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  1. kaddle

    Why MP3 player and not WAV player?

    i don't know too much about this topic. recently i searched the difference between the WAV sound format and apparently the wav format is far superior. it allows for greater range of sounds and quality is never lost because it's not compressed. the only reason i can think of why we invented mp3 players instead of wav players is because back when the mp3 player was invented they only had like 12 mb of storage space or whatever, but why is mp3 still the default? i checked the android store and there are some alleged wav players. at the moment i don't feel like downloading or converting a track to wav format to try it out though. what are reasons why wav sound format is not mainstream and when might this change? also if you are well versed on the topic then feel free to explain details about these formats and their differences.
  2. kaddle

    C# - What is an array?

    the book i'm reading is: learn c# in one day and learn it well. i think what's happening in this thread is probably that i'm just bad at explaining what i'm talking about. sorry for that. it's written in the book that it will talk about value and reference types after explaining the basics about arrays, strings, and lists. i read the part about arrays already and i'm almost done reading the part about strings, so i did not reach the part where it explains about value and reference types. i can tell the book isn't perfect but so far it has been the most comprehensive learning material that i tried to learn c# from, so i'm not sure that the book is the problem. i suppose i'll have a better idea once i read more pages. the only bit of confusion i have is the way arrays were described in the book.
  3. kaddle

    C# - What is an array?

    lol whoops, my bad. i went back to read the quote and it is actually written as "advanced data type". not special. i think this type of description was mainly a way of describing that the data types have more features than others since they have properties and methods. but not that the data type itself is a different type of data type. i'll also edit the OP. my only confusion is why arrays would be under the classification of data type along with strings and lists. the book itself is treating me very well so far and i'm learning a lot. i'm still early on in the book. Edit: the book i'm reading is "learn C# in one day and learn it well". i suppose i'm going through the book a bit slowly since i'm documenting all of the information in a comprehensive way for me (not copy paste). i'm also practicing some of the things i learn in visual studio which takes more time.
  4. kaddle

    C# - What is an array?

    to be clear, i learned the basics of arrays including the basics on using arrays and i have a complete understanding of those basics. my confusion is regarding the classification of an array. when i see and use arrays they are clearly like a special type of variable since arrays can store multiple values. the book i'm learning from deliberately classifies arrays as a "advanced data type" along with strings and lists in the same classification (i'm assuming because arrays, strings, and lists have properties and methods). so essentially i'm wondering why arrays would be mentioned as being advanced data type along with strings and lists.
  5. i should mention that it's not clear to me if the main videos of kids being re-uploaded are videos the parents uploaded of their kids or if the kids uploaded them by their own choice. i personally believe that if the kid is younger than 14 and not well educated on internet safety, safety in general, self preservation, potential danger of strangers, potential consequences of uploading personal content to the net, etc, then the parent should monitor the kid's internet activity and thoroughly investigate everything they want to upload and decide whether it should be uploaded or not. you mean pedophile? the definition of the word needs a serious rework and i might just make a thread about that soon. thanks for giving me the idea. what do you think of all of the information on youtube being lost if youtube is destroyed? information such as: educational videos on hundreds of different subjects including math, science, animals, wildlife, technology, programming, automobiles, planes, nutrition, medical, law, travelling the world, etc. entertainment videos, especially comedy.
