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About PandaCopyRight

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    Resident master of Saabs and Volvos
  • Birthday 1998-11-23

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    ID - PandaCopyRight
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    PC Case, Apartment, House, Riga, Latvia, Europe, World


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    Intel i7 4790K
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maximus VI Formula
  • RAM
    Kingston HyperX Fury CL10 1866MHz 16Gb (4x4GB)
  • GPU
    Zotac GTX1080 AMP! Extreme
  • Case
    NZXT S340 red and black
  • Storage
    120GB Kingston V300 SSD + 1TB 7200RPM Seagate Barracuda (to be Samsung 850 EVO 120GB)
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750x
  • Display(s)
    1xHP LP2065 and 2xPhilips 239CL
  • Cooling
    CM Hyper 212 Evo
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 LUX RGB Cherry MX brown
  • Mouse
    Corsair Harpoon RGB
  • Sound
    Onboard soundcard and Corsair Void Wireless Pro RGB
  • Operating System
    WIndows 10 pro 64bit

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  1. PandaCopyRight

    Box Box Box - Sim Racing Players Club [Now Hype Train Enabled!]

    and then there is me .... fml
  2. all i can say is that i feel like the mkv supra will be what the GT-86 should have been and if only they could have made the FT-1 concept as it is and not change it and then release it, but its probably to fit the BMW Z4 chassis? Visual difference is not big enough for most people ... but i think the supra will be more like a fancy GT-86 than an actual Supra FT-1 for those who dont know how it looks And this is supposedly what the supra looks like I dont think that the BMW engine is a bad idea, but if toyota actually invested the time to make their own engine ... it would take way longer but probably would be better I do want to see what the car tuners can do with the thing (probably not much) but id rather buy the BMW unless the Supra will be lighter and easier to modify
  3. PandaCopyRight

    Box Box Box - Sim Racing Players Club [Now Hype Train Enabled!]

    it literally looks like a game meant for phones and kinda throws me off the game
  4. PandaCopyRight

    Box Box Box - Sim Racing Players Club [Now Hype Train Enabled!]

    so TGT game is literally the show .. that you play trough at times?
  5. you wont be able to sell it without interior ... unless someone wants it as a race car
  6. now sell the interior bits and turn the focus into a full on race car
  7. yep and LS fits well and looks like it was made for it
  8. i do have to say that the clio has always looked good with them white wheels ... makes me want one
  9. boi.... can you keep a car for more than 6 months?
  10. i would say the 300D and make it have more power than the 500SE.... cause i5 and torque
  11. the past few years we dont either ... but i prefer awd ... and it can still slide ... just is faster around a track afterwards
  12. dont slam the gears ...transmission issues ... damn that sounds interesting to say the least
  13. that is true But if i can afford it .. i would daily the shit out of that car ... also in the winter with snow and ice ... so i'd want the awd for the best results also i somehow like awd the most ... unless its for drifting then i'd rather go rwd
  14. id get the C4S cause of the grip of the AWD
  15. PandaCopyRight

    Box Box Box - Sim Racing Players Club [Now Hype Train Enabled!]

    i set mine to 540 or 900 .. .depending on what im doing ... not a fan of constantly going from lock to lock on 1080 degrees for racing i do 900, for drifting usually 540 or 720 ... i have used 1080 on ETS2 ... too lazy to do that again do find myself wanting a faster FFB wheel for drifting tho but i do love this wheel, especially for the price its hard to beat (got mine for 170 euros its also the fancy ferrari edition ... cause i didnt want a PS4 logo on my wheel )