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  1. Just figured it out, in game I opened Task Manager and set my game's affinity settings to use the first 4 of the 8 cores, lowering my usage from 95%-100% down to 70%-80% without degrading stream or game performance. Cheers for the replies
  2. My CPU preset is veryfast, my keyframes are at 2 and profile is on main
  3. I do run my second monitor directly plugged into my motherboard, will it affect how well that uses Quicksync?
  4. I mostly stream Rainbow Six: SIege, bitrate of 2600, 720p60fps using the x264
  5. As the title says, i get high CPU usage when streaming, but it hasn't always been like this. One day my stream just didn't wanna be smooth at all even though i used those settings daily. After a few weeks I kinda fixed the choppy stream, but my CPU still lingers in 94%-100%, what confuses me the most is that i don't seem to feel any performance loss in game and my stream isn't taking the hit from what i see, so why so high? It just started doing this recently, when before I would stream my games with only about 70%-80% usage was going on