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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte B450-A-PRO
  • RAM
    16GBs of some shit
  • GPU
    1060 3gb
  • Storage
    500gb ssd, 2tb hdd
  • PSU
    thermaltake 600w smart series
  • Operating System
    windows, linux
  1. Im using a 1600 so maybe its improved since, and yea im running the latest bios IIRC Chipset drivers shouldnt affect this, since the chipset drivers are for the OS and dont affect the bios (Also im using linux, so chipset drivers are in the kernel and not from the amd site in my case. not sure exactly how drivers for this kinda thing works here in penguin-land but the long post times existed when i used michaelsoft bindows too)
  2. Heyo I have an "old" sata ssd, and was thinking of upgrading to an nvme as im running out of space, which made me think about boot times again. Currently my OS boots to the login screen in around 3.5 seconds (~2 seconds kernel, 600ms init, 1 second userspace), so upgrading to nvme wont change that much. The largest chunk of my boot time comes from the 12 second long post. This is of course the ultimate first world problem and it dosent bother me much, but after doing some research i realised that AMD boards dont have a fast boot option, and tend to have slower post times overall compared to intel boards which can often post in under 5 seconds. Im curious if anyone knows what causes this, or if i f*ed up my research and and im completely wrong haha. Is it just a thing with b450 and not with x570? Is it a ryzen cpu issue?
  3. Both are very good, imo it comes down to what desktop environment you prefer. Main differences apart from that are software availability (both will have most of the stuff you need, but manjaro being based on arch linux often has more when it comes to random niche things, and in terms of customization and kernels etc. Pop will have certain apps that manjaro dosent though. Installing KDE on pop OS isnt the best idea, since you will end up with duplicates of apps (Gnome Tasks and KSysGuard, Kate and Gedit etc) which is arguably a bad thing. If you prefer KDE its better to use manjaro imo. Manjaro may also be better for gaming since many of the custom wine builds and beta wine builds (with stuff like EAC support) are packaged for pacman to install, and made for arch-based distros. And a nice bonus is that if you one day decide to make the jump and switch to full-on arch linux (not that you necessarily should or have to, but you might decide to) it will be easier if you have already used manjaro.
  4. There are many roms here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/p8lite/p8-lite-2017-development Also a discussion section: https://forum.xda-developers.com/p8lite/p8-lite-2017-discussion There is everything like stock emui 8.0 (with treble support), AospExtended, Bootleggers rom, lineage os etc... even a beta android p rom!