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  1. honda 500cc bikes like the CB500X and CBR500R has 35Kw and that is nearly 47hp but that might be too expensive
  2. Laughs in European (like 6$/gallon and this is on the cheap-er end)
  3. and its one reason why Saabs tend to get fucked ignition key cylinders and keys people who dont know it or forget it try to jank the key out ... but it wont come out...
  4. so an update for the results ... Mattias EKSTRÖM DQ cause of the incident in the video above ... these are the updated results for the WRX Supercarclass EKSRX off to a good start ... won the final but got DQ'd on the 1st race of the year
  5. Box Box Box - Sim Racing Players Club [Now Hype Train Enabled!]

    1st ... its not mazda raceway no more? 2nd .. it looks suppper freaking bumpy ....
  6. thats one unusually specced out charger, V6 and AWD
  7. so WRX full results here http://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/result/supercar/esp/2018 For lazy people results of finals for all 3 classes running in Spain in the spoiler
  8. soooo ... it was slightly raining in Spain
  9. really good weekend ... World RX in Spain this weekend @chaozbandit If anyone is interested ... live timings here http://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/times
  10. i like both so i dont really care would like the stagea more tho