  6. in this thread we will discuss the recent events on youtube that triggered the adpocalypse (the third one i think?) in the context of the true severity of this issue, as well as VSHs (virtue signaling hypocrites) ruining youtube. spoiler alert: it's a minor issue that VSHs are making a big deal of. i was probably made aware of this within a couple of days after all of this began. for those of you who don't know, there is this dude named matt. he uploaded a video explaining that youtube is supporting the sexual exploitation of kids and that those videos are being monetized. during his video he goes through the process of finding these videos and in the comments section there are people with nefarious intentions posting time stamps to parts of the video where it looks like the kids are doing something sexual. apparently there are also comments of people posting reprehensible things. the name of the video is "Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019)" so you can search it if you want the full details of this situation. i won't bother posting it here because a lot of people on the internet are unnecessarily overly sensitive to light issues. so these events caused VSHs to outrage and information kept on spreading until it reached the advertisers that put their ads on youtube. this is causing advertisers to remove their ads from youtube, which is equal parts stupid and understandable. if there are no more ads on youtube that means youtube gets shut down, which means all of the entertaining and informational videos i have playlisted over the years will be gone all because a bunch of herd mentality morons were looking for their next opportunity to virtue signal. gotta let the rest of the pack know that you are still on board somehow. i think the main catalyst that caused this issue to flourish is that people are being convinced that youtube isn't doing anything about this, and that youtube is supporting this. this is one of the most asinine thoughts that a human can possibly conceive, let alone believe. sit back and take a couple of minutes to think about it and you will understand what i'm talking about. My Opinion: the videos containing kids that matt is talking about that are re uploaded by people who have nefarious purposes are just normal videos. they are literally just videos of kids doing regular things. the only issue is that people with nefarious purposes are re-uploading those videos under their channel, and then people are making nefarious posts in the comments section. this issue is quite insignificant to the average person. the only people who this issue actually matters to are the kids whose videos are being re-uploaded, the parents of those kids, youtube, and youtube's advertisers. however the only reason it matters to the advertisers is because these videos are able to be monetized for whatever reason. take away the ability for certain videos to be monetized and you can remove the advertizers from that list. then all that needs to be done is youtube to continue removing those channels and re-uploaded videos from the platform. the only reason anyone else should get involved beyond being notified of this situation, is to find these channels re-uploading videos for nefarious purposes and report them to youtube. there's a video by another guy who (sort of?) exposes the original guy (matt) for being a fraud. apparently matt is a virtue signaling hypocrite too. if he cares about kids then his main reason for caring is probably to conform to the herd mentality or get attention or whatever. i should mention that i have absolutely no tolerance for VSH so i will brutally criticize every single one that i can find until they are destroyed. in fact, i would not have been interested in making this thread if there weren't any VHSs to criticize. i suspect this video isn't as sensitive as matt's video so i'm going to link it at the end of my opinion. so this guy, matt, in his video is whining like a little baby about how people in the comments are time stamping when the kids appear to be doing something that can be perceived as being sexual. he goes through the time stamps to "show the viewers" what's going on, and every time he does he freaks out and starts going on and on about how disgusted he is and how horrible the experience is for him. i'm just watching and it's like.... every single time stamp is just a kid doing a regular thing that humans do. i don't remember the exact details but it's just stuff like running, sitting down, standing up, etc. there's literally no cause for the overreacting. and everyone in the comments wants to conform to the herd mentality so they start freaking out too. virtue signaling hypocrites. so the VSHs are destroying youtube by turning this insignificant issue into a major problem to cause advertisers to remove their ads from youtube. as soon as i saw matt's original video i thought this might happen. last year it was january, this year it's february. i personally think that the world still needs youtube. there isn't an equivalent or superior alternative to it yet and this platform contains more information than every library on the planet. a large chunk of the information is trash, but still. these VSHs need to be stopped. Discussion: Discuss your thoughts and opinions on this issue, how you think this will affect youtube, etc.
  7. kaddle

