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  1. Wow, damn, serious pro tips right there. I really appreciate that, man! You likely just saved me a couple hundred bucks on this machine.
  2. Are you sure on that price for the 970? I'm only seeing the 970 for around the same price as the 1060 on ebay.
  3. Awesome, great info. Do you think the ryzen 5 1400 would work well with the 970 or 980?
  4. Haha good to know! Unfortunately I do exactly zero video editing... But if that card can give me excellent 1080p performance for a couple years at a significantly cheaper price then that is definitely what I'm going to go with.
  5. What about the Rosewill case isn't great? I really like the simplistic unassuming look and small form factor of the SRM-01 and it's low cost lets me put more $ into the more important hardware.
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the input, I'm definitely going to look into that! Is there any risk that the 900 series will become outdated soon because it's an older model? Or is it just an objectively better card than the 1060 3gb? I'd like a machine to give me a solid 1080p 60fps high settings for at least a couple years
  7. Ok, I edited the original link to be the list instead of the website. Should be all good
  8. Hmm that's strange, it works for me. Maybe this one will work https://pcpartpicker.com/list/hzzscY
  9. 1. Budget & Location Trying to stay under $700, not including operating system and peripherals. Located in the U.S. 2. Aim This system will be used primarily for gaming (eg. pubg, halo online, dark souls) and casual use/web browsing. 3. Monitors One 1080p 27" monitor. I don't plan on upgrading this anytime in the near future 4. Peripherals I'll need to pick up a keyboard and windows OS for sure. I'll probably invest in an xbox one controller as well at some point 5. Why are you upgrading? Getting into PC gaming. Check out my parts list for the build I'm looking at doing: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/hzzscY Note that I also have a 750gb 2.5 hdd from my old laptop that I'll be using for this Also, I've heard that having 2x4gb of RAM works better with the Ryzen CPU, but having 1x8gb allows me the opportunity to upgrade to 2x8gb in future if I want to. Thoughts? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!