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    Intel i7 4790K
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    Asus Maximus VI Formula
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    Kingston HyperX Fury CL10 1866MHz 16Gb (4x4GB)
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    Gainward RTX 2070 Phantom
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    1xHP LP2065 and 2xPhilips 239CL
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    CM Hyper 212 Evo
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    Corsair K70 LUX RGB Cherry MX brown
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    Corsair Harpoon RGB
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    Onboard soundcard and Corsair Void Wireless Pro RGB
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    WIndows 10 pro 64bit

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  1. that is difficult to say, it depends on what the car was used for and how it was maintained more than the style of car, but diesels over here tend to have higher mileage than petrol cars on avg. to me over in Europe id say around 15k km a year is about avg for a daily commuter car. also a good tip at least in my opinion, sometimes higher mileage cars might seem like a worse idea but if you car sits for long periods of time .. it could be in a worse condition than a car that gets daily driven and gets regular repairs and maintenance done. And we might need the help of @iDeFecZx regarding jags
  2. dont get a subaru if you want easy repairs ... rust and boxer engine are big enough reasosns to stay away from them for that .... and lets not forget Ej25/Ej20 and their headgaskets
  3. you said it great yourself, they were reliable, german luxury cars tend to come with quite big repair bills at that age, so keeping the japanese luxury boat would be cheaper in the long run IMO ... and tahts coming from someone who is a big fan of german cars Also sounds like you already have a great plan for the lexus But if you really want the cayenne even at the risk of the huge repair bills ... get a facelift one or as close to the end of the production as you can for the generations and be ready for quite high running and maintenance costs. Both sound like great options Id go audi, maybe try to get the 2.0 tdi with some S-Line bits to make it more "fun". But i bet the 595 would be the more overall fun car out of the box. But i am a fan of practical cars, so id personally go for the A3 hatch not sedan
  4. This ^ the round headlight mercs were quite known to rust. Mainly W210 generation but the W211 as well if you are unlucky. otherwise for merc its all the common merc maintenance expenses ... it aint cheap BUT the diesel in the 320CDI is quite a good engine IIRC and Jaguar ... well its jaguar ... we need to ask @iDeFecZx about them
  5. shit, the front is nearly identical and i had forgotten about the veloster ... whoops but man, do the i30n look great (this one being a fancier version) .... and they are cheap for what you get
  6. What i have realized is that if they dont shove the warranty in your face ... its usually terrible. Hyunda and KIA here both are 7 years with KIA being limited to 150 000km and Hyundai being unlimited. cant be bothered to check the rest V60 would be one hell of an improvement IMO
  7. here in Latvia for VW its 2014+ has 3 years or 100k km or 2019+ is 5 years or 100k km Paint defects 3 years, corrosion 1 year and accessories and spare parts is 2 years Have no clue why its different .... or if those are recent changes or what... but seems like you got ripped off
  8. Had coil whine from my Corsair PSU, contacted the support since i still had warranty on it, got a replacement unit So as long as you have active warranty, contact EVGA, they should be able to help. If you dont have warranty, its still a good unit, just makes an extra noise.
  9. Sorry if this is a bit late to the party but wanted to share my opinion and experience I give a vote to Corsair Void Elite, I have the earlier wireless ones and love them, nothing to complain about from the nearly 4 years of use i have out of them Logitech have good hardware, as long as you dont need software for it cause their software (from my experience) is complete garbage And my G230 was quite a great headset for 3+ years until i ripped the cable in half by accident Did feel a bit cheap and plasticky, but dont break after being dropped multiple times (by accident .... not rage ) Had HyperX Cloud 1 wasnt the most comfortable headset in the world, nor did it last more than 1 year, but the sound quality was good while it lasted.
  10. well looks like i will have to name games that have been mentioned before: Kingdom Come: Deliverance Forza Horizon 4