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  1. Called the MAONOCASTER, it promises many of the same features as the GoXLR Mixer, but hopes to have an MSRP at least $100 less. Not as much features (such as voice overlays) are custom-programmable, as it comes pre-bundled with some of these, though it has six presets for vocal FX, a side chain so you can override your music stream, and connect up to four presenters at once. It also has compatibility with most podcasting applicatiions, including Twitch and OBS: The campaign was funded to over 600% in the first two hours, but will still be active for the next 31 days.
  2. You might interested in trying out Valve Index Controllers with the Oculus Quest; the process is also compatible with the LIV App. To do this, you will need OpenVR Space Calibrator: https://github.com/pushrax/OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator Make sure to set activateMultipleDrivers to "true" (without quotes) in the SteamVR config file, or the setup will not work.
  3. Check out this guy's design for a face mask: https://www.blendernation.com/2020/04/19/medical-mask-concept-trying-to-help-our-front-line-workers/#comment-886683
  4. I would strongly recommend you talk to 3DEVO, who make a filament recycling system. Even when running a Print Farm, operations can fail and thus do not print objects correctly, leaving behind wasted materials. 3DEVO's ecosystem allows compatible plastics to be shredded and turned into pellets, ready for melting, extrusion and spooling as new reels of filament. They also have a "dryer" that extracts moisture from the pellets to improve filament integrity... We've been speaking to them ourselves to help lower the costs of filament when prototyping our products, and pieces that get damaged or broken so they can be reclaimed. As I'm not sure if this counts as a business matter, I can either PM or email LTT our direct sales contact?
  5. There have been problems this week launching Uplay and the Epic launchers, even if you don't take advantage of the free offer of AC:Syndicate. This may be to do with most companies pulling support from Geforce Now. Since neither Ubisoft nor Epic have explained what could be causing their connection problems, it could be both applications had integrations for "supported games" since requiring removal.
  6. I would've thought if a chipset detected DIMMs with a higher clock speed than a CPU's ceiling for RAM, it would simply throttle them above that specific limit, until a firmware update unlocked it. If only for Blender/SolidWorks users, bringing the clock speed up to the "recommended minimum" of 3600MHz would be a godsend.
  7. With the review you did for the Abyss Diana last month, I have to confess my ears (and wallet) felt they were burning given the system's costs, as there's no way I could afford THAT... Still, it's been a long time since I had a decent set of speakers, so I am interested in some new ones. Therefore, could LTT do a lineup of Powered Bookshelf Speakers, using budgets of $150, $250, $400 and $600 or more, respectively? My interests are mostly in either Audioengine or Edifier, though you can select others so long as we can get them in the UK.
  8. Would Tier A/A+ also apply to single GPU, dual-system setups (i.e. for streaming and rendering)?
  9. I'm slightly afraid for Linus Media Group on this - they originally had this issue with TunnelBear, and all companies tend to wait months (leaving users insecure until "they've done a full investigation"), before telling everybody they were hacked. PIA could be in the same position, and people'd just never know unless they tell you.
  10. I agree... this system is being touted as a console-style platform for tabletop RPG/RTS games, but I see it as a competitor to a Looking Glass display (especially since the company states they've tested it to show game livestreams). Consider, therefore, could this work as an alternative to a monitor if wall-mounted?
  11. Regrettably I'm too under the weather to travel abroad right now, even if I were to win the contest. Perhaps I can enter if you do it again next year.
  12. Does the pc have to be for gaming, or can it be for 3D purporses (Blender, SolidWorks etc.), or video editing?
  13. I know the M1710 can handle an SSD, but if there was ever a problem with it, we would lose everything on the drive. Is there a specific reason why another HDD or an SSHD can't be used?
  14. She does work with photos, so the originals downloaded from an SLR camera can take up a lot of space. That's why I sugggested 2TB drives, in particular. Therefore, would a FireCuda 2TB be more suitable? Though it would be slower than a true SSD, the NAND Flash would still improve performance.
  15. We don't have the money for a new laptop for my mother right now, so we've been looking at swapping out the hard drive for 1TB, or even 2TB, and installing windows 10. The drives we've been looking at thus far are below: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seagate-BarraCuda-Internal-Drive-Factor/dp/B01LXRWWB6/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Western-Digital-SATA-Hard-Drive/dp/B079BQS5WQ/ Bear in mind the system uses its default motherboard (Mobile Intel 945PM Express); the currebt drive is Serial ATA-150. Would either of these be supported?