    Monitor Broken? weird green tint

    lol you guys are not going to believe this. about a few minutes ago the green tint started blinking. it was flashing away quickly and coming back. over time it started to disappear for longer and longer periods of time. now it's almost completely gone lmao. there is a weird green line at the top right of the monitor but it's not really intrusive. there is a slight green tint towards the same side of the screen but i can only see it with my phone camera and even then it's barely perceptible. after all of these months i can finally see my entire monitor properly again. this makes the original issue even more confusing, but whatever.
  8. This thread is for the purpose of discussing an emergency alert i received on my phone a couple of nights ago. maybe some of you are familiar with the situation. it's been on my chest as i've been getting exceedingly curious about the alert itself (in the context of why the alert was sent in the first place) as well as people's reaction to the alert and people's reactions to some people's reactions to the alert. This situation occurred a couple of nights ago when the alert was first sent via mobile text. i was sleeping and my phone was on silent so i did not see anything about it until i woke up in the morning. first some background on the emergency alert system. the first alert i received was a test alert was on november 28th which is not too long after i got my new phone, and it absolutely scared the shit out of me when the ringer for the alert rang through my earphones. i forgot exactly what it sounds like though. apparently these alerts are supposed to be province wide (i live in ontario). whomever is interested can check the website details for their selves, but apparently the point of these alerts is supposed to be for public awareness, spreading info on potentially life threatening or saving emergencies for safety purposes. so the alert that was sent to me on the 14th was regarding a police investigation into a kidnapping, and seems to have been sent by the police. the alert sent out detailed information on the suspect and the victim, including their last known location and possible vehicle. the alert was actually sent twice within the same minute. when the victim was located they sent out another alert notifying this. this is all fine obviously. i assumed that this is the way the emergency alert system was supposed to be used from the beginning. my confusion with this alert is that i've seen a lot of news articles on multiple kidnappings and other situations around the same severity or worse ever since i received the first test alert (with similar or more details available on the situation), but none of those situations have been sent through the emergency alert system. why is only this situation being sent as an alert? i don't think i would take such an inconsistent system seriously. if i am victimized one day will my life not be important enough for an alert to be sent out to help me? who decides whose lives are important enough to send out an alert seeking to help them? instead of being hypocritical, there should be alerts for every issue of victimization that occurs in the province (provided that there are details for people to be aware of), or no alerts of this nature at all. after i got online i saw articles regarding the situation. the victim was found dead. now, this is the other source of my confusion on this situation. everyone seems to be making a big deal of the situation in some way or another: first there are people whining over the victim being dead. now i understand that the situation is very unfortunate, but i think most of these people are being hypocritical or virtue signaling. i might be a bit biased when i criticize these people because i don't have any tolerance for liars, hypocrites, or virtue signalers. then there are people whining about being bothered by the alert, when this is supposed to be the main purpose of the alert. i don't know if there is a way to deactivate these alerts, but simply having a compatible phone is essentially when they signed up for this. i don't know if they weren't briefed on it when they were getting the phone/service or whatever, but still. then there are people complaining about the people who are complaining about the alert. and this is mostly people from the first group. calling them monsters or whatever. again, i heard the alert alarm for a test alert on november 28th. that shit almost made me jump like a cat spotting a zucchini. i can't remember how it sounds but it might be a bit accurate to imagine an unexpected air horn blasting in your face. from what i can tell, a lot of the people from the third group are just made that the alarm scared them while at the same time waking them up. i was first aware of this by posts on my facebook page, but i found an article that allows commenting and the comments show a great example if anyone is interested you can check in the link below. https://nationalpost.com/news/11-year-old-ontario-girl-subject-of-amber-alert-found-dead-police-say i still think that most of the people in the first and third groups are virtue signaling hypocrites, unless they live in a perpetual state of sorrow and grief at the millions of people who are horribly victimized daily. acknowledging that the situation is unfortunate is fine, but there are people using this situation as a way to get attention (no, this thread isn't to get attention. just to get my thoughts on this situation off of my chest, and maybe have a discussion about it). they also try to make it an even bigger deal because the victim was an 11 year old girl. why? the value of a human life never changes from person to person regardless of age, gender, or anything that person has done or will do throughout their life. anyone who views a certain group of people as having more important lives than another group is a hypocrite, whether they know it or not. i guess the people who have authority to send out these emergency alerts are hypocrites too for not sending out alerts every time a similar situation occurs within the province. the law and the emergency alert system exists to protect everyone equally and should be used as such. anything less is hypocritical. otherwise the alerts should not be used in this way at all, ever. it's stupid that people started calling the police just to complain that alert woke them up lol. for the sake of the discussion, does anyone have alerts like these in other countries or provinces? what do you think of this situation and the hypocrisy?
  9. kaddle

    C# Basics of Methods/Functions (Need Info)

