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    Jeeps, Cars, Computers, Skateboards, Dirtbikes, Motorcycles, Nature, Longboarding, Guns, Dogs, Music, Sports, and many more...
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    Probably out exploring....

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  1. I was given a choice of one of these processors for free from a friend and I have no idea what to pick
  2. Which one should I buy? I3-6300 or the i3-7100
  3. Final update.... I updated my bios, you can do this if you want but probably don’t have to. my issue was there was something higher in the boot priority even tho it was not installed or connected to the mobo. Hope my stupidity helps others.
  4. I updated the bios and it didn’t work
  5. I reset windows 10 and nothing, still the same problem
  6. Update... tried a powersuppy nothing changed. I will try another one i swapped hard drives from my other computer and it worked. That means it’s either the sdd or I just need to reinstall Windows 10
  7. Yeah, I think it may be the power supply. I’ll do the windows reset and all that. And get back to you
  8. I turn the computer on then it shows the blue windows 10 logo and no loading circle with dots. I click the reset button on my case and it loads perfect after that
  9. I am running only one and it is a SDD
  10. My pc when I turn on the pc it gets stuck at the windows logo then when I click the reset button on my case it boots up fine. Should I update my bios? thanks!
  11. What is a good monitor and what do I look for in a monitor?
  12. i3-7100 comes with a coolermaster hyper heatsink 80 bucks i7-6700t no heatsink for 80 (I have a spare heatsink for it) Which one do I buy?
  13. Hey all, Destiny is free right on PC only. They are celebrating Destiny's first year on Blizzard Battle.net with a free digital copy. Claim your gift by November 18!!!! Link below...... https://www.destinythegame.com/battlenet?utm_campaign=alwayson2018&utm_medium=search&utm_source=google&utm_term=new-PC-games-Exact&gclid=CjwKCAiA_ZTfBRBjEiwAN6YG4XzN394Xt-n3Ifklfv2kaMut7Mh1gm-uoiBhQMa3RUwxlAvlUK3LUxoCBtoQAvD_BwE Enjoy, PortzJ PS I had no idea where to put this just wanted everyone to see it, sorry if this is the wrong section!!!