Z. No matter what resolution is set weather its 1080p or 1440p or even 4K for the likes of Fallout 4 and World War Z. No overclocking on the CPU side of things. I have tried undervolting the GPU without overclocking. Tried undervolting and underclocking. Tried leaving it at default which has not fixed the issues. I have monitored both CPU temps as well as GPU both seem fine. CPU is around 55-60 when gaming and gpu is around 70-75. The games are installed on a old 500GB hard drive from 2010 maybe this could be the issue? What happens is he would be playing and the games would crash black screen for about 3-4 minutes and then windows would close the game down and he would be back on the desktop. So the PC does not shut down or anything its just the games crash and he looses signal for a few minutes. By the time he gets a signal back on his tv he is back on windows. Any suggestions as to what I could try. When I visit tomorrow I am going to take out the old hard drives and hopefully install one game to the SSD if there is room and try that.
  9. Not much of a update. But I tried everything I could think of even tried another PSU I found in my draw. Right now my friends just going to use it as it is and when they get paid again next month and getting a ryzen 3100 and a b450 motherboard and 16GB RAM and sell the intel CPU and 16GB DDR3 RAM. Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions.
  10. No beeps or anything. It's a odd one I just don't understand how leaving it off for 20-30 minutes fixes it. It's currently on now and has been for almost 2 hours. Destiny 2 has been running fine. Restarting windows is also fine. It's just turning it off and turning it back on soon after is what causes this issue.
  11. Hey tried it without the GPU and same issue. Powers up the fans and the CPU fan goes into overdrive but noting on screen. If it helps the PSU is a corsair cx500m.
  12. Only GPU I have access to is my 2070 Super in my own build and the GTX 1050 in this PC I am trying to fix. This PC does have a in built HDMI port on the mortherboard so I assume it has it's own built in graphics? I could take the 1050 out and give that ago.
  13. I see so the Corsair PSU could be bad? We don't know how old the PSU is in this system.
  14. Hey. I know my way around a PC. I know how to build and basic trouble shooting but I have come into a problem I can't seem to solve. So a friend bought a cheap £200 PC from eBay. Turns out it was a old Dell PC slapped into a new case. The specs of the PC is: i5 3470 16GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM Stock cooler GTX 1050 Corsair 500w PSU Crucial SSD 1TB Toshiba HDD So I can get the PC to actually power on and boot to windows and play games. I have updated all drivers and the bios for the motherboard. If I was to turn the PC off and turn it back on within a minute of turning it off. The PC will power on and the fans will spin. But the CPU fan will spin at full speed and noting will display on the screen. The only way I can get back into windows is if I was to turn it off for 20-30 minutes. Or take out the cmos battery for about 5 minutes. I have taken the PC apart and gave every component a clean. I have taken out all 4 RAM sticks and just slotting one in at a time in each slot. But I keep having the same issue. So right now I am out of ideas. What could this be. I am thinking maybe the CMOS battery is dead? This I can replace but can't until Monday. So in the mean time anything else I can try. Oh and I did take the CPU out and reapply new artic silver paste. Edit: My friend bought this from a ebay seller about 4 months ago. It has been working fine until yesterday. Seller has not been helpful as the 30 day warranty is over and eBay have been no help.
  15. Interesting ill have a look thanks again.