    thanks everyone for the advice and information. the video i'm watching is the website i'm learning from is https://csharp.net-tutorials.com/getting-started/introduction/ the lessons from each source are laid out similarly so it helps to have both of those perspectives. are you talking about this book: https://www.amazon.com/Beginners-Hands-Project-Coding-Project-ebook/dp/B016Z18MLG?tag=linus21-20 ?
  10. hello i am learning C#. i am learning about methods/functions (i know they are the same thing). i am learning from a website and a video so if i link pics below for reference those are likely the sources. i'm trying to learn the basics of functions. i pretty much mostly get the basics of it but there are some things i'm confused about. if i'm going to write down the basics in my notebook i need a clear understanding of it. any detailed explanations about the basics of methods/functions will help a lot, or you can just answer the questions i have and clear up my confusion. any help is appreciated. i'm still very new to C# and programming in general so a lot of my confusion could be due to inexperience. what i know so far: a method/function is essentially a block of code for the purpose of performing a specific task. when the program runs then the code in the highest priority method will run, and the only method that will run automatically when the program launches is the highest priority method. whenever the method is called it will perform the task that the method is programmed to perform. i'm assuming that methods are the main way or the only way in C# to actually make the program do stuff. i also know that the general layout of a method is: <visibility> <return type> <name>(<parameters>) { <function code> } questions/things i'm confused about: well i guess my first bit of confusion is about how code is ran in C# in general. when the program is ran does it start with processing the first line of code and continue from there? are all languages like that? if so then the first method in the C# program will always be ran first, or is there something else that determines which method is the highest priority? the guy in the video says he will talk about the "static" value later on but it keeps bugging me. as shown in the picture below it is used twice. is static really a visibility value or is it something else? what does it mean? are the parameters in methods kind of like mini disposable variables? i ask because it seems that the layout of the parameters is similar to variables and each time the method is called the values of the parameters can be changed, as shown in the picture below. are you only able to call a method from another method? in the video i am learning from where the image below is from the guy only mentions calling a method from another method. this notion was super confusing at first but after thinking about it some more it seems a bit less confusing. i guess we can think of the first method as being a layout for how the program will run in terms of managing other methods, kind of like a conductor in a musical. then the other methods are designed to perform specific individual tasks like the musicians in the musical. is this accurate? if so, is this the pattern that all programs written in C# will follow? it still seems a bit confusing so a detailed explanation is much appreciated.
  11. everyone is saying that samsung's new one ui non beta build has been released but in my settings it says i have the latest software update? how do i download and install the new android pie?
  12. thanks a lot for the info guys. you have provided much needed clarity to the subject.
  13. i learned a bit of HTML and CSS when i was younger. part of the process of learning a programming language for me is to write down the information i gather on paper in a coherent way. for example on the first paper i had basic information about what HTML is, what it does, and how it works in order starting from which information should be known first. on the other pages i listed tags and how to use them in order starting from the most basic and essential tags. same thing with CSS and its properties. so far i am having a little bit of difficulty doing this with C#. i have a guide and a video that goes over the basics but the problem is that the information isn't detailed enough, so i have some questions about the basics that i would appreciate very detailed answers to. detailed in terms of being equal parts information as well as simplicity. yes i did some googling already but the information i get is still a bit broad. some of you might think that some of this information is not necessary for me to know. i'm the kind of person who needs familiarity with the language i am studying. i am also still fairly new to programming languages. i only learned the very basics of HTML and CSS and that was a long time ago. Integrated Development Environment: the IDE i was told to download to use C# with is visual studio. i downloaded the free community version. the tools/extensions i selected are the .net desktop development and the game development with unity because the reason i am learning C# is to make mobile games in unity, and eventually make bigger games. so these tools and extensions kind of give me an idea of what an IDE is, but it's not exactly explained in detail. is an IDE just a software program that is essentially a tool to help developers write and manage their code? if this is the case then can notepad++ also be considered an IDE because it has similar capabilities as well? is an IDE required for C# programming, and if so is visual studio the only IDE that works with C#? if so, why is that? .NET Framework/Standard: i read that the .net framework is a software framework mainly used on windows, but what does this mean exactly and what does it do? what is a class library? what is .net standard? C#: i was told that the console app project is the most basic kind of project for C# and the guides i am learning from are based on this, so the information i will be referring to is based on that. using: can i get some detailed info on all of this "using" stuff? from what i can read and tell, it's a keyword that imports a namespace. in an IDE like visual studio the keywords are automatically generated based on the project type that is selected to import the necessary namespaces. perhaps my confusion on this is mainly because HTML and CSS didn't have anything like this. what does "using system" mean exactly? what purpose do they serve? namespace: i read that namespaces are essentially a collection of classes. does this mean that namespaces are the most fundamental containers in C#? if namespaces are just supposed to be containers then why do the namespaces imported by using seem to serve a different function than the namespace where my code is supposed to go? i can see at the top that there are tabs for the different sections of code within the consoleapp5 namespace but there aren't any tabs for the namespaces imported by the using keywords. does this mean that the namespaces imported by the using keywords are a different type of namespace than the one generated for my code or is it because visual studio determined that the tabs are only necessary for the part of the project i will be working with? also, does this mean that the project is broken up into different sections based on namespaces even though it is all written in the same file? if so then does this means that each namespace is essentially its own file (assuming the "using" namespaces are different). does there only need to be one namespace for my code? why or why not? curly brackets: i read that the curly brackets are essentially signifying the beginning and ending of a section within the file/program. does this mean the code in each namespace i code in does not affect all other namespaces? is this mainly a method of separating each class container and the code within each class from all of the other classes within the namespace? class: so apparently a class is a container where the main code for the program is written which will be executed when the program runs. am i correct in assuming that the C# language is essentially just a namespace container which holds the class containers and inside the class containers is where the magic happens? so the purpose of the namespace and class containers is to provide order to the file and keep track of the real code? if so, is this how it is for all C# project types or is it just for the console app project?
  14. i see. at this current time i only plan on making mobile games and i only have an android phone so i'll learn how to build a mobile game for android. it might be my best option to learn C# and how to use unity. i was able to find a video that goes over the process of making a basic mobile game in unity. i know it's not an accurate representation of what i will be doing but it helps to see a little bit of how the engine works.
  15. thanks for the info and advice so far everyone. it's not like that. i've learned a bit of HTML and CSS when i was younger so i understand that it takes time to learn programming languages and it's not easy. i also made a few simple browser games before (using stencyl so i didn't code) so i understand that learning how to program and design good games will take a long time and be difficult. the only thing i'm rushing for is to start the learning process as fast as i can. for that i need as much information and advice as i can get.