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  1. Volvos, and some of the newer Audis that have i4 and i5 engines also have transverse awd ... but these are mostly haldex systems so FWD based this is false ... unless you mean a diff separate from the gearbox .... since in transverse setups its usually a part of the gearbox and there are transverse engined cars with limited slip diffs in the front ... Honda K20 engine usually was paired with a FWD transmission that sometimes had an LSD
  2. PandaCopyRight

    Box Box Box - Sim Racing Players Club [Now Hype Train Enabled!]

    jfc that game looks and sounds amazing
  3. and now you see why i love 5cylinder engines so much as long as it works perfectly ... get it might be annoying to deal with the logitech software... but should be one of the best options for $125
  4. PandaCopyRight

    Box Box Box - Sim Racing Players Club [Now Hype Train Enabled!]

    didnt preorder it but i do have the ultimate edition i really cant compare it to the older forza gasmes cause i have never played them ... but everyone i have talked to say that they sounds have gotten worse then again i (think) have never played a game where the sounds are 100% perfect for all cars do have to say that they game runs way better than the demo did and it is a really good game from the few days i have sank into it ... yet to try it with a wheel
  5. since its german .. and a engine is shared with a lamborghini .. the parts aint cheap IIRC has like 12L of oil capacity and probably and expensive ass oil filter (like a 100ish$ oil change ) ... also has 10 spark plugs
  6. but that doesnt really make it LWB its just a larger sedan ...
  7. but the M5 aint LWB nothing much really ... its the same 5.2 V10 engine used in R8 and later Gallardos only downtuned to like 450-ish hp ... a solid engine AFAIK, have not heard anything bad about the C6 S6 or the R8 V10 ... or the Gallardo would like the RS6 more ... with the 5.0 V10 from the early Gallardos .. but with 2 turbos oh and if only i could find it as a wagon main issue with them are the service costs these are just as examples for how cheap you can get them for https://www.carsdirect.com/used_cars/vehicle-detail/ul1794037783/audi/s6?src=1000949 https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/749289050/overview/?aff=atempest&CMP=atempest
  8. probably an Audi S6 C6 ... the one with the 5.2 V10 or maybe a really nice 2006-ish Volvo V70R or a 2011-2016 V70 T6 ... if i could find one nice a 1.8T 20v ... those are nice engines get a proper pc 1st then you can start thinking about a wheel ... also the T300/TX is said to be better than the T500 since its quite a bit newer. but its not as powerful and doesn't have static paddles also for handbrake ... with thrustmaster one is expensive, Fanatec needs either an adapter or wheel or pedals that support the handbrake, other than that a button on the wheel works just fine the E39 M5 is not LWB? if you want LWB E38 750iL RIP
  9. thrustmaster is quite a lot better than logitech, and price is usually less for a better wheel. the shifter or high end wheels is where the price goes trough the roof for TM i had a dfgt ... loved it ... when it worked ... but mostly sat next to my desk ... unused i have Fanatec CSL Elite pedals and they are amazing (but expensive) oh and my T150 is not bad either if you cant tell ... im not a big fan of logitech mainly their stuff is overpriced to hell cause of their name ... at least here where i live ...
  10. i think everyone hates saving up, but that is a thing that has to happen at times its your best option .. unless you want to go with a wheel setup that should cost around 150$ or less not like 350$ *cough* logitech *cough*
  11. the TH8A is a standalone that plugs into the USB port on your PC or can plug into the wheel IIRC so its not 100% wheel dependent but you can try seeing if there are any alternatives. i would personally get the T150/TMX Pro (they are basically the same wheel but 150 has 1080 degrees of rotation and is compatible with PS4 while the TMX has 900 degrees and is compatible with xbox one and both work on PC ) and save up for the shifter, since it would be a way better experience ... IMO
  12. get the Thrustmaster T150 Pro or TMX Pro.... has a 3 pedal set not 2 and then get a TH8A shifdter WAAAAY better than logitech only issue that it might be over $350 my biggest issue with logitech is taht they use only gears so the FFB is not smooth at all and they make their stuff out of plastic ... and their software is terrible although i think the G29/G920 used their newer software .... just had constant issues with a logitech wheel