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  1. Hyncharas

    Full G-SYNC vs Compatible with HDR

    I appreciate your comments, jones177, but I can't afford 4K - such monitors at 144Hz are, by design, meant to take full advantage of the HDR certification. I was looking at the AORUS because it is interesting to see something with HDR on the G-SYNC table, but still affordable to most users.
  2. Hyncharas

    Full G-SYNC vs Compatible with HDR

    The other day I managed to watch most of the live build of LTT's 10 PCs, and noticed they want to use Asus PG278QR monitors. However, I've been looking at instead the PG279 model, and the AORUS AD27QD. Both are IPS with 2560x1440 resolution, though whilst Asus's is completely G-SYNC at 165Hz, AORUS' is only G-SYNC Compatible and 144Hz, but incorporates HDR filtering as well. Even after viewing the Nvidia Secret Lab video, I'm not certain I'll ever completely understand G-SYNC's "variable override" technology, but wanted to ask if the HDR is worth the trade-off in refresh rate.
  3. Hyncharas

    ps5 specs

    I didn't quite believe Boot Sequence earlier tonight when he said "raytracing for audio", so I decided to search it on the Audiokinetic website. But it's true... Turns out because certain acoustic waveforms (such as Spatial/Binaural Audio) when visualised are like 3d landscapes, they can be processed with raytracing algorithms the same way as graphical computations.
  4. https://copybuzz.com/copyright/article-13-is-not-just-criminally-irresponsible-its-irresponsibly-criminal/
  5. Please note this "self-driving car" might be small for some people https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/robolink/driving-into-the-world-of-ai-zumi
  6. Since the team are upgrading their networking setup for LTX 2019, you may be interested in doing a video on this: https://revolution.kunbus.com/revolution-pi-series/
  7. Hyncharas

    Revolution Pi

    So I saw this advertised on an online store I frequent for microcontroller supplies, though I must confess it is for networking than robotics: https://revolution.kunbus.com/revolution-pi-series/ LTT can do a video about it if they want, but I'm more interested in general thoughts from users here.
  8. Hyncharas

    Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype!

    I think it could have a polarization effect to adjust colour/brightness depth, based on the amount of ambient light (like what a mobile phone does). Touch functionality and double-sided output would also be great for some industries, such as design studios, to operate as a workstation display. Even families could enjoy gaming on the platform, or watch two different television feeds simultaneously.
  9. Hyncharas

    RTX 2080 Ti Failing Too Early

    Is it just the 2080 Ti models being affected, or are there any failures with 2080s as well?
  10. Though I can't speak to Firestorm's original exclusion from BFV Standard Edition, there are some notions the mode itself may be delayed for PC versions for about a month, due to compatibility issues with the Beta on some hardware setups. I won't be playing it, in any case... I prefer team games.
  11. Hyncharas

    ROCCAT Vulcan

    This year at Computex 2018, ROCCAT continued to refine their peripheral lineup with the Vulcan Mechanical keyboard. Their new, patented "Titan" switches use 1.8mm actuators and 3.6mm travel distance for fast and silent typing (perhaps akin to Cherry MX Brown), meaning they are lighter but possess high performance and a tactile feel to them, whilst their half-capped keys enables much brighter, fuller backlighting: Combined with a brushed aluminium finish, this offers the device an industrial look, setting it apart from other keyboards. No true macro keys come with it, though F1-F4 can be configured to serve that role. There is a minimal dial to change lighting modes, sound volume and mute sound, but no functionality as with the Horde AIMO. The wrist rest also isn't padded, which may not appear to everyone, but it is at least removable. The keyboard comes in three flavours - the Vulcan AIMO 120 RGB keyboard & wrist rest; the Vulcan AIMO 100 RGB keyboard only; and the Vulcan 80 keyboard only, with blue backlighting... The Vulcan AIMO 120 will sell for $149/$149 AUD/£149 (on par with Corsair's LUX RGB and rival devices), whilst the Vulcan 100 AIMO will be $139 and the Vulcan 80 for $119. Launch is expected Q3 2018.
  12. Hyncharas

    UDOO Bolt on Kickstarter

    Sorry, I didn't know it had already been posted elsewhere.
  13. On Kickstarter until 30th July, the UDOO Bolt is a board with an AMD Ryzen V1000 Embedded CPU, 32GB eMMC, up to 32GB RAM and either Radeon Vega 3 or Vega 8 onboard graphics. Some pledge tiers are just the board with a heatsink and fan, whilst others also come with a stylish metal enclosure and SODIMM, and others still with these including a WiFi kit and extra cables. It can run either Linux or Windows 10 at 64-Bit, is compatible with Android Studio, can connect up to four 4K screens at 60FPS and is friendly for XR devices. Full specs for both boards are available for comparison on the campaign page... They are currently at $420K but, if they reach $800K, they will add S/PDIF connections and extend its eMMC to 64GB. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/udoo/udoo-bolt-raising-the-maker-world-to-the-next-leve
  14. Hyncharas

    It Finally Happened... - RGB PSU Cables

    I'm just going reiterate what I said on various channels asking "what do we think about this product" – doing this as a 24-pin Motherboard extension cable seems rediculous, out of place and over-fiddly. I'm also at a loss as to where a name like Strimer came from... maybe it's a typo? However, if they made dedicated RGB sleeving for a SATA/PCI or GPU cable (not an extension), that would make more sense. They could also call it "Firebolt".
  15. The'yre not really headphone jacks; they use the 3.5mm connector to custom configure the D-pad and other functions seen on an XB1 controller.