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  1. I changed the usb receiver from the back of the pc to the front (which is closer to the mouse), a couple of hours wihout any problem at all. True, while the receiver was at the back, changing from 1000 to 500 improve the problem. Now i'm testing it with the fron usb which is closer to the mouse, so far so good.
  2. Greetings, My logitech G903 mireless mouse works fine, but it suffers from stuttering constantly, when this happens I have to turn it off and use my wired mouse. I changed to a USB 2.0 and it seems to help, now it does not stutter a lot, but the problem keeps happening. ¿There´s something i can do?
  3. My i5 8400 paired with a 1070ti is on the limit sometimes with battlefield 1 and V at 1080/ 144 hz. What I mean is that the i5 is almost at 100% a lot of times on these games even though the performance is good.
  4. I have four 120mm fans (3 with led and 1 rgb) out of a single connector with a splitter on a H310 board, no problemo.
  5. Yes, all 16 lines will be used by the GPU. But you still have chipset lines for more things like M.2 NVMES.
  6. i5 would give you more fps (a lot more in some games). I'd go with intel. YOu mean z390?
  7. Yes you can!, no need for 2 x titan just 2 2080TI $$$$ and a 4K @ 144 hz monitor $$$$$, you can see the benchmarks here:
  8. Also swapped a 9500GT to a GT1030 before, without unistalling old drivers, zero problems.
  9. I swapped a GT1030 to a 1070Ti wihout unistalling anything, just installed new drivers. Zero problems.
  10. Greetings, Installing some fans and doing benchmarks i found out this: CPu never go beyond 65, but look at this CPUTIN reaching 95C° while doing prime 95. What's that temperature and is it dangerous?
  11. The only advantage is that you can use ram beyond 2666Mhz. But if the price is right just go for the z370, you could change the cpu for a nineth gen later.
  12. If you want to use a 3000 Mhz ram at 3000Mhz, you'll need a z370 or z390.
  13. I see, the VMR (I don't know what's that) could melt, I can see that happening because the chipset is at 70C° paired with a i5 8400. Why the MSI official page says is compatible with i9 9900k then.